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  1. We think that Princess provides the right upgrade in quality, atmosphere and sophistication over Carnival without being overly stuffy or pretentious. We chose the Golden Princess (Caribbean’s sister ship) for an anniversary and had an absolutely wonderful time. The ship was beautiful, the ambiance around the ship was low key and sophisticated, the crowd was more sedate and traveled, and we still managed to find plenty to do onboard to keep us entertained (we were in our late 30’s / early 40’s at the time if that matters). Fellow passengers were definitely having fun, and we met many who made our cruise even more enjoyable. Like on Carnival, some choose to be more casual than others, specially at the MDR at night, but it’s more of a dressy shorts and polo shirt kind of casual rather than t shirts and flip flops kinda casual. Based on what you write and on our experience, I think that Princess will provide what you’re looking for. Have a great time!
  2. Do you currently have his original birth certificate or did you have to surrender that to the courts?
  3. Dang, and I thought that the $159 Margaritaville Pool Cabana in Grand Turk for our upcoming Holland America cruise was insulting 😂
  4. As an airline pilot. I would never advice someone, or personally take, a flight that arrives on the same day of the cruise. With that said, the odds are vastly in your favor that everything will be ok and you’ll make your cruise. A lot of people do take flights that arrive on the same day of the cruise and make it without problems. But there’s always a small percentage who don’t. Just yesterday, I operated a flight to San Juan and probably 1/3 of passengers onboard were sailing that same evening. We did pull a delay because the original flight attendants timed out and we had to get new ones. Thankfully by the time we landed, passengers still had 3 hours before sailing. This is the kind of unforeseen circumstances that can potentially spoil cruise plans. It’s not just weather or mechanical problems. As far as having no choice but to fly on the day of the cruise, it really boils down to your personal level of tolerance. Some people will book a cruise even if they can’t fly in the day before the cruise, while others will never book a cruise unless they can fly in at least one day before the cruise.
  5. A few years back, I decided to try as many cruise lines as possible instead of sailing on just one, and so far, I’m very happy about that decision. Variety seems to work for me. As far as destinations go, I also loved Alaska. Western Mediterranean was absolutely fantastic (Valletta, Malta was my favorite port of call. Like sailing into a post card). I also enjoyed our cruise to Cuba last year (before regulations changed). It was like going back in time 60 years. One of the most memorable and mind boggling destinations I’ve ever been to. As far as cruise ships or cruise lines go, I still haven’t pinpointed what my favorite is. We’ve had wonderful cruises on ships ranging from 16,000 tons to 225,000 tons, each one for different reasons. Our next cruise will be aboard the Niew Statendam and I’m looking forward to the more “intimate” and traditional experience, at least compared to some of the ships and cruise lines that I’ve been on. I recommend that you try as many cruise experiences as you possibly can. Best way to find out what your niche is. Have fun figuring it out!
  6. My wife’s hair would beg to differ. She says that it’s like washing her hair with gas station bathroom hand soap, not that she’s ever tried that. 😂 I guess she’s just making a point of how awful it is and why it’s justified to bring her own.
  7. Looking at it from a teenager’s perspective, I would’ve been thrilled to have my own cabin at that age. If it’s cheaper, and you trust your teen enough to have his own cabin, I’d say go for it. I think it’s a win situation for everybody.
  8. Delta is notorious for posting an early departure time on international flights. They did it to us returning home from Rome last November. To make things tighter, our ship arrived an hour late. We were already stressed about the late ship arrival but we were truly sweating bullets when we checked the flight status enroute to the airport and we learned that the flight was departing early. We made it, but it was not the way that I wanted to end my vacation. On Delta’s defense, they post the early time to maintain the integrity of their schedules and to minimize the possibility of delays. We arrived back in Atlanta almost an hour early.
  9. I travel internationally for work almost on a weekly basis and I never inform my credit card company of my travels. My international activity has never been flagged, but it got flagged when I attempted to use my card at my local Target, 10 minutes away from my house. I truly wonder how the algorithm to determine fraud works.
