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  1. We have cruised RCCL, NCL, Princess & Celebrity. (all several times except NCL, only one in Dec. 2019...they are providing the best value most of the time right now, have booked more with them) In our opinion, Celebrity is a small step above the other 3. So if you are looking for a "better" experience, you will likely be disappointed, imo. Honestly, we find all the lines more alike than different. (esp. food & service) Princess--we like the plethora of activities offered RCCL--we like the mega ships (again, plethora of activities); great entertainment NCL
  2. Don't feel bad (How could you--u just booked a cruise!) After vaccine announcement, I booked UK in June for DM & I plus Med in Aug for DM, DD & I to replace cancelled cruises in 2019 & 2020. Mom & I have already decided to push UK to 2022...I'm guessing Med will get pushed as well.. But DH & I have SWA companion pass thru 6/30...so we just booked a June Caribbean cruise (sry, Princess was offering a better deal...) Fingers crossed at least Caribbean is a go if we have our vaccines!!!! We did our 1st NCL last Nov. and LOVED it. Fell in love with the Wate
  3. Yes, I was thinking about that today--they will essentially be re-hiring all new staff. And everything is so up in the air, this cannot be easy. News is reporting that in some places 60% of HEALTH CARE workers are refusing vaccine. OMG--we will NEVER get back to normal if people don't get this! Infuriating! (hey--anyone getting polio these days?NOPE! VACCINES WORK) Sorry off my soapbox.
  4. So we are looking to push some summer Europe cruises to 2022. I was looking on an online TA that I use often & it was showing an August 2022 cruise. (time/itinerary similar to what we booked this year)...tho when I clicked thru it eventually said cruise not available. Is this typical for Celebrity to only be 15 mos. out?
  5. One wonders--how many lines can survive 2-3 years w/ no sailings...oof. Mom & I have decided to push our UK cruise to next year. A couple reasons; it (theoretically) splits up our Europe trips (hey--I had cancelled 2 in 2 years; if this pandemic has taught me anything it's DO NOT PUT IT OFF...got 2 pretty dang good deals, so booked both!) & we prefer the itinerary in 2022. It is a bit more, but it is a day longer; and it is an INT not an OV but honestly how much are in you in your room anyway? It's already $600 more each, screw the OV. We are leaving the August one for now. W
  6. We definitely have "upped" how we like to stay & travel over the years as our budget has allowed. We PREFER nicer hotels, balconies on cabins, etc. But we prefer to travel more frequently with a bit less luxury. I certainly get each POV.
  7. The only ones we haven't tried are the luxury lines--I'd love to but unless I win the lottery, I don't see that happening! We really enjoyed our 1st NCL cruise in Nov; we have 3 more booked. The prices are great. We LOVED the Getaway. We have Celebrity Apex booked for March 2022 & I am SUPER excited about it---looks AMAZING! I look forward to cruising RCCL Anthem or Allure/Oasis. Truly our fav cruise ships. And we haven't been on Princess (our 1st several cruises); would love to give them a go again, No particular desire to sail Carnival or Holland, but if the righ
  8. I'm confident for next year (assuming these lines survive!). There doesn't seem to be any reason not to wait; I can change now or in a couple months.
  9. Mom & I canceled UK cruise in 2019 due to Dad's health issues. We rebooked as a Med cruise May 2020 with DD for her college graduation. With the positive news of vaccines & the OVERLY optimistic estimates of vaccine roll out, I jumped on great deals thru my online TA. 9 day UK in June for DM & I; 7 day Med in August for the 3 of us. Now after discussions with several docs, international travel looks unlikely the summer; especially cruises. Final payments are due April. I have found similar cruises next summer; they are a bit pricier (around $25/day/pp more)
  10. We just booked end of June UK & 1st week of Aug Med...deposits are cheap. Fingers crossed....(DM & I in June; plus DD in Aug) Also have NCL Caribbean poker cruise booked in Nov. (DH & I) Moved Celeb. Apex from March of this year to March of next (truly a deal--$1K each for obst. balcony, drinks, tips, wifi--it's more than double that price now.) If things cancel this summer, flights are booked with credit/points. Will take the deposit & move to transatlantic 2023...
  11. Thx all, helps to have an idea what will happen. Hopefully all will be open this summer. I am a teacher & DM is 76. Teachers are expected to be vaccinated next month & my mom would be the next group according to our state health dept. We nearly always try to fly in the day before domestically so DEFINITELY would prefer to internationally, even if there wasn't something I really wanted to do! DM, DD & I are also cruising the Med the 1st week of August. We had a Med cruise booked the end of May this year for DD's college graduation...we all know how that went... DM
  12. We have never booked air w/ a cruiseline as we have only cruised domestically so far. I just booked UK late June cruise. Air was only $450 each from the Midwest w/ the BOGO promo so it was a no brainer. Only downer is we sure would like to visit the Anne Frank house. Is it typical to be arriving the day of departure & head straight to the ship? (also after the cruise as well). Do they give you options to choose from or are you simply given flights & that is that?
  13. This is easy. You can see the reason for the restriction--ships spread COVID easily. This is one way to minimize contact & enables contact tracing. Ships are trying to stay in business. So you have 2 choices--cruise sooner with restrictions or wait until restrictions are lifted. Really nothing more than that.
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