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  1. The Carnival website is kinda thin on the details of what Journeys cruise includes. It would be great to see a trip report or even copies of Fun Times. Anyone have one they can scan and upload? Edit to Add: Just saw shof515's link to the Journeys page, so I guess I'm good. But a Fun Times might be something to look at anyway.
  2. Would it make sense to load a Visa or MC gift card with the balance of your visit plus a little (but only a little) more for just in case? This way, if the number is skimmed you don't lose anything but what's left on the card (which should not be much). Just make sure you activate the card before you leave home and check its balance. If upon your return you don't see any transactions on the card you didn't make, you could always reload it and use it elsewhere, or just empty it at a starbucks or your favorite restaurant near home. Just a thought...
  3. Wife and I are sailing in September...what deck were these french door cabins on? We wouldn't change but I was just wondering.
  4. Anyone have any recent Fun Times for the Carnival Miracle? Preferably, something recent for cruises out of Tampa. Thanks in advance, Colby
  5. A tradition the wife and I have followed for years, whether shipboard or land based, since our honeymoon cruise lo those many years ago: Pina Colada.
  6. I kinda figured that even with OLCI we would have to stop at the check-in counters. But it seems that the process has been changed since our last cruise 2 years ago. Thanks!
  7. Oh, wow, that's new to me! My last cruise was 2 years ago and we were given the cards at the check-in counter and I thought we used them to board the ship. Sounds like things have changed. Thanks for your help!
  8. So, does this mean when you check in online and purchase FTTF, your S&S cards are waiting for you at the cabin? Or is a case of one has nothing to do with the other? Thank you for your prompt reply!
  9. Captain, sir! This is great information. Does this mean that check-in starts at 10:30? Or can one check-in earlier? I know there's an online function but you still need to stop by a counter for the cabin key card, right? Thanks! Dr. Jamba I prefer to be called Evil Genius!
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