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  1. Just got mine today! Shifted last Thursday and got the price match confirmation today. Have another party that has shifted as well but the pricing hasn't been matched yet.
  2. This topic can be deleted...the answer is yes you can use both discounts.
  3. Has anyone had success in scheduling a cruise with the casino department using a Total Rewards discount (based on your card level ie Diamond is 20%) and also using a FCC that you received for a canceled cruise that gives everyone 20% off the new cruise? Thanks!
  4. Did you get an updated confirmation yet? I'm at 48 hours and nothing yet that shows the matching price. May give the customer service number that was posted above a ring tomorrow.
  5. Can you point me to the #? I've read the thread and can't locate it...thanks!
  6. No, I was on 11...attempted to go to 11 during Thanksgiving week leaving from same port but going to Edge (that's the ship in port in 2021 for Thanksgiving, Reflection is there for 2020 Thanksgiving). Wouldn't accept that so asked about the Equinox (same class as Reflection) but 12 night, leaving from same port. That one seems to be a go....we'll see. I was willing to pay for the extra night but that hasn't come up....yet.
  7. Yes, I called in and got an agent who has said the transfer was approved but she needs resolutions to update the price before she could send the confirmation and they were closed when I talked to her at 7pm eastern. I had tried earlier to move to the same cruise week/port in 2021 but it would have been a switch to Edge and that wasn't allowed. The same agent called me back and told me she tried to push it through but it wasn't accepted. Then I tried this next one and so far this seems like it's a go. We'll see when/if I get the confirmation.
  8. Says I was approved to move to to 12 nights on Equinox leaving Nov 28, 2021 from same port. Hopefully the confirmation will come tomorrow.
  9. I was told maybe 48 hours until the price match is approved and I get a new confirmation. The change has been updated online but not at the price I was paying for the 2020 cruise. Supposed to match both price and perks.
  10. I've called to answer my own question. The answer is NO. Edge is a different class so can't switch to that cruise. The agent switched my reservation to the Edge and submitted for a price matching and was turned down because the class of ship was different. Now attempting to move to 12 nights on Equinox leaving Nov 28, 2021 from same port.
  11. Interesting, thanks. I'll give it a shot...maybe next week to see if they can work the kinks out.
  12. I'm booked Nov 23, 2020 for 11 nights on Reflection (Solstice class ship), this is Thanksgiving week. The Nov 22, 2021 11 night cruise from this port is on Edge which is a different class ship. So I can't take advantage of this because Celebrity changed the ship?
  13. Have you received anything yet? I was booked with CAS (discounted Total Rewards cruise) and it seems like their process is different than people that are booked through a direct NCL agent. I had a family member that canceled the same cruise and received an immediate email. Contacted CAS later yesterday afternoon and they said there wouldn't be an email...so how do we have proof of what is happening? They actually said call back Monday...the cruise is leaving Sunday. As of this morning, the cruise is still 'active' on my online account.
  14. Yeah, that's what my expectation was but that's not what he said. Although he didn't give me much confidence during the entire conversation. Guess I'll give it 24 hours and then call back. The reservation is still active on my NCL account looking at the website.
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