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  1. I assume also from Miami port to a hotel Miami Beach? , I will ask anyway. Thanks for that.
  2. Thank you for your replies, I see my onboard credit on my planner , and so I will now book tours with it before we sail 😁 happy chappy thanks
  3. Hi, I have some on board credit with Azamara , 1) can I book a port tour before I cruise OR 2) does it have to booked whilst on the cruise thanks
  4. Ha ha!! Thought that was an in house joke:eek::') What’s the position on the independence with the CA lounge....does it still exist? It’s a few years since we have been on her looks like many changes since the refit. Just want to know so we can prepare ourselves 🥂🍷🍺 :o
  5. How about a D+ on a TA ....... 3 drinks loaded on your card between the hours of 5 to 8 pm? Any info?
  6. First started in 1953! Cruise cost for my parents sister and myself was £120 total for 14 days with P&O on SS Chusan then a yearly holiday on SS Iberia , SS Canberra etc out of Southampton/Tilbury. My father was meticulous in keeping records of holidays and I have continued his tradition. I have cruised yearly with my own family of 4 and now back to just DH and myself sometimes twice per year. We have lots of happy memories with hopefully more to come.
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