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  1. I keep hearing about a vaccine being available in a year to eighteen months. Sorry, no specific articles to link, just what is being said. I doubt cruise lines are willing to wait that long before sailing again. If they're hurting after a two months closure (according to speculation on the Cruise Critic boards), they'll certainly go under if having to wait twelve to eighteen months. I would love a vaccine to be available but I doubt it will happen sooner than that.
  2. This is the thread LMaxwell started on this topic. Easier to follow there rather than trying to transport it here.
  3. I would prefer buffets be an option but not self-serve.
  4. Did you book these knowing they had a no refund policy? If you cancel the cruise, how is it fair to expect a refund if that's what you originally booked? How is if fair to dispute through your credit card?
  5. Does your niece still have te 5th wheel? Maybe your daugter can rent it from her?
  6. Checking in from southern New Mexico. Cases are starting to show up here, first one to the southeast in El Paso, TX about 2 weeks (?) ago, first here about a week ago. Retired end of December, perfect timing for shelter in place! My daughter-in-law has formed a Facebook group for several of us to communicate regarding face mask production. Currently making cloth surgical type masks to cover N95 masks, which are in short supply. Governor Lujan-Grisham has officially closed us down as of this afternoon. All essential businesses to close. Schools are closed. Our area has beautiful places to hike/walk in the currently gorgeous weather we're having. Silver lining to the pandemic: it's spring! Southern NM has beautiful weather in the spring. Keeping my fingers crossed that our mid-October cruise will be a go.
  7. Thanks, I just hadn't heard/read any kind of update regarding further shut-downs. You're right, it makes sense it won't be going back to business as usual any time soon.
  8. Can you provide a link for this information? I'm probaly behind in reading information about all that's going on but I thought cruise lines were shutting down for 30 days, with Princess shutting down for 60 days. Thanks so much!
  9. On what date are you sailing? We're scheduled for Oct. 17. Did you finally decide on the Financial District? It does sound as if that's the perfect place for the sightseeing you want to do. Do you mind my asking which hotel you chose?
  10. You're absolutely right! I was addressing AF-1, but referenced Thechamp555. That certainly won't help with my question! The cruise does leave from Brooklyn. Thanks for the correction!
  11. Thechamp555, where did you finally end up staying? We're planning on the Princess Canada/New England October 2020 and want to do the same sight-seeing stops you had planned.
  12. Mine does this, which I prefer. We let them know any time we book that we want it processed this way. They have our credit card information on file so that they can make a payment to the cruise line whenever I email them to do so and to do final payment as well. They process final payent about a week before it's actually due so that if there is a problem, we don't lose out on the cruise. I get an email notification that it's going to be done then of course have my on-line credit card information showing that it took place. I'm not sure what the policy is if this isn't set up in advance, though.
  13. We haven't been upgraded. Cruise is scheduled mid-October.
  14. She didn't post here. Another Cruise Critic member posteda joke post pretending to be her.
  15. No. A Cruise Critic member posted a joke over her "signature". She never said that.
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