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  1. Thank you! I was worried about Haven Check-in. So there isn't a problem finding where to check in for Haven? No confusing lines with clueless staff?
  2. I am on the Getaway on Feb. 2 and I was wondering where the Haven line was? I've heard alot about the confusion for Haven Passengers not waiting in the Haven line.
  3. Thank you all! I was worried we couldnt be outside during the cruise at all. I dont care much about the ports, I just wanted to have fun on the ship!
  4. Hello, I am booked on the Norwegian Getaway Feb. 2nd of 2020 in a Haven aft-facing penthouse. Its my 55th birthday so we were doing it up and choice this because the ship looked great. It didn't dawn on me that February will be cold in New Orleans and the outdoor activities would not be very pleasant. I am wondering if I should cancel the cruise because I don't want to be locked inside. We are going to 2 Mexico destinations. Any feedback? Other than forget the cold have fun anyway........🙂
  5. As a Haven passenger, I feel like we have to purchase Vibe passes because the Haven pool area being over run with children. I believe the Vibe has its appeal as an Adults Only. Thats why we purchase the pass. I wish the Haven did have an adults only like Disney does but they dont so here we are.
  6. Hello All, I was about to book the Owners Suite on the Brilliance of the Seas, but looking at the photos the cabin looks worn and dated. I know it went in for refurbishment in 2018 but did the freshen up the suites? Thank you
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