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  1. My parents started me cruising back in the 80’s when I was 7 years old aboard the Cunard Princess. They were cruise addicted long before I was born.
  2. That’s the big question without a simple “yes/no” answer. 😂 If this cruise didn’t allow traveling just with a birth certificate, I’d be sweating a few bullets. But I’ll bring his passport along with his birth certificate as a backup.
  3. Thank you for your words. We are a bit too close to departure to renew his passport, but I believe that we will be just fine, specially since passports aren’t technically required for this cruise Last year we took an international vacation by airplane, and my wife’s passport only had 4 months left on her passport. But we checked with the airline before booking it and the requirement for our destination was “valid on the date of travel”, so we were able to travel without issues.
  4. I did read that as well. There will be two adults and two children. Everybody has a US passport.
  5. Thank you. We will be visiting the Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos and The Bahamas.
  6. Cruiserchuck: Thanks for providing that link. I had already visited the Holland America website and read the section that you referenced. The statement that gave me pause is under the closed loop requirements, which states “valid” passport. For the purpose of a closed loop cruise, do they define valid as having 6 month minimum left?
  7. Hi! I just messaged Holland America to get an answer on this question, but while I wait for an answer, I’d like to ask here as well! 😀 We are sailing on a closed loop Caribbean cruise on the Niew Statendam soon. All of us have valid US passports, but my son’s has a little less than 6 months left before it expires ( 5 months and 26 days on the day we return from the cruise to be exact). Is there a minimum 6 month requirement on these itineraries? I’m hoping that this is not the case (since passports aren’t technically required for this type of itinerary). I don’t want to be caught with my pants down on embarkation day. Worse case scenario, we’ll bring his birth certificate as a backup, but I wanted to ask for clarification anyway from the fine Cruise Critic community. Thanks for any information that you may provide.
  8. Immediate family members (including children), get matching status. 😃 The explanation that I was given about not being able to pre-book specialty dining when purchasing a plan is that you are getting a discounted rate in exchange for losing the privilege of making advanced reservations. If you want to have the ability to pre-book, then you need to pay full price for each individual restaurant.
  9. No beaches in Amber Cove per se. Best nearby beach will be in Sosua which is about 30 minutes away. Amber Cove is a self contained welcome center with pools, water slides, shops, bars etc. You could easily spend the entire day here and not spend a dime. That will probably be your best bet if you wish to have a day that doesn’t cost much. How old is your young child? Even though there’s no way that any activity can be 100% safe (not even if you bubble wrap your child which could have some risks as well), there are TONS of things to do in the area, some which are perfectly appropriate for young children, although maybe not for the very young.
  10. I started this thread. I used the word “stuck” to bring attention to the media’s inappropriate use of this word. And that’s exactly my point. Most of us that frequent cruise critic will roll our eyes at the use of that word and understand that the media is trying to sensationalize a story that has no reason to be, besides it being a cautionary tale to always travel with a passport.
  11. Has anybody posted about this story? A family traveling without passports claim that they were stuck aboard a Cruise ship with their sick child. They chose not to seek medical attention ashore in Cozumel fearing not being able to get back home. The story mentions that they returned on Wednesday to Port Canaveral so it seems like they may have been sailing aboard Norwegian Sun. https://www.wtsp.com/mobile/article/news/regional/florida/nicole-roman-mejias-florida-cruise-ship-passport/67-5bbe7d14-829e-4b84-8208-90053161bd20
  12. Hey phire, I don’t know if you already know this, but Royal Caribbean just announced that they are easing their policy to allow holders of Chinese passports to cruise as long as they haven’t been to China recently. Norwegian is still holding firm but it’s not uncommon to see other cruise lines follow suit when one changes their policy. I hope that NCL makes the change as well and that you’re able to go on your cruise https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.latimes.com/business/story/2020-02-10/norwegian-cruise-line-china-passports-coronavirus-outbreak%3f_amp=true
  13. We can all agree that the OP’s predicament is awful. But here’s the thing. Royal could “show some compassion“ to the OP. Absolutely true. But should Royal also show some compassion for every single cruiser who travels without insurance and who has a situation that prevents them from cruising? Where should the cruise line draw the line? What makes the OP more deserving of an exception than other cruisers with equally (or more) terrible situations, and who need to cancel their cruise at the last minute? The sad truth is that, odds are that on every single cruise there will be a number of people who will not be able to make their cruise because of a last minute emergency. If the cruise line opens that door where they allow one person to reschedule, then the “fair” thing would be to allow every single person to reschedule. That’s one heck of a slippery slope for all businesses involved. Part of the reason why we don’t pay more for a cruise vacation is because of cancellation policies and because the added cost of insurance is optional. If the cruise lines make it a practice to loosen these policies rendering purchasing insurance unnecessary, ultimately that extra cost will be passed on to ALL customers in the form of higher cruise fares, regardless of whether they normally buy insurance or not. If you consider higher prices fair, then let’s get this controversy over with and just roll the cost of insurance into the cruise fare for everybody and loosen up cancellation policies.
  14. I don’t think you’ll be “overwhelmed” going from Carnival Breeze to Harmony of the Seas. We sailed their sister ships (Carnival Dream and Allure of the Seas) the same year, and enjoyed both tremendously. But Dream was a “nice” cruise while Allure was a “wow!” cruise. The Oasis class have a much easier flow and less crowded feel than any Carnival ship I’ve ever sailed on. They are well thought out and engineered. Based on ship, I’d go with Harmony. Based on itinerary, I’d go with Freedom. But overall I’d lean towards the Harmony. Yes, you’ll be repeating one port (San Juan) but with so much to do there, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of new things to explore.
  15. This is not an easy situation, no matter where we stand on this travel insurance issue. I feel terrible for the OP’s predicament, and I hope that they can find peace during this tough moment in their lives. I can only pray that I don’t ever find myself in a similar situation. That aside, I just purchased a comprehensive travel insurance policy for our upcoming 7 night. This policy covers my family of 4. Everything from lost luggage, trip interruption or cancellation, to $500,000 worth of emergency evacuation. The cost of my cruise before insurance was $2,500, and with insurance it will be $2,590. For me, it would be hard to forego insurance, and blame that decision on affordability. I could’ve taken a calculated risk and made a conscious decision to decline insurance and allocate those $90 somewhere else. But I’d rather cutback a bit on my onboard spending (which will most likely surpass $90) than to go without insurance. I humbly don’t believe that most people don’t purchase insurance because of affordability, but because they choose to spend that money on more tangible things.
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