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  1. thank you all. i can't drink 15 drinks a day. even if it water! it looks like it is worth it to spend $300 more to get the BSE to have drinks and internet. It is 10 days, I would probably have 2 drinks a day, and internet, so that breaks evenish. Without internet I would just use phone in port and buy internet on sea days.
  2. Ah. OK. Many thanks. Also, if only one has the drink package, how does that work. I can order all the wine I want for dinner, but can't give the glass to my wife?
  3. got it. went online, see that BSE price with drinks/internet/grat is 3k pp , I paid 2700. I only put down a refundable deposit, I guess I should cancel and get it all changed? Or should I call a TA to do this
  4. OK, logged in, checked on packages, not Best Sale Ever promo I see. on sky, in june, doing baltic.
  5. Thanks to everyone who replied so far. More details: Booked the Baltic cruise on Sky Princess. We have only put down the deposit, need to pay in full in 2 more months. We have a balcony stateroom. Have gotten 2 calls in the last few days, btw, they come up as potential spam, but they left a message. I then got this email after the 2nd voicemail they left, so I called back to speak with my Princess cruise specialist. She explained the various drink packages I could purchase, either the total package for around 750 for the cruise, the coffee package for about $23 a day (o
  6. Am on the sky princess for a june cruise and got a call from Princess today to upsell me on the packages. 750 pp for drink package (10 or 11 days). I don't drink much, and for half the days we will be doing excursions. I sometimes have wine or beer with dinner, or maybe a drink at night. What is the cost per drink if not on the package? Same as Internet, I am considering that if I have intl package on my phone, I can just use it on the every other day I am on land? Also I have a shipboard credit which must be used on the boat and she said long lines to use t
  7. Great thread, thanks to the OP. maybe I missed it, but has anyone done a tour from the cruise line? Just wondering how it compares to what seems like lots of TJ or Alla happy people.
  8. Has anyone been to the national museum? I am very interested in seeing viking history.
  9. Looking at a Galapagos trip, but considering some of the expedition companies that have their own boats. http://www.andeandiscovery.com/galapagos-cruise-ships https://www.ietravel.com/expedition/galapagos-islands-voyage#accommodations Or maybe there are other boats and lines? Also looking at celebrity, but looking to machu picchu as well and the celeb after is too many days and $s for what we want. Thanks.
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