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  1. Others have covered it, but basically what they are actually saying is "Buy one get one half off for a final price of $49 per person per day." In other words the "full" price would be like $66 for the first passenger and $33 for half off the second passenger, coming out to $98 per day for 2 people, or $49 per person per day. The "sales" are based off the unpublished "on board" rate for your particular sailing
  2. Sales vary by sailing, you'll need to log into your cruise planner for your particular sailing and see what it costs for your ship/itinerary.
  3. So my husband and I would really like to do Antarctica in 2022 for our 10th anniversary. We've cruised a lot but always on Royal Caribbean, and we usually prefer the ships with a lot to do on board activity-wise, more so than the educational or enrichment type lectures and informational sessions so we're pretty much completely out of our element when comparing the smaller ships that are used for Antarctica. We really want the option to actually go on land and not just do a "drive by" cruise like on Celebrity/Princess/HAL. I've been googling around the various expedition cruise lines that offer the zodiac-to-land experience but am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options. Which all cruise lines/ships do people recommend? For work reasons we would need to keep it at or under 2 weeks if at all possible.
  4. We have the same issue here in Key West, with many of the locals at least. Always complaining about the crowds and not wanting tourists, but whenever something happens to limit the number of tourists, a bunch of businesses end up closing/laying off workers. So much of the income generated for the island comes from tourists (hotels, bars, restaurants, etc) and when there's a lull in tourism their income dries up significantly.
  5. The former Port Director signed letters of intent with a number of cruise lines agreeing to move forward with a port revitalization project called Long Bay Landing that has been on the plans for close to a decade now but kept getting stonewalled, cancelled, etc. Apparently the Port Director didn't have permission from the board to sign the letters of intent, so they fired him. It's more than just him being fired, though. The political issues stem from the entire project which the cruise lines have invested in and it hasn't gone anywhere. Basically, they thought they were finally getting somewhere with it when the letters of intent came, and then the tourism board pulled the rug out from under the cruise lines yet again.
  6. But prices also change based on the country you're buying from; try it with a VPN, or even just using a different top level domain (i.e. prices on iberia.com/us and iberia.com/es are not always the same) Code shares can also wildly change the price for the same exact flight depending on which airline you book it through. I'm not saying your wrong, just that this is the first I'm ever hearing of airlines submitting set in stone prices to some sort of regulating body, and it sounds really weird and counter-intuitive. Do you know what agency they submit pricing too? I'd like to look up more info
  7. Yeah, that really weirded me out as well. It was about 10:30 or so for me when I bought my last package, and there were a few people on CC already reporting that it had been fixed for some of their cruises. I got the deal on two cruises; when I went to bed at about 11:45 one of the two cruises had the price corrected to $55, the other was still at $18.
  8. It was active at least partially for about 9 hours, 4PM to 1AM Eastern Standard Time. Around 5-6PM was when it started getting publicized on Facebook and Twitter, by around 8PM they were saying on phone/Twitter/Facebook it was a mistake price, and around 9-10PM they started fixing it, but some cruises still had the glitch available until around midnight to 1AM.
  9. They've made some enhancements. Booking more than one cabin for a single cruise is now WAY easier than it was a year ago, but there's still no good booking tools to help with back-to-backs. Espresso (the back end of the TA site) started advertising enhanced B2B features, but nothing's actually been implemented yet to my knowledge
  10. Not sure if I follow... What does the $18 package have to do with requiring all passengers to order?
  11. I had one for a Texas resident on an Alaska cruise on Celebrity, and one for a Florida resident on a Florida cruise on Royal Caribbean, those are the only two times I've seen it though
  12. Not all cruises qualify for the resident, senior, or military discounts, but when they do they definitely lower the price. The Diamond discount also actually lowers the price for eligible rooms (balcony or suite)
  13. It usually is, but for me the TA serves more of a purpose than just getting me a better discount. The TA is there to answer any questions (usually more reliably than asking Royal), monitors the cruise for price drops/upgrades, monitors cruise planner to see when things become available for booking, puts the requests into dining for a specific table, etc. The first TA I went with because they got me a good deal, but their service was terrible. Service charge for everything, wouldn't let me get a price drop, etc. I'd much rather support a small, independent TA who is nice than shop around to get an extra $50 OBC. That's me though
  14. I would never use an agent who charges any additional fees. They get a commission from the cruise line/hotel/excursion provider, etc. The cost to you should not be any higher than if you booked directly.
  15. I love both, but I did enjoy Symphony a bit more than Harmony
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