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  1. Very interesting viewpoint. I went through something similar in my caregiving. I had an assignment in a brand new apartment building that was well sealed . You could smell all the glue, paint, etc. I left there each time so tired and it affected my attitude. I even got into an argument with an always difficult family member of another client. ( I would normally shrug off her difficult attitude ). So I know what you are talking about.
  2. I have a lot of experience with handicap rooms because I generally travel with a handicapped person. What I have learned is that the cruise line will restrict anyone who doesn't require a HC cabin from booking one. I am new to Carnival , but other lines release these cabins about 30 days before a cruise to anyone because anyone who needed one did not book them. I also found it very easy to book an HC cabin and never had to contact the HC department separately. I just had to fill out a couple of short and simple "Needs" forms AFTER I booked it. Easy peasy. :) I was upgraded to a handicap cabin once when neither myself or fellow passenger needed one. It was a guarantee booking and assignment was made close to cruise date. No one needed it apparently and I don't expect a cruise line to cruise with any empty cabins.
  3. I think it may have changed recently. If you look down lower on the page it says to click on "Edit Trip Details" if you need an HC cabin. Then it works as it normally does.
  4. Being such an old thread, thought I would refresh it with the release from Port of Seattle: Enjoy Seattle, Luggage-Free! It’s Complimentary, Convenient and Secure. The Port of Seattle is pleased to offer complimentary luggage transfer from the ship to your airline at the end of your cruise. Enjoy hassle free disembark with Port Valet. It’s a complimentary luggage service sponsored by the Port of Seattle and our cruise line and airline partners. While on board your ship, sign-up, check your luggage and receive your airline boarding pass. Your luggage will be transferred directly to your airline and checked to your final destination. No need to rush to the airport, so enjoy Seattle and travel luggage free! How does the service work? 1. Enroll Early! Once you're on the ship complete the enrollment form found in your stateroom. If you have questions about eligibility, check with the guest services team on your ship. It's best to enroll during the first few days of your cruise. You can use Port Valet if you are flying with these participating airlines: Alaska American Delta Horizon JetBlue Southwest United 2. Drop your luggage The night before your cruise ends, you’ll receive your airline boarding passes and special luggage tags from your ship’s crew. Set your bags outside your cabin that evening and the ship's crew will pick them up. Your luggage will be securely transferred directly from the cruise ship and checked in with your airline all the way to your destination airport. You don’t have to do a thing. 3. Enjoy Seattle Capitalize on your freedom and spend the day exploring Seattle in its most beautiful season. Visit Seattle can help plan the day. Check out the 2-hour, 4-hour and all day self-tours at:https://www.visitseattle.org/things-to-do/cruise-information/pre-post-cruise-activities/ 4. Skip check-in at the airport When you arrive at Sea-Tac Airport, proceed through security and board the plane. Your luggage is already checked to your final destination! 5. Track your luggage You can track your bags at the Port Valet website: https://portvalet.maketraveleasier.com/ Explore Port Valet
  5. Here is the original link and rationale for the program. https://www.portseattle.org/page/port-valet-enjoy-seattle-luggage-free
  6. Thanks. But if I recall correctly, the reason for the program was to encourage people to spend more time, and dollars, in Seattle before heading to the airport. Free of their luggage , they could sightsee for the day unencumbered. I was hoping San Diego would do the same for that reason. See post number 1 of this very long thread. 🙂
  7. Anyone know if a similar program will be available in San Diego?
  8. I don't understand....what about it is not "real" ?
  9. There will be some changes to handicap rooms. At some point we will be directed to another cabin after the accessible changes are made. We may end up in a different cabin than we booked.
  10. I am also looking forward to hearing about the changes since I will be on this ship November 2020.
  11. True....and so is debark. debark [dēˈbärk] VERB leave a ship or aircraft. "we debarked from our cruise ship for a day of fun" synonyms: get off · step off · leave · go ashore · detrain · land · arrive · alight from · [more] unload (cargo or troops) from a ship or aircraft. "the ship would simply sail into the harbor, dock, and begin debarking troops"
  12. I love tables for two. I am a friendly person around ship, but I don't enjoy having to make conversation at dinner. Actually, we sometimes use a table for 4 if possible because the guy I travel with needs assistance eating and it is easier if I am sitting perpendicular to him, not facing him across the table. Sometimes it takes a bit of explaining that to whoever seats us.
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