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  1. There will be some changes to handicap rooms. At some point we will be directed to another cabin after the accessible changes are made. We may end up in a different cabin than we booked.
  2. I am also looking forward to hearing about the changes since I will be on this ship November 2020.
  3. True....and so is debark. debark [dēˈbärk] VERB leave a ship or aircraft. "we debarked from our cruise ship for a day of fun" synonyms: get off · step off · leave · go ashore · detrain · land · arrive · alight from · [more] unload (cargo or troops) from a ship or aircraft. "the ship would simply sail into the harbor, dock, and begin debarking troops"
  4. I love tables for two. I am a friendly person around ship, but I don't enjoy having to make conversation at dinner. Actually, we sometimes use a table for 4 if possible because the guy I travel with needs assistance eating and it is easier if I am sitting perpendicular to him, not facing him across the table. Sometimes it takes a bit of explaining that to whoever seats us.
  5. Yep.....November 28th ,2020. Come join our Roll Call ! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2661935-san-diego-to-hawaii-nov-282020/
  6. Pardon the stupid questions, but I know little about Carnival..... Is this in the main dining room? Does it start just after breakfast hours end and end when lunch times start?
  7. Looks good to me. I hope it is as good as it looks when I am on the Miracle next year!
  8. I am also interested in the Pride because I will be sailing the Miracle, it's sister ship and like to hear about the changes it will also get.
  9. Well, as long as you are not actually piloting the ship, it's all good.😜
  10. Sadly the search has been called off. 😞 Still no details on how this happened. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-ne-carnival-victory-crew-member-20190707-pqhkmpywwrahzpqs4pqulp6o2u-story.html
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