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  1. I love your sarcasm. There's a pandemic raging and you've only worn a mask to get nails done? That's rich.😒. To answer to OP question. YES no problem. Live to cruise-Cruise to live.🚢
  2. hello everyone. hope we are all safe. We did the drink package once and vowed to never do it again. Total rip off. We are D plus and use our three drink voucher and the D lounge. Plus we pay as we go. If we party at a bar we like ,the bartender will get a nice tip and let them know that we'll B-A-C-K. Next time there is a big difference. they usually match us one for one, and the friendship just gets better. good luck and SAVE A BUCK. 💲💲💲
  3. hello. we are booked for the same cruise, fourth time. this is a fantastic cruise. as others have said, the weather is really not a problem for this beautiful ship. one year the outside upper decks were packed as we sailed under the Verrazano Bridge and the temp was in the high forties. YOU WILL LOVE THIS SHIP.
  4. Not text savvy sorryNot text savvy sorry
  5. I’m sorry you are correct I apologize for miss quoting that’s what happens when you push and 70 and you have to deal with this tech stuff❤️🚢👍🏻😜
  6. we have been cruising since 1996 and yes we have seen many medivacs happen. BUT NOT ALL ARE OLD AND INCAPASITATED. I find your post to be most offensive
  7. This is absolutely discriminatory now they’re going from age 70 down to age 65. Anybody can have a medical emergency at any time regardless of their health assessment or age. RCL should think hard about revenue loss from us people who have paid so much over the years. Who are truly LOYAL TO ROYAL. And also just to add to this as I have commented and other posts what doctor in their right mind is going to sign off on such a risk factor that can happen to anybody at any time.
  8. hopefully the same. We have a Dec. cruise booked but I will be over 70 by then. Hope they drop that rule. my medical issues are controlled through my meds and I'm very good. But what Doc. will sign off on that?
  9. I agree with you. eBay is very good but be careful also Amazon you would be surprised I found certain logo items
  10. I agree we try to cruise at least twice a year but I will be 70 in September I find this age restriction to be highly discriminatory anybody can have a condition but that doesn’t mean that condition should prevent you from cruising I hope the scrap that 70-year-old doctors note for him very soon not fairI agree we try to cruise at least twice a year but I will be 70 in September I find this age restriction to be highly discriminatory anybody can have a condition but that doesn’t mean that condition should prevent you from cruising I hope the scrap that 70-year-old doctors note for him very soon not fair
  11. got our cabin assignment last night .booked balcony GTY expecting deck 6 which has happened in the past. we lucked out and got deck 13 and are very pleased. been on Anthem many times and this is the best GTY assignment yet. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. see you on board.😀
  12. excellent. thank you Biker19. I have followed you on CC before and value your answers.😎
  13. does the royal app automatically update once your guarantee cabin number is assigned. this is our first time using it instead of printing out our set sail passes. tyi.😎
  14. this is also the longest we had to wait for a cabin assignment and the suspense is driving us nuts, almost anxiety level. If it is over sold, just what does that mean? Oy more anxiety.😬
  15. they were the absolute best! A dynamic duo that hasn't been matched anywhere. Spoiled is a understatement
  16. I agree with speaking to the Loyalty Ambassador once you get on board. We did a b2b a few years ago on the Anthem were recognized half way through the first week. Her name was Luanna Bacchu. She gave us our new block and called down to Guest Services for our new Sea Pass. Absolutely worth giving it a shot and good luck and have a great cruise.
  17. we cruised last Dec. on the 12 nt, even though we had Dennis Charles as CD (didn't care for him) they gave away 3 wines and 1 champagne. and we had mimosas coffee and pastries, and of course the nick knacks. There was a Facebook post months ago that said things have changed. thank you for everybody for your input. we are cruising on Dec 8 and just curious as what to expect.who's joining us?
  18. well it only goes to show, the more you cruise, the more you lose. what a shame. like it's really going to hurt their bottom line, and we have been loyal to Royal for 23 yrs now. what's next?
  19. I don't remember when I heard this, but no more wine at meet and mingle gatherings? we sailed Anthem last year and before and they always raffled the wine. has anyone noticed this? we are sailing Dec.8 and hoping to get lucky again. Thank you
  20. we have cruised many times and always get late seating table for two. being that we socialize with anybody during the day, and by the way have had a blast every time, when dinner rolls around we enjoy just the two of us. we people watch in the dining room and are usually entertained just by how some groups can really cut up. plus we establish a nice closer relationship with the waiter and his/her assistant.
  21. just watched the Equinox with Capt. Kate depart Nassau for the last time as her captain on Equinox . It was great to hear the Equinox and MSC Seaside exchange whistle blasts to give the Captain a great send off goodbye. Having sailed with her before, I wish her good health smooth sailing and keep being the wonderful person you are. Good luck to you Captain Kate. Can't wait until we meet again. Thoughtfully yours, Keith Watt. 😍
  22. c'mon Bob. with all your pull you can convince royal to oblige. lol
  23. so let me get this straight. for D and better, there is no bar or any bar that honors royals happy hour times? you are only allowed your 3 drink voucher? they can do better than that. I have been loyal to royal for quite some time and our own designated area would be nice. opinions anybody. thank you.
  24. Hello everyone. We have sailed the Summit many times and were very disappointed that they removed the canopy that used to cover the bar and many table areas. We always hung out there but can't anymore. There is no shade, so you bake in the sun either at the bar or at a table. If it starts to rain,even a light sprinkle, everyone leaves. I was speaking to one of the bartenders and he said the water runs down onto the bar. They could put the canopy back on , have some form of illumination to highlight this very poor design choice. At lease people can still hang out and not bake or get wet. Most everything on their upgrade was good, but this was just dumb. Any opinions?
  25. I have said it before and will say it again, bring back Dru Pavlov. I will never forget his tribute to the Veterans on our Nov.2018 cruise. That man brought many of us to tears, and the next week he was gone. Quite a few of us were on a b2b and were stunned that he wasn't there the next week and Dennis Charles was called back from vacation. To this day none of us folk know what happened ? Any clues?
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