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  1. Right. Basic Economy is a different fare class than standard or regular economy. Basic Economy is cheaper fares with restrictions. For Delta those restrictions are no changes, no cancellation, no upgrades, no seat selection, and you board last. For United they also don't allow you to bring a carry-on bag and last time I did basic economy on United, I wasn't allowed to check-in online or at the airport kiosk, I had to actually check in with an agent in person.
  2. You used to be able to; back at the step where they ask you if you want a guaranteed room or to pick your own room if I remember right. No clue why/what they get out of hiding it until the end, but it's definitely more annoying now.
  3. I don't think you've booked basic economy then. Basic Economy you can't select seats and can't upgrade at all; either paid or complimentary due to status. There's also no changes or cancellations allowed, even with a change fee. You most likely booked Economy; that's the only way you'd be eligible for upgrades to Comfort+ or to select seats.
  4. The newer ships with RFID cards we haven't had an issue with. Older ships we did have issues with the cards being near the phone
  5. I think you're missing something. All of the responses are answers to that question. The only way to get REFUNDABLE pricing without calling Royal Caribbean is to either: a) Do a complete mock booking including putting in guest info (fake or real, doesn't matter) b) Have a travel agent do it for you/use a travel agent website MightyMike's post specifically said mock booking including guest info, as did my post. If you do that step you are given the option to view refundable prices. That is the only way to get the price of a refundable deposit without calling Royal Caribbean or going through a travel agent. Edit: I see what you are referring to now. Regardless of my typo in the previous post, the question and all provided answers relate to refundable deposit pricing
  6. The OP asked how to get refundable prices without calling Royal. The answer to that question is to either use a travel agent or do a mock booking (including the step of putting in guest info, although you can put in fake info) MightyMike's point about how long it takes to do a mock booking was in response to a comment that it takes too long. It is, in fact, faster to do a full mock booking with fake guest info than to call into Royal Caribbean and get a price from them
  7. My bad. I wasn't even logged into cruising power when I went to that link and it worked, but when I tried in incognito it didn't work. Must do something with cache
  8. Do a mock booking on the website is the easiest, or use a travel agent
  9. The main site is http://www.cruisingpower.com/choiceair/protected/home.do?brand=R You can view legal info, policies, terms and conditions, etc. there
  10. Tipping is a very personal decision, and honestly no matter what you do some people on CC will likely see you as slime 😛 My 2 cents, I would not reduce or remove the auto-gratuity. It is shared with a wide variety of people including workers behind the scenes. The UDP includes gratuities for the specialty dining venues. The daily auto-grats include tips for a number of other people on the ship. I personally encourage to leave those as is, and tip extra if and only if you desire to. But I never recommend tipping less than standard.
  11. Maybe the helipad? That's one of my favorite places on the older ships, and the one thing I really miss on the newer ships. Not romantic by itself, but can offer some great 360 degree views.
  12. The craving didn't really hit until we got back from our land trip to Japan
  13. The one thing that I always say "I wish I had..." are the small ship models they sell on board. Every cruise I say I want to start collecting them. Every cruise I go into the shop and see the price. Every cruise I say "it's too expensive and I don't even know where I'd put it". Every cruise I get home and say "I kinda wish I had bought it..." It's a vicious cycle.
  14. I feel they are two slightly different ideas though. For example, if I won the lottery I wouldn't have to worry about going back to work, I could just retire. If I was just gifted a free cruise of my choice, however, I'd know I'd still have to go back to work after getting back.
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