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  1. We completely missed the sounds on Symphony last spring but did make Hobart. Same thing, nasty weather in Tasman.
  2. Thanks, Bet. Not what we expected but we have adapted. Enjoy your cruise and hi to Tom.
  3. Just spent all evening re-booking flights to Bali. Not easy with miles. I never saw that one coming. I hope that Crystal takes good care of the passengers who will have their cruise cut short.
  4. Yep, missed the decimal point. I thought they might as well turn off the lights and go home.
  5. Hi, Keith. Don't be concerned. First few stops on existing itinerary are all in Malaysia so KUL is one airport that would work. If Asia is skipped, need another international airport, hence Perth since it is "on the way". I doubt Crystal plans a TAR in Sri Lanka. Smart thing would be stay in Singapore, but it sounds like the negative optics of that move have dominated the executive suite. In any event, we are trying to travel on miles not dollars so our options, including US departure airports, require extensive digging for limited seats. Hence the pre-work.
  6. Good catch. Given the details in the announcement and the stated compensation offers I would bet on pending.
  7. Thanks. Pending the announcement, hopefully today, and presuming, possibly incorrectly, that Crystal wishes to retain as much of the original itinerary as possible, I will continue to research flights to Perth and KL. I don't see KL as significantly improving the optics, if that is a motive, nor the actual Asia exposure risk. KL probably eases logistics but not as much as just staying with a TAR in Marina Bay.
  8. Good day. Has anything "filtered out" onboard concerning upcoming Serenity itineraries? Prefer official but also curious what the scuttlebutt may be.
  9. Mine too. We plan to join March 20 or whenever, and wherever, she may be embarking passengers. KL seems a cosmetic/symbolic move to me but Singapore officials may have necessitated the move. We haven't decided, and won't before Monday, whether to keep our SIN flights and add a shuttle at the end or fly directly to KUL. Prefer the former, may be forced by circumstance into the latter.
  10. As someone who planned, without fear for my health, to join Serenity in Singapore, I am NOW nervous. Already anticipating a reroute, maybe to Perth/Fremantle. Hope I am wrong about Singapore.
  11. We visit Churrascaria at least once every week, never have the meats although DW has shrimp occasionally. I usually have some salads, a baked potato, maybe a little feijoda. We treat it as a less involved and lighter alternative to Waterside. The complementary breads are worth a visit alone.
  12. According to a friend currently visiting relatives there, Singapore is still open, except for the Flyer. Enjoy!
  13. Whatsinport confirms your ETA at SCC. It also shows Serenity at Marina Bay cruise center on March 20. We are on that one, hopefully.
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