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  1. I don't think ethnicity and race are the same thing. Even Wikipedia states: "Race and ethnicity are considered as related concepts. Ethnicity is used as a matter of cultural identity of a group, often based on shared ancestry, language, and cultural traditions, while race is applied as a taxonomic grouping, based on physical or biological similarities within groups. Ethnic group - Wikipedia" They are related concepts, but not the same thing.
  2. I didn't ask. The original poster of this thread asked. I answered. I'm aware that hand sanitizers are ineffective.
  3. I agree that hand sanitizers won't give the protection that proper hand washing will. The question was which cruise lines have Purell at the dining venue entrance and encourage passengers to use it. Norwegion wasn't listed so I provided it.
  4. Norwegian has crew members dispensing Purell at the buffet. They strongly reccomend that you use it.
  5. Did you get a full-blown case? Man, that's terrible. I've gotten flu-like syptoms twice in the many years I've had a flu vaccine, they lasted less than twenty-four hours each time. I believe it was direct result of the vaccine as my body developed antibodies.. I had a full-blown case of flu one year that lasted about a week and I was miserable during that time. That was before I started getting an annual vaccination.
  6. I've cancelled a couple, one about a month ago. One was booked through a travel agent, the other directly with Princess. I did not receive an e-mail for either.
  7. It really isn't that complicated. Buying more than one complicates it a little, but that's only to be aware that the "From" and "To" fields need to have a different combination of names. Otherwise it's just filling out an on-line form. Once you have the gift cards, apply them directly to your cruise balance due (if that's what you originally planned) if your booked directly with Princess or have your travel agent apply them. If your plan is to use the $1050 total for something else on your cruise, then it's probably more complicated than I think.
  8. I bought one $1000 gift card yesterday around 4:00 PM MST, the notification for the bonus ecard arrived by text this morning before 8:00 AM. I didn't check my email account until just now and both cards are there.
  9. April 30, 2020; Emerald Princess; 3 day Pacific Coastal; Vancouer to San Francisco; one port stop. May 10, 2020; August 22, 2020; Coral Princess; 3 day Pacific Coastal; Los Angeles to Vancouver; no port stops. October 20, 2020, Ruby Princess; 4 day Pacific Coastal; Vancouver to San Francisco; two port stops. May 5, 2020; October 11, 2020; Grand Princess, 4 day Pacific Coastal; San Franciso to Vancouver; 2 port stops. May 11, 2020: Pacific Princess; 4 day Pacific Coastal; Los Angeles to Vancouver; 1 port stop. True, not a lot of them but more than just one three night cruise in just 2020. And there are two and three nighters out of Austrailia. All on Princess.
  10. Princess also offers three (and four) night cruises.
  11. I just cancelled a cruise a couple of weeks ago. The deposit was credited to my credit card account in less than one hour. I dealt directly with Princess via phone and the rep took care of it while we were still connected on the call. No FCDs applied to this cruise but on others the FCD was back in that same one hour timeframe.
  12. Plus some of us aren't planning on having our phones with us. Ours go into the safe when we board.
  13. I didn't say there is. I'm just giving information on how to access someone else's booking without having their user name/password. The "I don't know if you can change anything on the booking" comment was generic.
  14. I do the same with shot glasses! Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking when we went on our first cruise in 2007 on the Dawn Princess. No shot glass, probably no way to get one now. I contacted Princess several years ago and never heard back from them. 😞 Aaand this post is probably off-topic, so I apoligize. But will post anyway. :-)
  15. If you have a first name, last name, date of birth, and booking number, you can "manage" the booking without actually logging in. I don't know, however, if you can make any changes to the booking as I've never tried that. It would seem that you should be able to since that's part of management. Go to the Princess website and choose "Log in to manage your booking" at the center top of the page where you have a choice of using a user name/password or the above option.
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