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  1. Of all the cruises we’ve done I would say our SE Asia cruise was the most fascinating. We went from Singapore to Yokohama. It was unlike any other trip we’ve taken. Fabulous! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Thanks everyone for the good wishes. Jacqui...wish you and Jose were joining us. Wouldn’t that be fun! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. You could go on one of HAL’s 5 ships where they do not allow smoking in the casino.
  4. The outside smoking area is located at the area out back of the lido and is a covered area with tables. Helen
  5. Thanks for the updated information. Helen
  6. I think I know the answer to this question but just want to know for sure. We will be a group of 8 people and my SO and I are the only 4* mariners. If I charge the entire bill on my ship card will we all benefit from the 50% discount or will they charge the other people full price? Never done this before. Thanks! Helen
  7. I'm assuming that your trip includes St. Petersburg, Russia. You need to have a visa for Russia but if you book thru HAL or any of the major tour companies you will go in under their visa and you will not need to get one on your own. We booked many of our tours thru one tour company. Can't remember if I'm allowed to mention the name of the company on here but, with a little bit of research, it will not take you long to notice that the are 3 companies that are mentioned often. Our Baltic's cruise was one of our very best. Enjoy!!
  8. Just another thought...we are stopping in Boston on May 29. I am planning on booking the Boston Whale Watching Cruise thru Viator. It's received very good reviews and just something different than the normal museums and history. I used to live in the Boston area so I think we'll give this a try. Helen
  9. Hi Jacqui, Me again with another booking. OK - I'm out of control!! HELENPSL - May 26, 2020 - MS Amsterdam - 11 day The Atlantic Coast - Angelo and I are surprising my brother and sister-in-law who have already booked this cruise!! Thanks honey!!
  10. Just be sure to wear really good shoes. Lisbon, especially the Alfama area, is very hilly. We were on a walking tour and it was drizzling. But it was worth every moment. It's a beautiful city. Helen
  11. Wishing you both a fabulous cruise and wishing that we were going with you!! Helen and Angelo in Florida
  12. We drive down from Port St. Lucie and always park at the Parkngo...www.bookparkngo.com. If you book online and prepay you will get a discount. They have a lot of shuttle buses so there is usually a bus waiting when you disembark. When you get off I-95 just head towards the port. First light is Eller. Make a left and the parking is right there. Very, very easy. Helen
  13. Hi Jacqui, Whenever you have a moment can you add us to your list? Love to Jose and stay warm!! HELENPSL - Nieuw Statendam - March 1, 2020 - 7 day Western Caribbean - Just me and Angelo running away! Thanks my friend!!
  14. Hi Jacqui, Whenever you have time can you add us to your list? Thanks so much and love to Jose!! HELENPSL - Nieuw Statendam - March 1, 2020 - 7 day Western Caribbean - Angelo and I just running away!
  15. On a 7 day cruise there are usually 2 gala nights and those are the non-smoking nights.
  16. Thank you Jacqui and everyone else for the warm Bon Voyage. The suitcases are out but not packed. Probably won't be done until Friday!! Jacqui - please give Jose a hug from us and try to stay warm!! Love ya!!
  17. And I will be on her next Sunday the 24th. Can't wait!!
  18. I may be confused now that you mention it. I know that I had to send Carnival his DD-214 and they may have given him a discount on the fare. It's been a while. I may be confusing it with shareholder credit for the stock. As for HAL, my understanding is that they only give a discount for active duty military. My partner is retired military and he gets nothing from them. Sorry for the confusion. Helen Helen
  19. Carnival also offers OBC for military.
  20. YEAH - so good to hear from you. I'm sending you a private email in just a minute!!
  21. Part II - I just googled this and found out that there is a room called the Oak Room which is their smoking room. According to the deck plan it is right next to the Crow's Nest and not near the casino. Helen
  22. I have never been on the Noordam but I had heard that there was a "cigar smoking room" near the casino. I just looked at the deck plan and don't see anything that would imply such a room. I'm sure someone who's been on the Noordam recently will be able to solve this mystery. Helen
  23. There are several ships where the casino is totally smoke free.
  24. My understanding is that they only show 10 cabins at a time in a particular category. I have wanted a specific cabin, called my PCC and she was able to get it for me. If you're doing a fake booking there should be a place on the page showing which cabin they suggest that allows you to input the cabin number you want. It will let you know if it's still available. If so, you can book it . Helen
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