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  1. It is a disappointment not stopping in Ketchikan when cruising out of seattle. Perhaps it something to do with pier/dock space, either way I am disappointed we will miss Ketchikan on our Ovation cruise in May.
  2. Congratulations! I remember years ago being stuck in a rut trying to get to D+ before the conversion years ago, seemed like it took so many cruises to finally get there! Enjoy your new status!
  3. I tend to agree with the OP on the same old ports over and over. I also agree with the poster who said the size of the ships and money spent on Labadee, CoCo Cay and Foulmouth, big $$$ to keep those mega ships there. However....for us its all about the ship, we don't care where it goes, just as long as we are on it!!! :D
  4. Yes, check in and embark on the 5th, think of it as your hotel and come and go as you want and be back on board at designated time on the 6th to depart Honolulu.
  5. The only announcement that came through our stateroom was the ART AUCTIONEER! :mad: I was napping due to a migraine.....boy did he get a piece of my mind later that day...his excuse was he must of hit the wrong button! He was a total jerk about it and I told him off and walked away to another couple who were close by and applauded my voice saying about sometime someone told him off!!! It was the highlight of my cruise! :D:'):halo:
  6. The rule of 200 pounds per person, that would equal four 50 pound airline baggage allowance!! Its amazing to see the amounts of luggage people have. You'll see extreme to minimal. I wish I could be one of those people who can just cruise (7 days) with just a carry on! I am an over packer, I've gotten better over the years of cruising, but just hate it when we are on a cruise and I say ...why did I unpack that top or shorts or shoes! :eek:
  7. Congrats Radio, I always knew you were of celebrity status!! Sure hope to cruise with you someday so I can rub elbows with someone famous!!! :cool:
  8. Yahoooo, another Radio cruise I can tag along with!!!! Looking forward to all your pictures and posts, have a wonderful cruise!!!!
  9. Looking for feedback on cabin 7548 on Vision of the Seas, we have booked this for Panama Canal sailing Nov 2019. Any feedback on the category of the 1M cabins would be appreciated.
  10. I quit playing Bingo on RC cause of the cost, and low payouts vs the money paid to play. As for the numbers to win the jackpot, about 10 yrs ago I did win the jackpot on the 2nd to last day with just 44 numbers called...a lot of people were a bit unhappy because they would only play the last day for the big jackpot.
  11. Only help I can offer is....did you enter all the info, confirmation number, name, sail date, ship? At least in the old format you had to enter all the info first for it to appear. Good luck, that new website is atrocious!
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