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  1. He has on a couple of other threads on the same subject. If OP does a search for them, s/he'd find good information.
  2. I try not to think about travel and stay off Cruise Critic for days at a time. I sew and take brisk miles-long walks. I'm not sure how the walks are going to go because as of yesterday we're mandated to wear masks even while excercising outdoors. We'll see tomorrow! I've been reading and watching a lot of movies. All my cleaning and organizing was done in the first few months as well. It is disheartening to be at home all the time and the uncertainty is such a stressor! My heart goes out to you and all I can say is you are certainly not alone.
  3. That was my understanding as well.
  4. I never did, either. I hated school and didn't have perfect attendance, though.
  5. “I think if you’re a healthy, young person, there’s no reason, if you want to go on a cruise ship, not to go on a cruise ship,” Fauci said. He added, “The fact is that if you have the conditions that I’ve been speaking about … an individual who has an underlying condition, particularly an elderly person that has underlying conditions, I would recommend strongly that they do not go on a cruise ship.” Please don't think I'm being argumentative, I agree with all you've said. I have to wonder, though, shouldn't individuals also bear some responsibility for putting themselves in that situation? They had they same information available to them that the cruise lines did.
  6. The majority of the Americans I know that frequent a gym prefer to go in the early morning - to be sure it gets done and not put off if something interesting comes along later that day. My husband is one of those. Daily gym, but early in the morning, even on a cruise. I'll walk at least three miles on deck, again, early in the morning.
  7. I'm in total agreement with your post and would "like" it a hundred times if I could.
  8. I think you'd have to give the the number of miles you traveled, kind of like you do with a medical mileage deduction. You'd have to keep your receipts for at least 7 years in case of audit. If you are traveling on vacation for example, your'd likely be 50 miles away from home during that trip, so not just snowbirds or people with second homes.
  9. We had the same scenario. Our PVP told me she'd call me towards the end of June to update me on progress since that original hold was made with a June 30 expiration date. I saw on my Princess personalizer that the hold has been extended to end of August. I'm not expecting a call from her now.
  10. Never mind. My reply sounded snarky when I re-read it, although it actually wasn't written with that intent.
  11. Thank you so much, gotta cruise again and hobbyfarmer2. That puts my mind at rest.
  12. I have D226 on a hold. Looking at the deck plan, this looks as if it's the same size as the neighboring D228 but with a larger balcony. D228 is a category BB. 226 has a lower fare than 228 but I'm wondeing if it's because of the category difference and hopefully not because there is something wrong with it. Is D228 a higher category because it is more mid-ship? Has anyone sailed in D226? Or, since it's a Royal Class ship so probably the same, has anyone sailed in this cabin on Royal or Regal?
  13. The buffet is important to us so we do care. 😊
  14. 5. They may be too tired from a shore excursion to dress up sufficiently for the MDR and prefer something fast and easy.
  15. But if "this situation is a moving target" and the report is from early March, I wouldn't go by that information. And in my opinion, Dr. Fauci isn't "changing his mind", the information available is changing and he's going by that updated information. Certainly wash your hand often, don't touch your face, but social distancing, mask wearing, and sheltering in place when possible is also necessary, in my opinion.
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