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  1. Very true. I’m not holding my breath for it to happen, but still optimistic that, if any ships are sailing in February, mine will be one of the few, since it’s a short cruise, out of Port Canaveral, and on a cruise line that has been operating post pandemic for months now. Still, it’s far from guaranteed.
  2. Desantis is probably feeling under a lot of pressure since being threatened by someone with being fired.
  3. MSC is currently selling back to back cruises in the Caribbean. I do hope that they don’t ban B2B’s because I’m currently booked on one for Feb 2021.
  4. Valletta, Malta: I absolutely LOVED everything about this destination. It was like sailing into a postcard. Loved meandering the streets of Cospicua, Vittoriossa and Senglea. Truly a magical place. Sitka, Alaska: Before I took this cruise, I was a bit bummed that this itinerary went to Sitka instead of Skagway (which I truly wanted to see). But Sitka turned out to be one of my favorite stops, with its rugged beauty, Russian influence, and quaint feel. A port that I haven’t visited but that my parents consider their all time favorite surprise is Dubrovnik, Croatia.
  5. I remember talking to a waiter in a restaurant in San Juan who was a former cruise ship entertainer, and he said that he hated finishing what he thought was an awesome performance and then look at the audience and see people sleeping through it. 😂 If I’m not enjoying a show, I’ll make an exit between songs. I always sit strategically so that I can exit without disrupting others too much.
  6. I’m currently booked on 2 short back to back Bahamas cruises from Port Canaveral for February 2021 to create a 7 night cruise. If anything is sailing by that date, I feel that these short cruises have the best chance of being some of the select few. Not super confident that it will happen, but remaining optimistic.
  7. We sailed on the sister ship, Nieuw Statendam. Avoid the Lido Pool (center pool) since this one is popular with families. Go to the Sea View Pool (aft) which is the adults only pool. With that said, there were only 110 children on our sailing (my children included) out of 2,600+ passengers so their impact was minimal.
  8. I sailed on the Allure of the Seas in 2011. Our ship performed a rescue as we sailed from Cozumel to Ft Lauderdale. Truly one of the most memorable things I’ve ever witnessed at sea. Mind boggling to see two completely different worlds colliding.
  9. I have my eyes on Virgin also for my 20th wedding anniversary coming up, not so much because they don’t allow children, but because I think that the price point will scare off the bargain hunter, beer bucket, party till you drop clientele, which in my experience can be more annoying than misbehaved children. I may be wrong, but I envision a bit more sophisticated, contemporary young adult clientele. One thing that is giving me a bit of pause is their stateroom configuration (with no real beds, but with a day sofa that converts to a bed at night). If I do it, I’ll probably be looking at one of the Rockstar Suites that do come with a real bed. Would love to try a Mega Rockstar suite but those are beyond what I’m willing to pay.
  10. Although the logistics may seem unsurmountable and mind boggling, I bet that the cruise lines have already done a lot of the legwork, have a lot of things ready to go, and crew members on standby, waiting on the green light to report for their assignment. I can assure you that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about.
  11. I agree with you. I just can’t get myself to like that place, no matter how many times I visit. As soon as I read the tittle of this thread, I thought NEW YORK CITY.
  12. I had a subscription to Cruise Travel for years. It was exciting to get that magazine in the mail, and I would read it from cover to cover. But as cruise information became easier and easier to get online, I let the subscription expire. After that I’d sporadically purchase an issue if I saw one at a newsstand, but after a while I stopped doing that too. As others have said, printed publications are gradually becoming more and more obsolete. It’s a shame, but it’s expected.
  13. You know that there are people who love within driving distance of Southampton, right? I’m sure that they’re will be many takers from that demographic. For those of us who live farther away, these short cruises may be a good “add on” to a longer vacation. I’d do it!
  14. True. I feel for people longing to cruise again but who live nowhere near a cruise port and who need to rely on any type of mass transportation to get there. I did change a cruise that I had for Feb 2021 departing from Los Angeles to one departing from Port Canaveral. Why? Because I can drive to Port Canaveral. While the cruise out of Port Canaveral will be repetitive for me, I’m choosing to keep things as simple as possible for the time being (which includes not flying to meet my ship). Once restrictions start easing off, I’ll expand my horizons and look at cruises and destinations farther from home.
  15. We’ve taken our 8 and 10 year old kids on 5 different cruise lines. One thing that my wife and I have noticed is that, on higher tier cruise lines and accommodations, there are considerably less children but they tend to be considerably better behaved and monitored by their parents. When we’ve sailed on some more family friendly cruise lines like Carnival, not only are there more children, but at times it seems to be a free for all, with hordes of kids roaming the ship, many unattended taking over public areas (more prominent on pools, hot tubs, elevators and buffets), some terrorizing other passengers, without an adult in sign willing to curve that behavior. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve taken our kids on more adult, less family friendly lines like Holland America (our last cruise was on them), where there have only been a handful of kids onboard. But even though the kids program is less elaborate and the kids activities are considerably more limited, the kids we did see were always with their parents, well behaved, adjusting well to the more adult atmosphere, and abiding by established protocols. With that said, I do consider that MSC provides a very good experience for the entire family, with a well developed program for children. Of all the cruise lines we’ve sailed on, we rank their kids program at the top (even better than what we’ve experienced on Disney). One thing to keep in mind is that MSC caters to a more diverse and international crowd than its Americans competitors, so you do need to sail on them with the understanding that fellow cruisers will have diverging ideas on what expected behavior should be. Do embrace the differences rather than be annoyed by them. Our last MSC Cruise was in the Mediterranean, and a big reason why it was so enjoyable was exactly because of the very diverse clientele on that sailing.
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