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  1. I thought we couldn't. But an email I got today seems to suggest otherwise.... In the Title: Redeem Your CruiseNext Deposit Today & Save BIG Then in the text it mentions all the extras including $250 CruiseFirst...
  2. Bumping... Just wondering which has to be done first... Call Celebrity, book then transfer to TA? Or book with TA, call Celebrity & they can link?
  3. My online TA has a Labor Day sale...I can get OBC from them PLUS OBC from Celebrity but I have to book online. If I booked an open booking on board do I have to call to book w/ Celebrity THEN transfer it to a TA?
  4. I'm booking a Halloween week cruise before the end of the month. Edge crew was so fantastic & LOVED cruising with so few!
  5. Yes, I suspected so. Our friends asked me to look at a holiday cruise for them...the price is decent, tho one thing we AREN'T seeing is drastic fare drops for cruises at this point. They would rather sail with fewer paying more I suspect.
  6. 7315--middle. Nice big balcony. Plenty of room for 2 chairs, table & lounger 8319--starboard, next to corner suite. Much smaller balcony, woulda been tight with a lounger. Otherwise identical rooms; honestly no huge preference in decks. If booking a balcony, I think I'd prefer an SV over IV everyday--but we really do not spend a lot of time on the balcony so it has to be a deal for us to book anyway (INT/OV were not available when we booked)
  7. But again--ANYONE can ask. NO ONE has to offer. HIPPA is about those who know info about OTHER people sharing it w/o their permission.
  8. I order them several times each cruise, as do 2 of my children (YA now--but they even ate them as pre-teens/teens as did 2 of my nephews).
  9. Admittedly I didn't ask. Guess I kept thinking it would show up on the menu!!
  10. Oh, honey, HIPPA is only in regards to doctors & who they can share it with. ANYONE can ask--but anyone can choose not to share. Celebrity has already said, that is fine, but for the safety of crew & passengers if you choose not to share we assume you are unvaccinated & will require some things from you because of that. FL law won't hold up in the long run--the NCL ruling confirmed that. Still confused why the governor of a state so reliant on cruising would not do EVERYTHING possible to keep them happy & in business. COVID outbreaks will do nothing to help that & the cruise lines know it.
  11. Oh I fully realize extensions could be made...just trying to remember if I was remembering things correctly. True--it appears only a handful of ships closed bookings due to numbers this summer, and fall is low season comparativley.
  12. Welcome back! Being back to work (teacher) the last 2 weeks I've been pretty absent here, so was surprised to see you sailing the Edge again so soon--JEALOUS! But we are looking at the Edge in October...loved the crew THAT much!
  13. I may have dreamt it--but did I read that Celebrity was planning on running at about 1/2 capacity until Oct. 31? Or are there other restrictions with that deadline?
  14. I had the same option for our 7/31 cruise. I chose NOT to do it for the reasons you stated above: Retreat is running FULL & the rest of the ship is 50% at best. $2K extra would get us a bigger room (we are hardly in it anyway) & another restaurant--for about $100/nt I could eat in the specialty restaurants. Yes, and the retreat area--again, when the rest of the ship is 1/2 capacity, this loses value. Plus Mom had never been on this ship & I knew she would want to try all 4 MDRs--which were very good to excellent. I'm not criticizing others who feel the value is good for them--we just determined for THIS trip it wasn't a great value for us.
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