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  1. I would recommend a ship that has a nursery and a splash area for a child in diapers. Carnivals camp starts at age 2 and royal Caribbean has ships that there is a nursery for 6-36 months.
  2. Any 3 day cruise is more of a party atmosphere then a 7 night cruise.
  3. The one night on our last cruise the piano players weren’t playing that night and the only thing to do was bb kings, which we didn’t want to do. We miss the games and trivia and other things on Royal. Just decided we are no longer Hal people.
  4. Honestly I think there is a huge difference between Hal and royal. Hal is much quieter and yes the ship starts to close down around 10:30, some nights earlier. we’ve done several Hal, and switched to royal and couldn’t be happier. We like the noise at the pool and the music and games. Love the shows, trivia and game shows. I love that at 10:30 at night I can sit on the promenade and listen to music and there are still people out and about.
  5. We’ve done a balcony with 4, 2 adults and 2 kids on a few Hal cruises and on a couple on another line. It’s tight but doable. It’s not often that all 4 of us are in the cabin all at once. You just have to be organized and quick at getting ready. we once got an up sell once for a Neptune suite which was great we loved it.
  6. I just don’t understand the rush to get an early flight. I’d be worried the whole cruise about making the flight. I’d book a flight after 11:30 or 12
  7. We’ve done 4 cruises with Hal with myself, dh, two kids and my in laws. Our last cruise was Christmas 2017. On that cruise there were several times that at 8:30 at night that there was nothing that we wanted to do. We had already listened to the bb kings and there were no game shows or the piano players were not performing. Plus after 10:30 or so it was very quiet. Plus we missed music by the pool. After that cruise we decided to try Royal. We went on navigator of the seas Christmas 2018 and loved it so much more. Even my fil who I didn’t think would love it. First of all it was a bigger ship, with more to do. My kids loved the mini golf and my daughter loved the flowrider and rock wall. Plus there was music by the pool, trivia, movies at the pool, game shows every night, plus the main shows, comedy and the piano player. Plus other parties on the promenade. Oh and the ship was still hopping after 10:30. We are going with royal again on adventure of the seas. We love the fun stuff too much, and it sounds like you do too.
  8. We waited until our kids were older, they were 10 and 6 on our first cruise to Alaska. It was the best thing ever. They both loved loved the kids club and were able to sit and enjoy meals and stay up late. We didn’t have to worry about naps, or going back to the cabin early. We did travel with the kids when they were younger, but to other places where we could get suites and hang together while the kids slept. our kids are now 15 and 11 and we are going on our 6th cruise this winter. Personally I’d wait until he was older,
  9. Did you speak to the room attendant or the housekeeping manager about the sheets and towels?
  10. We've gone on 4 Hal cruises with our kids and my in laws and found that with each cruise there was less and less to do. We love the shows, but also love game shows, trivia and just need more. Our last Hal cruise was a Christmas cruise 2017 and several nights at 8:30 at night there was nothing to do but BB Kings, and we had already seen that show. We prefer more and switched to Royal for Christmas 2018. We went on Navigator of the seas which we all loved. There was plenty more to do and even my father in law, who wasn't sure of the bigger ship, loved it. We all love the amenties of a bigger ship, including the rock climbing wall, flowrider, mini golf and more. We all loved doing trivia together along with the game shows every night and the production shows as well. We are going on Royal again for this Christmas on Adventure of the seas. We simply can't imagine going back to Hal again because of the change in entertainment, plus we love the music by the pool and just the vibe of a later night.
  11. My child was 10 on our last trip and we allowed her to check herself in and out. We had specific rules about when she was allowed to leave and where she was supposed to meet us. She didn’t love it on the last cruise, and loved doing all the fun stuff on the ship, so it was really just in the evenings that she’d go. She was really good about being where she was supposed to be at the appointed time.
  12. Oh I think it’s totally amusing and that people are stupid, we love looking for runners trying not to miss the boat. It’s their own stupidity that has put them in that situation.
  13. We flew in to fll very late the night before, so we stayed in fll and took an Uber to Miami the next morning.
  14. Personally I wouldn’t do it. Too many hat ifs.
  15. We were there last year Christmas week, I think we were there 12/26 and they ere not open. Totally bummed. We are Jewish too and I really wanted to see it.
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