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  1. It looks like your cruise was supposed to be the last one out of NYC before moving to Boston. I wonder if they are just moving it to Boston earlier? Do we know if other sailings on The Gem this spring have been canceled? https://www.cruisemapper.com/ships/Norwegian-Gem-573?tab=itinerary#itinerary My second thought is that maybe they are holding off on a longer dry dock until spring. Originally it was supposed to be this fall in Boston after The Gem finished there and before it moved to NYC. Then they added my sailing (Nov 20) late last fall, and whatever that dry dock was supposed to be was shortened to just 7 days instead of the original 17 days. http://crew-center.com/norwegian-cruise-line-dry-dock-cruise-ship-schedule-2020 That link mistakenly says that that The Gem is dry docking until the 30th. The site never updated when the November 20th sailing was added, and that was months before Covid-19 changed everything. If anyone has a more updated dry dock schedule, that may answer some of these questions.
  2. False. Since early 2019, The Gem was scheduled to go out on Nov. 30th for 12 nights. I was booked on that, then I canceled and moved to Nov. 20th for the 10 day when I had some life changes. That one was added in late December I believe. That was when NCL shortened the drydock.
  3. Where is this information? No one knows yet if the chart that's circulating is accurate. How do you know it's going to be in Boston until December 12th?
  4. I messaged NCL on FB directly and sent the screenshot, asking point blank if it was legit. I received a standard response thast didn't actually answer my question. I am booked for The Gem in November. Doesn't look promising 😪
  5. Cayman Safari Adventures! So many things included - caves, botantical gardens, historical site, lunch, Shoe Tree, blow holes, etc.
  6. I'm not giving up on NY yet, and mine is booked for November. I live in state and can travel to the port. But more importantly, I follow the news from all over. Because of what NY did early on (along with the neighboring states), we are coming down from our curve. Other states are still going up, and they are opening while still going up. I think we will be okay by fall, as long as the second wave doesn't come until winter. Only my opinion of course, but I am hopeful. DH and I are both essential workers in the social work field, still going into work every day. So yes, selfish thoughts from me too. But I'm still hopeful.
  7. What are your future cruise plans now that Alaskan cruises are on hold indefinitely? I have been thinking of you and Susan ❤
  8. I have always tipped the first day and asked for Towel Animals, and I haven't cruised since they were an ask. I know they take time, but they're one of my very favorite things. They're unique and remind me that I really am on vacation. My stewards didn't seem to mind making them either. I'm happy that this is still the case for some ❤
  9. Positivity on these boards is so important right now. Thanks so much for coming back and posting more ❤
  10. I thought $400 was the max for any cruise out of Manhattan. If so, that would be all Jamie has to worry about. Basically you pay for 10 days and the rest is free, so not too much more vs right dats for a 7 day cruise.
  11. This is so odd. I requested a catalog back in December so I could show it to my parents. They want to cruise, but my dad doesn't know how to use a computer. It quickly came, but not one piece of mail from NCL since then. If people are getting that much mail, I'm really surprised that I get nothing. I'm not complaining, but it's strange marketing strategy. I just turned platinum, canceled my one and only cruise on the books last fall, and only just booked again last weekend when the prices dropped. So months without a booking. All very strange.
  12. I'm loving all of the antics with your sister and her hair extensions 🤣 Sorry the internet has been so bad. CC has had some issues the past couple days too. Just take it as a sign that you should focus on this awesome vacation!
  13. Both are 10 days. Does that make a difference?
  14. I am looking at two itineraries on NCL right now out of NYC. The first is 10 days leaving November 20 - the Friday before Thanksgiving. The next is February 11th - the Thursday before President's Day. Although I spent many years working with children, I don't like cruising withba ton of them. I definitely prefer the week AFTER Thanksgiving, but that won't fly next year. So...out of these two, which will likely have less kids?
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