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  1. Over $2000 in prepaid shore excursions posted to my Princess Visa today for my August 2020 cruise from New York City to Greenland. Only waiting for my Future Cruise Deposit to be transferred to my 2021 cruise to Greenland.
  2. I spoke to a Princess representative yesterday who informed me that my prepaid excursions for our August 2020 cruise (New York City to Greenland) were processed on Friday and the $2300+ will be credited to my Princess Visa this week. On June 3, 2020, my prepaid excursions for our April 2021 cruise (Mexico Riveria) were credited to my Princess Visa.
  3. Princess representative confirmed this afternoon that all my prepaid excursions for my August 2020 cruise (New York to Greenland) were processed yesterday and should be posted to my Princess Visa in a few business days. Also my prepaid excursions for my April 2021 cruise (Mexico Riviera) were previously credited to my Princess Visa on 6/3/2020.
  4. Spoke to an excellent Princess representative this afternoon who confirmed that all of my prepaid excursions for my cancelled cruise in August 2020 (New York City to Greenland) were processed yesterday and the credit will hit my Princess Visa next week.
  5. Does anyone know when Princess will put excursions online their website for a cruise taking place in January 2022? Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Spoke to a Princess representative today and was informed that two of my prepaid excursions for my 8/17/20 cruise from NYC to Greenland have been processed. Waiting on another $1700 in prepaid excursions to be refunded along with my Future Cruise Deposit. Happy to learn that they are starting to process refunds for an August 2020 cruise.
  7. Here is a link to the cancelled and impacted cruises. https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/extension-voluntary-pause-2020.pdf
  8. Spoke to a Princess representative today about my credit for excursions and a water package. He advised that credit processing is taking much longer than normal due to the situation involving COVID19 and my credit should post approximately 60 days from the date of cancellation.
  9. I re-fared my 16 day - NYC to Greenland cruise (8/17/20) on Saturday since the price dropped almost $200 per person to $1489 for an interior stateroom.
  10. It could take up to 15 days before the credit card company processes your refund.
  11. All is good. Just totally confused last night after talking to the Princess Representative last night as to why I could not re-fare the cruise because of the type of deposit I had (refundable vs. non-refundable). 👍👍
  12. As a quick update I followed up with an excellent Princess Representative this morning who was able to resolve the issue and re-fared the cruise at the lower price.
  13. I have been in 17 cruises with Princess and last night was the first time I ran into this issue. I am currently booked on a back to back cruise 28 day Hawaii / Tahiti followed by 10 day Sea of Cortez Cruise in April 2021 with a guaranteed inside cabin. The price dropped yesterday from $914 to to $864 (Best Price - No New Booking Restriction) on the Sea of Cortez Cruise portion so I called to re-fare the cruise. The Princess Representative advised me that I was not eligible to re-fare at the lower price because the Sea of Cortez portion of my back to back cruise was booked under a “non-refundable” deposit. I advised him I was not re-booking but just wanted to re-fare for the $864 price. He stated that the only time I could re-fare this cruise was if the cruise was offered at a lower price with a “non-refundable” deposit promotion. I was unaware when I booked the cruise that I was using my future cruise deposit on a non refundable deposit or that such rules were in effect to obtain a lower price. Hoping someone can explain if this is a new policy at Princess or clear up my confusion.
  14. Princess simply cannot catch a break. They are the only cruise line using Metro for port services in Fort Lauderdale so they are the only cruise line having to cancel cruises for a worker shortage in Port Everglades.
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