  10. They give you bigger 1 liter bottles, but there’s not cheaper option. It’s either $47 or nothing.
  11. Let me get some clarification about your statement . Because there are many “unattended brats who scream in the pool, run up and down the corridors, push all the elevator buttons and run around the restaurants”, does that mean that all children are that way? Is it possible that there could be children who are being raised better than that? Respectfully, I believe that your generalization is as broad as saying that every adult lacks proper manners, social behavior and etiquette (or the opposite). We all know that neither one is fully accurate. Do you want to know where the children that you describe come from? Take a vacation on a family friendly cruise line or to a family friendly destination and you should have your answer quickly. Children are usually a reflection of the adults that are raising them. When we’ve sailed on family friendly cruise lines, there are many children that do fall under the description that you gave, but there are many more who don’t. All you have to do is sit at your MDR table and watch. Watch the adults behavior, their adherence to dress code and protocol and normally their children are following suit. We sailed on the Disney Fantasy a few years back, where easily more than 90% of tables were occupied by families with small children, and the differences were striking. You definitely couldn’t lump all of them under one description. My children are far from perfect, and I’m not one of those delusional parents who believes that their children can do no wrong. But I’ll tell you what I am. I am a father who has bent over backwards to make sure that my children know more about the world at their young age than most adults do in a lifetime. I’ve also worked tirelessly so that they are NOT the brats that you describe. What was not acceptable behavior for me when my parents were raising me is not acceptable behavior for me kids now that I’m raising them. I do know that we live in a time when behaved children seem to be an exception and not the norm, so I can’t fault you for thinking the way you do. It’s an eye opening sign of the times when people feel compelled to compliment your children because they do something as basic as saying “thank you”.
  12. Observer: Thank you as well. I do agree that toddlers would most likely be disruptive in a Silversea environment. Even with the best intentions, and based on our experience, it can be hard (to almost impossible) to truly ensure that a child that young can behave in a way that won’t affect others. But at the same time, I can see the benefit of such a promotion for say, a multigenerational family trip where grandparents wish to treat their grown up children and their families to a luxury cruise. While I would’ve not considered taking Silversea as a first cruise when my children were toddlers, I can see how my parents would’ve invited the whole family to come along on a cruise with them, and how this promotion would’ve made it more enticing and viable to do so.
  13. Nowornever : Thank you for your kind words. I do like the idea of taking a Silversea cruise without children first. As much as I’d like to think that they are ready for it, the idea of taking a vacation for just mom and dad is enticing! As much as we are enjoying raising these children, I do look forward to the day when they are grown enough, and we are comfortable leaving them for the longer period of time that a Silversea cruise will most likely require. As far as onboard activities go, I won’t deny the allure that kid friendly activities and amenities have. We’ve experienced them on more family friendly cruise lines. But we’ve learned that these activities don’t make our cruise vacations. Our cruise last November was in the Mediterranean, and it was port intensive. Our activities ashore are what made that vacation memorable. Our next cruise (during the kids winter break) will be aboard Holland America. Outside of the kids club, activities will revolve around music (Lincoln Center Stage, BB Kings, etc). There’s also the BBC Planet Experience at the World Stage. No water slides, surf simulators, or more kid friendly activities. I’ve already told them what to expect, and they are looking forward to these new experiences. We’ll see how well it truly goes, but I’m hopeful that it will be an enjoyable cruise!
  14. Admittedly, the most luxurious cruise line that I have sailed on is Cunard. But rest assured that we are familiar with the travel experience that Silversea delivers. Fortunately my land travels, since an early age, have always been considerably more upscale and sophisticated than the cruise vacations that I’ve taken. It’s much easier to tailor a luxury land vacation to fit a family schedule than to do the same with a luxury cruise where specific departure dates and cruise lengths can’t be altered. Yes, we have sailed frequently on more family friendly, budget minded cruise lines, and that’s in part due to the fact that their more frequent and shorter itineraries make it much easier for a young family to go on vacation. Another reason is because many of those cruises were complimentary perks which I enjoyed for years from a previous employer. There are many reasons why families flock to family friendly cruise lines. For us, it’s been mainly due to ease and convenience. No matter when we can take vacation, we know that we can find a cruise on a mass market line to fit those dates. On luxury lines it’s harder. Most of the time, the luxury cruises that I really like don’t match the days when we can take time off. So until that changes, we’ll continue allocating more of our travel funds to land vacations than to cruise vacations. The search continues. 😀
  15. Definitely not. When my children were that age, we were testing the waters with what they could handle. Purposely, we selected a quick 5 night Bahamas cruise on a budget line for his first cruise. Several nights, we would skip the main dining room, or if we did go, we would cut dinner short at the first indication of fussiness or crying. But with every vacation that we took, both by air and sea, we kept expanding our horizons, to where we are now. Admittedly, Silversea would not be where I would’ve tested the waters, and started my kids cruising. But I’m confident that they could handle it now without disrupting fellow passengers.
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