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  1. My wife and I use WhatsApp on the Symphony to call/text each other on the ship. We also use it to call family in the states. In addition to onboard account access the menus for Waterside et al are posted daily on the Crystal Connections app. Android phones and Windows PC.
  2. If you completed online check in, soon, but you don't need them. Porters will tag bags at the terminal.
  3. Prepurchased unlimited internet before cruise. Assume I can have the 30% discount applied after boarding?
  4. I think I would head to the dock! 😎
  5. Depends. Tender ports, other than special cases like Santorini, an hour minimum. Docking ports less. Tour operators that meet you at the pier will often be flexible and monitor arrival times in real time. If you book a private or small group tour they will always wait for you, within reason of course. The ones you have to join in town or wherever may leave without you if you are very late. Tip for Santorini: skip the tours, tender to the base landing, take a boat (several operators available in kiosks before you get to the cable car) to Oia that includes transfer to Oia town and return bus to Fira. Easy, cheap, reliable, and you see the picture postcard spots.
  6. Do you mean June (not July) 10 and 19? It usually doesn't take long to get the B2B OBC so you might want to resubmit. Be sure the departure dates etc are correct on the request. If you used a TA they should do it. You don't have to debark on turnaround day. If you change rooms, ship crew will move your belongings to your new room. Just empty your safe, put loose items and drawer contents in your luggage or bags, and leave the hanging stuff as is. If you don't change rooms you don't have to do anything except reauthorize your onboard account after lunchtime. There will be a meeting, you will receive a letter of invitation, the night before to distribute new keycards and explain things.
  7. In Norway we were at sea and steaming during the rescues. But it looked like a coast guard operation and they are used to windy stuff. Captain just announced we are going to do a helicopter evacuation after all.
  8. We were on Symphony in Norway a couple years ago and had two med evacs by helicopter. Australia can't do? Would be faster. For that matter, a land ambulance would be faster than a ship. Hope the wind doesn't keep us out of the Cairns channel again. Kinda confusing to us but suppose this has all been considered.
  9. Just announced reversing course and heading back to Cairns to deal with a medical emergency.
  10. We have been onboard since Buenos Aires. We made all the ports, including the often difficult ones in Falklands/Ushuaia/Easter Island, then missed the Sounds and are now having chronic bad luck off Queensland. Some folks are pretty disappointed, but Crystal put on a special catamaran charter excursion out of Port Douglas (had to take a coach to access it since the port was skipped and we spent an extra day in Cairns) to go to the GBR Agincourt Reef pontoon and make up for the missed Hardy Reef call. Missing Cooktown was not unexpected. Fingers crossed for Darwin.
  11. Yes, no "live" vaccines for me either, personal doctor's (ie. the one who knows my chart) orders.
  12. Enjoying your blog. We are joining Millennium in Tokyo April 27. We are in 9096. Hope the water/carpets will be sorted by then.
  13. Oh dear. We are booked on deck 9, April 27 fro Tokyo. Was the flood one area or the whole deck?
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