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  1. But if you need darkness to sleep it'll be the best sleep of your life. We enjoy the occasional balcony splurge, but sleep so much better when we book interiors
  2. Flying Monkey, ask the bartender for a shot of milk. One of the bartenders there invented it, and it's amazing. Get an alcoholic slushy while you're there. Then you have the new Sloppy Joes and the Original Sloppy Joes (now called Captain Tony's) for a bit of KW history/famous bars Garden of Eden for a bit of naughty fun 🙂 Bourbon Street Pub, Aqua, or 801 Bourbon Bar for a hopping gay bar or Saloon One for a "not for the faint of heart, extremely risque gay bar" First Flight for a bar with some unique history Or you could do the non-drinking side of Key West. Butterfly Garden, Shipwreck Museum, Aquarium, Southernmost Point, Little White House, Fort Zach
  3. Agree with Motionease, and I was super skeptic. I use Dramamine with good success, but it makes my husband super drowsey and it's hit or miss if it works for him. The patch gave him really bad side effects. We tried Motionease on the Symphony TA (which had some really rough stormy seas the first few days) and he had no issues at all. For some reason it's really expensive in our local stores so we've started buying from Amazon. https://amzn.to/30bLFIA I'm still slightly skeptic (it's just an oil that goes behind the ear, how does it work?) but I can't deny the results my husband has experienced
  4. And not just CC. Anything that's on a publicly accessible website. So any forums that don't require membership to view, Twitter, Facebook if privacy settings are set to public, personal blogs, the comments section on many websites.
  5. Wow, that's a new one to me, glad it worked out in the end but crazy that it took that much.
  6. Weather and specific ports can have an impact on service as well, unfortunately there's really no way to have 100% certainty of internet uptime. No internet service has perfect reliability, and satellite based internet has more room for interference than traditional cable or fiber. Also, most insurance wouldn't cover cancelling for poor internet (I don't even think this would fall under cancel for work reasons), so I think you'd likely be in the same situation even with insurance.
  7. How was it a headache? We've done the cancel and repurchase dozens of times for beverage packages and excursions and never had any issues
  8. Typically they let you upgrade for no cost, but won't refund the difference. We've done a free upgrade once and paid to upgrade twice after final payment
  9. I love the BW balconies; we've been in one on all of our Oasis class cruises, but the perks and the lower cost were always big reasons that went into our decision to book one. We don't have anything Oasis booked or planned, but without the perks I think I'd hesitate to book one again, it will all come to the difference in cost between an interior, BW balcony, and OV balcony.
  10. It's $82 currently on the Odyssey inaugural. I never think the price can't go any higher, because it almost always will go higher.
  11. Price varies by ship and sailing, you'll need to specify the exact sailing you're on, and would probably be more beneficial on the roll call for your specific sailing
  12. The loss isn't a huge deal, but $50 OBC seems incredibly poor especially considering the value of the free soda package by itself was $150. Personally I think they should offer $150 OBC and allow people with non-refundable deposits to cancel without penalty. What really gets me though is the official statement. They're taking away a benefit in order to exceed client expectations? That makes no sense at all; they're taking it away because it eats into their profits, but of course they can't say that. They could at least come up with something better though.
  13. We were debating doing the Mariner to Freeport or the Navigator to Nassau, ended up deciding the Navigator, leave for Miami tomorrow. It's really sad how the media portrayed things; we've had four family members ask why we are still going to the Bahamas when it was completely destroyed and we've had to explain that while a few individual cities and islands were hit hard, the country as a whole has persevered and both can handle tourists and can use the income that gets brought in.
  14. Actually, I can't find any references to that law in the TABC statutes, just a general statement about banning any practice that could lead to over-consumption. I guess maybe it's a grey area that Carnival errs on the side of caution and RCCL/NCL don't.
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