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  1. I really think that is very good sense. My main interest is protecting myself and my husband from getting a death sentence because our poor health made getting a virus deadly. I can’t imagine how a long quarantine might affect us and how worried our families would be. I wouldn’t have the common sense to vacation a safer way, then yes maybe I need a TA or cruise company to read me the riot act.
  2. On the 7 day Western the Regal formals were Tuesday and Thursday. We will be on Sky doing Western. Is it true that the formal is Sunday and Wednesday? We like to reserve Crown Grill on formal nights to avoid the crowd in mdr. Any info appreciated.
  3. Thanks it’s quite a walk, Especially if you have a forward cabin. I will stick to anytime.
  4. Could you please tell me the name of the assigned dining room on the Sky and is there only one. I ask because on the Regal it is all the way aft, and I’d choose assigned on the Sky if it was Mid-ship. Thanks
  5. Just a little FYI, we ordered bracelets for the Medallions on Amazon and they were $7.00, look like fitbits.
  6. Thank you for your review. We sail the Regal often and have our likes and dislikes too. Just wanted to say that I took The Guardians on my Celebrity cruise, *****! It was awful. Did he even write it himself? Disappointed not to have a good read at days end.
  7. Yes he did , but he was amusing, so it wasn’t too obnoxious
  8. To begin, we used the Celebrity app and therefore had expedited boarding. It worked perfectly. We used our phones to board not the paper copy. Our cabin was 7223 and I would book it again. Very quiet and close to elevator. I am a little spoiled because we book mini suites on Princess, it’s not in suite class so not a big up charge. At 319 sq ft it’s larger than Veranda cabin and has 2 TVs. However I like Celebrity too and the smallness of the cabin doesn’t stop me because the cabin is efficient and balcony very nice. We had wonderful service at the Martini Bar, Pool Bar and MDR. I won’t comment on the food because taste is so subjective. Breakfast at the Buffet is so varied, so much to choose from, I had a different breakfast every day, never the same. The Mast grill Burger is my favorite, but I did have lunch in the buffet too. Many choices. Murano was good as always, Tuscan Grill good too, just not great, but great is different for everyone. We spend mornings and afternoons at the pool. The seating is uncomfortable, impossible and so jammed together it’s ridiculous. Do the designers of the pool area expect us to crawl up the chair and be locked in? That said it’s where we want to be to enjoy the breezy sun and occasional music or trivia game. The Solarium is the best at sea, and I use it to take a dip because the water in the main pool is freezing. We only saw one show, the comedian was funny but it was a repeat for us. Dan is a great Social Director and his interactions with the Captain are hilarious. They worked very hard to make New Years Eve a special event. You had a choice to celebrate at the pool deck, atrium or Ensemble Lounge.. We didn’t get off at any ports this time, after 52 cruises we are content to chill out while the majority get off the ship. That’s why the 4 port Western is better than the 3 port Eastern Caribbean for us. The exceptional staff make Celebrity a wonderful Cruiseline. So friendly and professional. So I will always come back to Celebrity because, it’s a great value, so I enjoy it and remember that I am lucky to be able to cruise, little things may not be to my liking but hey lots of people will never experience a cruise so I don’t fuss about it. Happy New Year!
  9. Today’s Washington Post has an excellent article about this Syndrome. Feeling fine when onboard and being very seasick when your cruise is over can last for days and sometimes longer. I experienced this only A few times and it is awful. For me it stared when I took the patch off. I have never used a scopolamine patch since that first time, and though I had MdDS a few times in over 50 cruises, It’s been many years since. Treatment is the same for seasickness, stay hydrated, eat lightly if you can. They used to think it was inner ear related, but now a brain issue. It’s a little mysterious.
  10. Could you please tell me if the Niew Statendam or Königsberg have steps into main pool as well as side ladders. The main pool is my preferred swim location.
  11. To each his own, but 7 days of Cirque with repeats is too much. It’s like yes the Sting concert was OK , isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but show it once we can tolerate it, not every day.
  12. We had a great cruise April 7 to 14 on Regal Princess. The only real complaint is the daily Cirque du Soliel show on Muts in the afternoon by the pool. Sometimes twice a day. The music is horrific, the themes are creepy the costumes beyond weird. So depressing. You can’t just ignore it, it’s so loud.
  13. New York and New Jersey students go back after Labor Day
  14. I got my bracelet from Amazon , 2 for $14. It’s a Fitbit replacement bracelet. My DH is using the lanyard
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