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  1. Hello. I have only been able to find videos on the 15th deck for the H6. I would like to know if anyone knows which decks have the larger balconies for the Haven Afts. Also, do all H6 cabins have the bathroom in the interior or do some have bathrooms that view the aft balcony and the water. Thanks!
  2. Hello. I have been looking, but have not seen any definite info. Has anyone ever requested and received a rollaway bed? We will be in a suite and my two teenage boys can not fit on a pull out well. Thanks!
  3. Hello. We will be in the PH next year with two teenage boys. What is the size of the sofa bed? Can a rollaway be put in?
  4. Just got off yesterday. Suite deck area is on 12 (pool on 11) and has about 20 chairs. There is suite seating in theater, but there is ample seating there so no worries about getting a seat.
  5. We were on Navigator and had our Chill Island cabana cancelled a couple of days before. We did complain on board with Excursions and were told that it was based on when purchased and the best they can do was to be placed on a waiting list. On my way back from a late casino visit Friday night, a cabana ticket was in my 'mailbox'. Therefore, we ended up with a cabana. As for the island in general with two ships, it was not that bad. There were still chairs to be had in different places during my walk arounds for the lagoon, zip line and balloon (which was grounded on Saturday). Oasis Lagoon was crowded around the 1-3pm area. The Thrill Waterpark did get sold out. Unfortunately, I think RCCL saw it was not that bad as well and will probably repeat the double ships.
  6. Why does Mariner get to have the cabanas? Navigator was the one originally scheduled for May 25th. It would have made more sense to cancel Mariner's May 26th reservations.
  7. I had reserved and paid for a Chill Island cabana for this Friday's Navigator of the Seas sailing. However, I received an email an hour ago saying it was cancelled. First time I called, person did not have any info and was told to email Shore Excursions. Then, he tries to sell me a drink package. I told him that was ridiculous and called back for a manager. Manager said there was a mass cancellation on site but had no info why. He did agree with me that I should not have been attempted an upsell. Anyone else here cancelled for May 25th at Coco? Has this happened to anyone else before?
  8. We will be on Navigator next weekend and Concierge is Grecia Guillen. Has anyone here have any experience with Grecia?
  9. Hello. Is it first come, first serve or are there appointment times? Also, do suite guests get some type of priority? TIA
  10. I was just on Symphony Easter Week. Pizza was the best I ever had on Royal. Hopefully improvement is fleet wide.
  11. Can one make reservations for specific restaurants/times prior to the cruise if you purchased a three night package? Or do I have to book onboard? Since we are in a suite, would concierge assist?
  12. Allan is fantastic. We had him a couple of times on Oasis when he was a concierge. We caught up to him again on Anthem as a genie. Unfortunately, Allen was not our genie for that trip and had Jay who was a dud. About to sail now on Symphony today. Met genie Marla earlier. I think we will be in great hands with her
  13. Is the 24hr window available on 3 night cruises as well?
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