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  1. Hi! I guess the name of the company is "Best Guides". Am I right?
  2. I agree. Port or starboard is insignificant for Baltic tours.
  3. You will find a HOHO bus stop just at the entrance to the port . Take the red line bus to get to Sagrada Familia https://city-sightseeing.com/en/17/barcelona/277/hop-on-hop-off-barcelona
  4. In my opinion the season of storms in the Mediterranean begins in November and lasts 4-5 months. But (sh)it happens...
  5. Why don't you want to book these tours with Best Guides? They offer discounts for those who book Baltic tours together with a St. Petersburg itinerary.
  6. I'm afraid it is closed on Wednesday for all visitors http://eng.cathedral.ru/raspisanie
  7. Ask somebody from the locals to help you for a small fee 🙂
  8. Since you got your tour tickets you needn't worry. Your guide will meet you after the custom's control. If you don't meet the guide a port employee will help you. They have contacts with all companies.
  9. You will have a relaxed day. Comino (and Cominotto) are tiny islands. Nobody lives there. You will swim in the Blue lagoon and admire the grottos. It is a very good site for snorkeling and diving.
  10. You can do just one day from a 2-day program. We did a combined tour with Best Guides - one day we did with a 2-day group (Peterhof and Catherine Palace) , one day we took a private tour to Moscow and one day - a private tour of St. Petersburg.
  11. We booked tours with Best Guides twice - both times they didn't ask for any prepayment.
  12. Muuga is far from Tallinn. Try a local company or book your ship tour.
  13. When we were in St. Petersburg we did a tour with the Best Guides. My kids and me visited Moscow Kremlin, Peterhof and Pushkin. The third day was for fun - we visited the "Grand maket Russia" and the museum of arcade machines.
  14. If you have cash in $ you can pay everywhere. If you need rubles you can change your $$$ in the nearest bank - there are a lot.
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