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  1. I am not sure whether the agent will get the commission, or not. Regent UK told me that I am free to use a different TA to book the future cruise if I wish, so presumably if I were to do this the new TA would get the commission. Not sure. In any event, I feel for the individual who booked this cruise in the first place so may leave this one booking with her before abandoning ship, so to speak. In my view, it is an appalling way for the TA to behave, and I will make sure that everyone who needs to know what has happened, does.
  2. JMariner - thanks for your input. The only conclusion I can reach is that this is a company about to go under, otherwise why risk antagonising a good, repeat customer who books cruises every year. I will certainly advise Regent USA as you suggest. In the circumstances, I am relieved to have Regent Reassurance to fall back on - assuming Regent survives of course.
  3. Thanks for your comments Flossie. The TA is a member of ABTA and it is a good idea to report them, which I will do. Regent are already aware of the situation; they know the TA and apparently take a lot of bookings from them. When this is all over I will share the correspondence with them. I'm sure at present they are inundated, so I won't bother them now.
  4. Jean, thanks for your reply. We are being supported by Regent Reassurance, but no thanks to our TA! I called Regent, and was told that if we take the FCC then it is applied to our personal account and the TA has no access to it, so that is what we have done. As for the TA - I am shocked and disappointed in them. We have booked several high value cruises with them in the past, and so I was/am surprised they would react in this way. Needless to say, we will not be booking anything with them in the future. We may possibly keep this one FCC with the employee who booked it in the first place, as it is not her fault that her employers are behaving in this way. I guess they must be hurting badly because of the virus and looking to the short term to try and survive, but if they do survive the outcome of the virus, I can't see them having any customer base left.
  5. Somewhat off topic, but just another word on UK travel agents and the experience we have just had with ours (soon to be 'ex'). We were considering canceling an early June cruise which had been paid in full. Before Regent offered the 100% FCC, and being just outside 90 days, I wrote to our travel agent to ask for the exact amount of the refund to help us with our decision. The answer? We would lose 100% of the total cost. Even though Regent would refund 80% of the cruise value, less flights and transfers, the travel agent would keep the rest because we had paid in full. They referred me to their T&Cs which said nothing of the sort, but when questioned told me 'I would have been told' when booking that the cruise and ancillary arrangements had been booked through their sister company, the T&Cs of which were different and included 100% loss in the event of cancellation once full payment had been made. I have no correspondence from the sister company, and I don't actually believe they could have got away from this, but in the midst of a heated argument with the TA, Regent came out with the Regent Reassurance programme so we decided to go with that. When this has settled down, we may decide to take it further, with the TA as we feel that they have behaved outrageously.
  6. I have been following along with you all for many months now, anticipating your excitement about this cruise. I haven't posted before, but just wanted to say how sorry I am that it turned out the way it did, most especially for Gerry and Ken. I hope we all remain healthy and live to enjoy many cruises in the future. Best wishes to you all.
  7. Thanks. Yes, I can see that the living room looks a little narrow. I have been in a different Grand Suite where the living room was bigger, but a much smaller balcony... I guess it's a trade off.
  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to post these great pics. Other than the noise/vibration when coming into port, were you happy with the suite? I'm assuming the bed is King size? It looks smaller in the pics...
  9. Yes, agreed. We also felt it in the Owner's Suite on Riviera and again in the Master Suite on Explorer. The benefit of the beautiful balcony more than made up for it in our opinion.
  10. Thank you so much. We have had this problem (shaking while docking) before when in an Aft suite. Hope you enjoy the rest of your cruise despite this problem, and look forward to seeing pics whenever you manage it.
  11. I'm sure you will have a fantastic time. I so wish I could see a pic of the suite now, but I guess I will just have to be patient😊
  12. Thank you both for responding! Gerry - can't wait to see your pics. I know you have been waiting a long time for this cruise, and am looking forward to hearing what you think of the ship and suite.
  13. I am trying to find pics of this suite, without success. Anyone have recent experience of it? I did find some references to it from a couple of years ago referring to noise, but nothing since.
  14. Enjoying following along with you. Hope you have a wonderful cruise😊
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