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  1. We cruised MSC for the first time after 30cruises with other cruise lines. whether you have anytime dining depends on the experience you select. YC has its own restaurant and it's any time dining. There are 3 dining times for MDR and I believe Aurea experience can select any time they want. The YC food was good we enjoyed, I would say the dishes are cooked with less salt. It's been a while since we have been on Princess but I liked the entertainment better than NCL. It's not Broadway show like Royal but I found the singers and the other acts to be very talented. The specialty restaurants are more expensive than NCL or Royal. The dining package limits both restaurants you can go to and menu options. Butcher's Cut for 2 was $100+and we had a drink package. Regardless, we loved the YC and booked again. It is not comparable to NCL Haven; so much better.
  2. Although we saw the Som only one night on the Meraviglia, I appreciated that the YC menu actually included pairings under the title Som specials every night. Not seeing the Som didn't bother us at all.
  3. We sailed MSC Meraviglia for the first time this past Christmas. We are NCL and Royal cruisers and we have sailed with Princess twice. We matched Gold. We liked it so much we booked the Seaside on board. Although we were in the YC, we did venture out quite a lot. I don't think it's any different than any other cruise line. There are some rude passengers, chair hogs; buffet gets incredibly busy at lunch time and there is traffic congestion when shows let out or when there is a sale. We liked most of the shows. We found service to be good outside the YC, impeccable in the YC. Food in the YC ranged from meh to great but Butcher's Cut was wonderful. Can't really comment on MDR. It would be different on the Seaside. We heard a lot of negative things before we left but were pleasantly surprised. Take every review with a grain of salt and have a great time!
  4. Deleted. didn't mean to post twice
  5. On the Christmas sailing we did stay on the island until 11:00 pm and watched the light show. We liked the late departure and the suitcases did not have to be out until 2:00 am. I packed earlier in the day - you dock at 7:00 am but do not disembark until 9 or 10 (can't remember which now), giving the crew chance to set up first. Whatever drink package you've purchased can be used but not everything on your package is available on the island.
  6. We just disembarked Meraviglia and our cabin was the 3rd cabin from the entrance to TSL in the hallway. It is an Emergency Exit and a very small door. There was virtually no traffic down the hallway - as close as it was to our cabin I myself used it only twice. It was a very quiet hallway.
  7. We booked onboard for a future cruise - the perks are OBC dependent on your status and the type of room you book, double points, and $99 deposit. It also gave you discount of 5 - 15% Discount depending on your status.
  8. We were in the YC and out waiter advised us to skip the filet and order rib eye or the NY Strip. We specified how we wanted it cooked and they came out perfect. I chose the seafood platter as my main dish which comes from Ocean Cay restaurant and it was divine. If you have not purchased a dining package everything is a la carte just like any other high end steak house,
  9. What shows up on deck plans as solarium is actually part of the YC and the starboard is the smoking area, the other side lounging chairs. There are satellites located on both sides that you probably see as circles on the deck plans. As far as I know , day passes to the YC are few and far between, depends on the sailing and runs about $100 per person or so. This is on the Meraviglia, I'm not sure about the other ships.
  10. We stayed on 16 - it was a hop and a skip away from the TSL and close to the Concierge lounge and loved that we could walk walk right out from the cabin into the TSL for either snacks or pre-dinner drinks. It is one stair up to YC restaurant or 2 flights up to the sun deck. There is an elevator right by the concierge deck so we found it very convenient and quiet since there are cabins instead of the pool deck above. As a matter of fact, we have selected the same deck for our next cruise.
  11. It wasn't the YC but did the same thing on another cruiseline with 2 bottles of red wine.
  12. Let's see how long it's going to take them to open it ...we're on the X-Mas cruise and I'm not sure it's going to open by then.
  13. That's a beautiful spot. Are there any tables for 4 by the window?
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