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  1. We had them recently on the Magic, I prefer the old way. The ones we got didnt have much of a "sauce" on them and the bread was dried out. 😞
  2. We had a cove last cruise on the Dream and did not enjoy it at all. Not enough sun, no great view while docked, we were midship and there was so much spray the last day we couldn't even go out.
  3. We always put our credit card down but pay off our balance with cash the last night. Don't want to run low on money and have to use the atm. Not only are the fees crazy but so is the exchange rate!
  4. You can't unfortunately s once you went with a TA. Call them and make sure your booking are linked. We travel with a couple couples and we make sure when we book we have each other's booking numbers so we can get them linked.
  5. Make sure your booking numbers are linked to ensure the same dining table.
  6. This will be our 3rd Superbowl cruise. Magic Feb 1st. . Elegant night will be postponed.
  7. They are considered 2 separate cruises. No perks for B2B
  8. If you keep the cord in your cpap bag they dont normally look at the cord. At least they never have for any of our cruises
  9. This is what my hubby uses also, he unplugs it from the outlet everymorning and puts it out of the way. Pack it in your cpap bag. He just uses the ships water it is filtered enough for the machine.
  10. We love the cabins that are farthest back on the sides, hottest facing. It is our preferred location. Being platinum has no bearing on where your gty. will be. Don't like the location ,pay to upgrade.
  11. No they charge now because so many ppl order it and then dont open the door when the food comes, probably passed out.
  12. We have booked this cabin type many times and have it booked again for the Magic in Feb. This is a video I took of our "L" on the Valor. The door by the bed is the bathroom, it was occupied so I couldnt film it too 😛 they are basically the same. WE LOVE THEM !! I find they have a great layout and you cant beat that balcony !!! Book them everytime we can.
  13. Try Go Port Canaveral https://www.goport.com/ we have booked with them for 2 cruises and will book with them the next time we cruise from there. you can choose different options. This would be the one for you to look into https://www.goport.com/services/snooze-park-cruise.php
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