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  1. I thought Royal couldn't do regular California cruises due to some environmental law that would require them to retrofit all the ships in their fleet.
  2. I mean, if we're going to play the generation card, I've seen a lot more of the older generation insisting that they aren't going to stop their lives and that the government can't tell them what to do and where to go. The younger generation already uses drive thrus and food delivery (Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc) extensively so staying home is actually a positive for a lot of them.
  3. The article makes a few points that are way questionable; 1), their complete dismissal of a bailout is based on 0 facts, the cruise industry lobby is massive and there are several representatives from both parties who work to help the cruise lines out. So far I've seen 4 members of Congress already talking about how a bailout should be given if needed and only 1 who has said that a bailout should be avoided until the cruise lines make some pro-America changes. Nobody has come out against a bailout yet (of course, that could come once one is actually proposed) 2) The "more than half of it's value" that RCCL lost was purely in the stocks, not in actual tangible debt. 3) The article says their debt has skyrocketed, but the document they link to shows a different story. Debt has gone from 12-17B over the past 5 years while the value of their assets have risen from 20-30B. Their assets are growing at double the rate of their debt. All that being said, yes, it's definitely possible that Royal Caribbean will go bankrupt, although I highly doubt it.
  4. The closest we have to data right now for the belief that they won't be able to sail starting April 11 (I belief I personally share with you) is the number of ports which have shut down through May and some through June. If the ports don't end their shutdown early or many more start shutting down, the cruise lines won't have a choice; with nowhere to dock they won't be able to run.
  5. Three ships docked at GC on 2/29, HAL Veendam, Independence of the Seas, and AIDA diva. Not sure if it was actually a ship docked or just one in the general area though.
  6. Most likely because of the time frame; most places it's 3-5 days for a test to come back, so if the test came back today s/he was probably tested (and therefore showing symptoms enough to be tested) between the 8th and the 10th. The incubation period is believed to be between 2-14 days, so that would mean s/he likely contracted the virus sometime between Feb 23rd and March 8th. With that range s/he may and may not have been infected while on board. There might also be certain privacy laws in play where legally they can't provide information that may lead to "outing" the individuals involved.
  7. The suspension starts tomorrow, so if you're 30 days from today that's 29 days from the start of the suspension, so most likely. Hopefully Royal will have updated details with specific dates soon
  8. Nothing has been posted yet to any of the travel agent websites for Royal; the news is so new I doubt if your agent has any additional knowledge yet. Most Royal employees don't even know what's going on at this point.
  9. I requested the call back and got a call back after about 4.5 hours
  10. We were debating whether or not to ultimately cancel our B2B in May, but either way I was going to wait until 72 hours or so before sailing to see if they would up the offer or cancel outright. We'd take a bonused FCC over a refund personally
  11. I'm wondering that as well. Allure had her TA already for a scheduled dry dock, but that was postponed/cancelled. Anthem is April 12 I think, so 28 days? That's probably impacted. Rhapsody is April 18, so just after the current suspension (34 days). Brilliance is the latest, I think she doesn't go across until May
  12. I think he's saying since it's 37 days out it's not part of the current cancellations, not that because it's still on the page it's not cancelled.
  13. I think everywhere else has already been cancelled; haven't they? The ports around the Suez canal for Jewel are all closed, there are no European cruises scheduled during the next 30 days, Asia has already been cancelled.
  14. Not sure why doctors wouldn't sign it; it's a pretty standard medical liability release. I've had to get similar forms signed for a couple of scuba diving trips and a few other high risk activities. It's not even that different from the form kids need to get signed by a doctor before signing up for sports.
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