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  1. I don't understand....what about it is not "real" ?
  2. There will be some changes to handicap rooms. At some point we will be directed to another cabin after the accessible changes are made. We may end up in a different cabin than we booked.
  3. I am also looking forward to hearing about the changes since I will be on this ship November 2020.
  4. True....and so is debark. debark [dēˈbärk] VERB leave a ship or aircraft. "we debarked from our cruise ship for a day of fun" synonyms: get off · step off · leave · go ashore · detrain · land · arrive · alight from · [more] unload (cargo or troops) from a ship or aircraft. "the ship would simply sail into the harbor, dock, and begin debarking troops"
  5. I love tables for two. I am a friendly person around ship, but I don't enjoy having to make conversation at dinner. Actually, we sometimes use a table for 4 if possible because the guy I travel with needs assistance eating and it is easier if I am sitting perpendicular to him, not facing him across the table. Sometimes it takes a bit of explaining that to whoever seats us.
  6. Yep.....November 28th ,2020. Come join our Roll Call ! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2661935-san-diego-to-hawaii-nov-282020/
  7. Pardon the stupid questions, but I know little about Carnival..... Is this in the main dining room? Does it start just after breakfast hours end and end when lunch times start?
  8. Looks good to me. I hope it is as good as it looks when I am on the Miracle next year!
  9. I am also interested in the Pride because I will be sailing the Miracle, it's sister ship and like to hear about the changes it will also get.
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