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  1. Kelp Reef is located at Fisherman’s Wharf and only does tours. Victoria Kayak is at the Inner Harbour and does both tours and rentals so you can venture out on your own. We had rentals booked at Victoria Kayak last weekend but had to cancel due to the weather, so I haven’t actually been out on either of them. https://victoriakayak.com/ https://kelpreef.com/
  2. Generally show times are 7 & 9 PM, but that can vary by half an hour or so. It at least gives you something to go on.
  3. Please confirm (or deny) that I'm right about this: any 2- or 3-bedroom suite on any NCL ship is listed as a per person price, correct? So under no circumstances would it ever be cheaper to pay for a 2-bedroom suite and split the price between two couples?
  4. There's more than one thread on the Norwegian forum where people share exactly what they bid, what was accepted, and what was not.
  5. Yes, but when you come back, all that same scenery will be on the port side...
  6. I appreciate the responses. It seems that all cruise lines charge for some extras - even those such as Heidi13 sails with; their upcharges simply make the base fare higher. I think I’d rather start with a lower base fare and then add on those things I’d actually use.
  7. I have only sailed with NCL. I often read people saying that NCL “nickels & dimes” you to death. Because I have no experience with other lines for comparison, I’m curious to know: what exactly is included in other lines that NCL charges extra for?
  8. Thank you all so much! We’ve only ever cruised NCL so I’m not familiar with what RCL offers. This is very helpful. Loved the link to the Cruise Compass too!
  9. We’re considering the Symphony of the Seas. It looks amazing with so many activities and entertainment options. But I can’t seem to find a list of what activities and entertainment are complimentary vs. an additional cost. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  10. I've only cruised on NCL, but I will say that one of my very favourite things about cruising is the live music all over the ship! Even on the smaller ships, there are usually at least 4 different venues each night with different kinds of music. On the larger ships there are even more options. I just love hanging out with a drink listening to the music!
  11. We went on our first cruise 5 years ago when we were 50 also 🙂 Our well-cruised friends gave us great advice: your first cruise will be so amazing, it won't matter which ship you're on or what ports you go to. They were so right! We've only ever cruised NCL, which our travel agent (TA) recommended after chatting with us about our lifestyle and preferences. We've done 3 more cruises with them since then. From what I've read, RCL is very similar. We did a 10-day Eastern Caribbean as our first cruise, and it's still one of my favorites. I prefer the Eastern over the Western Caribbean because I find there are several less "touristy" ports on the eastern side. Not to say that I don't love the western side too! NCL sails to the Caribbean out of several ports in Florida, so not sure if that works with your travel limitations. We sailed from Tampa on the Dawn and from Miami on the Sun, both smaller ships, which meant very few children on board. We went on the Getaway out of Miami in May 2015, and it was wonderful - very few children as school was not out yet. The entertainment on the larger ships (we've done the Getaway and the Bliss) is definitely better than on the smaller ships if you like Broadway-type shows. We found that the Dawn and the Sun had a quieter feel to them, geared a bit more toward a more mature crowd. We enjoyed listening to live music in various places around the ship in the evening on the smaller ships. I'm excited for you that you get to experience your first cruise! No matter where you go or which ship you sail on, you will love it!
  12. We were wisely advised on our first cruise to go for the cheaper, older ship in an inside cabin because, as our experienced friends told us, "You'll be so in awe of the whole cruising experience, you won't even notice you're on an old, small ship in an inside cabin!" As it turned out, our TA got us an ocean view on that cruise for about $100 more, and we were delighted with it. After that we wanted to take our young adult children with us, but on one of the more fun mega ships, and the only way to afford that was to take two inside cabins. We sailed ocean view the third time, and on our last cruise this past November, we finally got a balcony. While it was very nice, I'd be perfectly happy with an inside cabin and more cruises. I spend very little time in the cabin anyway.
  13. I'm relatively new to cruising. We took our first cruise in 2013, so I don't have anything to compare it to (other than the old Love Boat TV show!). Ours felt luxurious to us, and nothing beats that excitement and awe of our first cruise.
  14. I've been in the pools on all of the ships I've been on, and a couple of hot tubs too. Never gotten sick. Never died. Never seen puke in or around one. I'm pretty sure it's fine to go in.
  15. You can also consider just going a la carte at the other two restaurants you want to try, instead of buying a package. Victoria is lovely and perfectly safe. If you enjoy walking, it's a beautiful and leisurely stroll from the cruise terminal to the inner harbour. I would suggest either walking or taking a cab to Fisherman's Wharf first. Enjoy a wander around there (and be sure to look for the seals!). From there, catch a water taxi ($6/per person) over to Chinatown. The water taxis are one of my favourite parts of Victoria. You'll get some great views of The Empress Hotel from the water taxi. You can also buy a hop on hop off package for the taxis and ride them to all kinds of destinations. Be sure to stop at the main Inner Harbour right in front of the Empress and get off. Walk down Government Street and definitely buy Roger's Chocolates! I could go on all day about Victoria and all the things to do there. Been there too many times to count and absolutely love it.
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