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  1. I think that 14 days would be sufficient to conduct an Alaska cruise from Los Angeles. Currently, there are 10 night round trip cruises from San Francisco. Add the additional 2 sea days that it takes to go from Los Angeles to San Francisco, replace the stop in Victoria with a stop in Ensenada, and add Astoria as an additional stop in order to not to spend too many sea days in a row, and it seems like such an itinerary could fit in a 14 night itinerary.
  2. Create 14 day Alaska itineraries from Los Angeles that stop at Ensenada as the foreign port before heading north. The itinerary could include stops like San Francisco and Astoria before continuing north to Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, etc. It would be a long itinerary that may not be suitable to most people, but at least it would give those with the time a chance to still go to Alaska while injecting some much needed tourism income into the Alaska economy.
  3. When I made my previous comment, I did so based on the same information that you wrote above. I’ve been on “team mask” since the pandemic started and scientists explained why their use was so important. I have zero issues wearing one to cruise again. It’s silly not to.
  4. Oh brother...🤦🏻‍♂️ Just a guess, but we will have at least 100 days of mask requirements, as well as other long overdue and much needed measures, beginning on January 20th or shortly thereafter! 😀 Understanding that the mask is not to protect yourself, but to protect your fellow cruisers , you’re doing the right thing by not cruising if you won’t wear a mask. For that humble and selfless act of kindness, I thank you!
  5. Thanks for taking the time to review your experience! My experience with All-inclusive resorts is somewhat limited. But the one thing that I've learned is that smaller and more upscale is definitely better when it comes to AI's. The last time we went to one (summer 2019) it was a smaller, brand new, luxury all inclusive in Puerto Morelos. Much more personal and refined service, far superior food and drink quality, breathtaking accommodations, and no crowds.Truly a wonderful experience. But even then, I get bored after 3 nights at an AI. My worst AI experience was actu
  6. I hope that age isn't a disqualifier to be a cruise enthusiast and dreamer. I became one before I turned 10 years old. I had my own "made up" cruise line and I'd build cruise ships out of Legos. I would even create pamphlets and brochures for my cruise line by hand, LOL.
  7. Mobile received Carnival Triumph when she had her infamous “poop cruise” so ships larger than Fantasy class ships can dock there. The terminal is small with limited parking, but they’ve been using overflow parking serviced by shuttle busses. With that said, I do feel that Mobile would be one of the first ports to go as Fantasy class ships continue to cross the rainbow bridge. It’s a shame since it’s such a convenient port of embarkation, and closest to those of us who live in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Our last Carnival cruise was from Mobile aboard the Fantasy in 2019, and the c
  8. Even when we sailed on Enchantment from Port Canaveral on a 4 night Bahamas cruise over the 4th of July week, she was blissfully low key and sedate, at least compared to the other short Bahamas cruises that we’ve taken from Florida ports which tend to be a nonstop, raucous drunken fest.
  9. Before our first European cruise, it had literally been decades since I’d been there. At the time, I traveled with my parents and we took a land based, month long vacation where I covered 10 countries and everything from big cities to tiny villages. It was a wonderful experience. But when it came time to introduce my own family to Europe, we had a small window of time to make it happen: - FIRST, we had 9 specific days over the kid’s Thanksgiving week. So that was the most important consideration. It greatly narrowed our choices since at that time of year, it’s basically Mediter
  10. Convenience and cost. There are times when taking a cruise for the destinations makes more sense. One example is Alaska. Visiting all of those destinations by land is simply a logistical and costly nightmare (not to mention that in some case it’s nearly impossible). You did mention that you could rent a car in Italy and drive to the various ports. But once again, it can be substantially costlier when you factor in hotels, meals, etc. And not everybody has the time for a longer, in depth land vacation. Sometimes all one has time for is to sample these destinations, which a cr
  11. All other cruise lines (that had been sailing out of San Juan pre-Covid) have plans to return to San Juan for the 2021-22 season (most of them seasonally). With Carnival’s departure, Royal Caribbean will be the only year round cruise line out of San Juan.
  12. I'm in favor of BPCL remaining in a market where they have little to no competition, I did get on a tangent about other ports of embarkation on my previous posts, but I do believe that BPCL has a better chance of survival if they remain in WPB, under the radar of the big cruise lines, and not encroaching in their markets.
  13. Very true. But currently Carnival is operating short cruises from Charleston to the Bahamas year round, and they do charge more than similar itineraries from Port Canaveral, Miami etc. People gladly pay a premium for the convenience of a shorter drive.
  14. I've always thought that, if Savannah, GA had a cruise terminal, it would be a successful port of embarkation. Not only is it a wonderful city for a pre/post cruise stay, but it would draw a lot of business from the Atlanta metro area and its 6 million people. Many of us cruise enthusiasts who live in the Atlanta area will drive 7 hours to Port Canaveral to get on a cruise. 3 hours to Savannah would be a dream. We do have other options like Mobile, Jacksonville and Charleston, all within 4-6 hours, but they are all served by just one cruise line, and I've already done all of them.
  15. The same way that we've done it in the past. Once the dust settles a bit, people will remember how to coexist in real life with all of our differences, and not only on a cruise. So many topics have become polarizing during the last few years, and made worse by everything that has happened in 2020. But we've all learned to steer clear of certain topics with friends and coworkers who think differently. Not entertaining controversial topics when they are brought up is probably the best way to send a message that you don't want to talk about that (like, literally, don't give them the t
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