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  1. We’re first time cruisers departing on Equniox in a few weeks and I was debating the checked bag situation myself. Since you can now drop bags before rooms are ready on the Equinox and other renovated ships, I’m sure my husband would rather not lose sight of his bag. We also have specialty dining reservations on the first night and I don’t want to wait or rush to get ready waiting for a suitcase. We are driving from NE Florida, so I don’t anticipate having huge or heavy bags. If we do choose to check bags, can the porters take a hanging garment bag? Not luggage folding style, but the kind you would use for a suit.
  2. Lisa, So glad to have you here on CC! I love reading about the #CrewUpForWomen initiative, and the steps Celebrity is taking to close the gap and employ more women on their crew. Congrats on getting to 22% ! One of the biggest struggles for Women in Industry is not just about diversity and equal representation, it’s about equal pay for equal work. What is a Celebrity doing to tackle the pay gap? What is your dream for other companies to work towards equal pay as well? My husband and I are looking forward to our very first X cruise aboard the Equinox on 9/7 to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. I’m sad I won’t be able to meet the “famous” Captain Kate, a great example of a strong woman breaking the glass ceiling!
  3. While this is funny, it shows how celebrity is failing in the quest to win over the young families with children they are trying so hard to appeal to. They have to move away from “adults only” thinking to embrace kids being on the ship and being a major part of the cruise. I 100% would have done the same thing. It’s not a big deal, but it is a learning experience.
  4. We did upgrade to CC. Not looking to make the move to Aqua unless better cabin choices become available. Loving my current rate + obc and the hump slant cabin we picked! Upgraded from obstructed 6th deck to CC + more OBC for the same as our original booking a week or so before final payment. The Resident deal is cheaper but I love our “with perks” price.
  5. We’re on the 9/7 6 night Western and I am amazed at how many cabins are still listed. Just priced out a Regular Balcony cabin (not gty) for $1223 AI for 2 adults, resident rate. Wow. You can’t sail a 4 nt on Carnival or Royal for that price
  6. My husband has been able to use his Switch without any internet available. The games just need to be downloaded to the console ahead of time. If he’s looking to play multiplayer/online games then surf would not be fast enough and even unlimited would likely not be the same as home.
  7. I’ve been watching my September very closely. Suite prices are crazy. Double the price of an AQ stateroom. 9/7/19 6 Night Western - Equinox Obstructed Veranda - $764 pp No Perks $1009 pp 2 perks Aft Veranda - $854 pp No perks $1099 pp 2 perks AQ - $904 pp no perks $1149 pp 2 perks Sky suite - $1954 pp - no perks $2199 pp - 4 perks
  8. So excited to see this - thank you to all the knowledgeable folks here on the boards! Booked in 6240 on the Equinox in September. If anyone has any pics of the “partial obstruction” that would be a huge help!
  9. Ohh a St Patrick’s Day sale! Lol, they always time with the holiday no matter how insignificant. I am kicking myself for not booking on the Super Bowl weekend 4 perks offer.
  10. We chose Celebrity for this cruise knowing we were leaving our 5 year old home with grandparents. Yes, kids do sail free but I do not feel like X ships are geared towards his age group. There seems to be lots for older tweens/teens with STEM activities etc but it would not be my choice for kids activities for the under 8 set. I won’t mind seeing other children on the ship, I’ll just gear my activities in the other direction if it starts to bother me for any reason. The solarium and casino it is!
  11. What’s the departure port on both ships? Will travel be easier in and out of one port from your home? That factor is worth more than $500 to me!
  12. Yes, Southwest Air. You know, the one with Mechanic issues right now... I have a family member on one right now and I’m a nervous wreck!
  13. Prices seem to have gone up this week as well with the swap to a new promo “kids sail free”. The 2 perks free “Sail beyond” rate is almost $200pp higher this week than it was last week on our sailing (unless I’m reading into something incorrectly)
  14. Hello CruiseCritic - We we are taking our first cruise in September to the Western Caribbean. The Celebrity Equinox calls on both Costa Maya and Cozumel. We want to spend one beach day and one day exploring ruins. What are your recommendations for which port is best for which adventure? Extra bonus points, the Cozumel date falls in our 10th wedding anniversary.
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