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  1. Here’s an idea: what if I book it for next Summer and when the sailing comes out Chang’s it for Summer 2021? I have done that before on previous vouchers but the terms have changed so much recently that I am not sure it’s allowed.
  2. I thought that was what I was referring to above but Biker said that the “book later” must be booked within 2 months. Now I am confused. Looking at the flyer it says - one year - as the threshold. I am not sure when the Spectrum’s itinerary will get released for Japan Summer 2021. That’s taking a risk.
  3. Moral of the story is that for our own intentions is best not to participate since it’s likely that we won’t be able to book the sailing soon enough. Good to know now and not take the chance and lose the money. Thank you all.
  4. We are boarding the Jewel next week and I would like to cruise through Japan Summer 2021 on the Spectrum of the Seas.
  5. What? So is not worth it then. I can’t do it because the sailing we want is for Asia in 2021.
  6. What if the sailing you want is for 2021 and it has not been released yet? 
  7. What if the sailing you want is for 2021 and it has not been released yet, what’s the incentive for it?
  8. Great! Is this 24 hr per cabin or per person in the cabin? And if it’s shared per cabin that means that one person can use up all the time before the other person can get to it, right?
  9. Is this internet through the computers they offer or can you use it on your mobile device?
  10. This is our first time reserving a grand suite and we were just informed that we have the option of a private breakfast in Chops. How’s this breakfast different than what’s offered in the main dining room?
  11. How different are Asian cruises than your average Caribbean or European cruises as far as food, entertainment and overalls experience?
  12. Instead of a physical address use your email address. What about when taking an uber to the airport? Do you worry about that now they know where you live and that you are leaving on a trip?
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