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  1. We have limited experience with Celebrity and have only sailed on her 2 other times both in S1 categories. We sailed on the Solstice in 2008 when she was brand new and had a corner aft on deck 10 and it was great. The second time was 3 years ago to Alaska with some friends that we will be traveling with to the British Isles in 2021. We were on deck 6 in a S1 and that one was a disaster. First, the entry hall had a very narrow space between the bathroom and closet, if for some reason if the bride was in the bathroom and I was in the closet, we were always banging into each other....there just wasn't enough room to get around that tight space. Then they placed a cabinet in the space that made it even more crowded. Once you got into the bedroom part, then it was OK but not one of the best suites I have ever had. Certainly would NEVER spend the money for an S1 on a M class ship ever again particularly at 250 sq. ft. We will be traveling with friends in July 2021 in a 1A on the Reflection that is 200 sq. ft., based on some videos, that one appears to be better laid out, IMO. We travel mostly on Royal in a Grand Suite.
  2. Same for me, applied for a renewal for wife and myself back in February 2019 with GE cards expiring mid-year 2020. Paid all of he fees required and those were taken quickly, wife received her renewal card within about 2 months mine showed "pending review" for about 8 months, then "pending review" for another 6 months and the last time I looked it stated that mine has been "APPROVED". The last time I looked was about a month ago and of course there is no one to talk to or contact. My GE card has expired almost 10 months ago. I know that they have extended the time period to 12 months for the old cards to be able to be used but the GE "people" are wearing me out.....it's been almost 18 months since I applied for renewal.
  3. 1. Celebrity Reflection 6/30/2021 - Still unsure about this one 2. Liberty of the Seas 10/3/2021 3. Celebrity Reflection probably, however, we have already been devastated this year when our trip to Rome/Greece for our 50th Anniversary was cancelled so after that everything is just a minor heartbreak, not devastation.
  4. My apologies, I have been a member of that site so long I just made an assumption it was free. I paid nothing to join many years ago.
  5. I have to agree with Wine-o here. We have been in 1245 before and loved it. Anything close to the hump and close to the elevators on the angle going up to the lawn club is great. You can take a look at a web site called cruise deck plans dot com and join, it's free. Sometimes you can see the exact cabin you are looking to book because someone has posted pictures of the cabin. If not, there are pictures of similar cabins posted there so you can see what the balcony looks like.
  6. Much better picture than mine
  7. I must apologize about the country as stated being in Italy as that day was such a blur. It was actually in southern France and the town is in Eze. We spent the day going to several towns that day in both southern France and northern Italy. It's the old clock tower in the central part of the city and the highest point of the area. Walt Disney used to spend time there and the population dates back to the 900's I believe.
  8. Try the Hotel Barocco and talk with Christiano the Resident Manager for more information. We love it there. They usually have a package that gives you a free pick up at the airport then a transfer to the cruise port at a very reasonable price. The hotel is small but the service is 5* and located on the Plaza Barberini. Go to www.hotelbarocco.com.
  9. Cruising with a mask to me is not something I would do. I would rather stay at home and wait until time passes and there is a time to travel again without masks. If that does not happen, I will find other ways to travel other than cruising.
  10. What a wonderful board! Italy - Particularly the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany Caribbean - Aruba and the Hilton Rose Hall in Jamaica Switzerland - Interlaken & Bern with a stop at the Matterhorn Cap it off with Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia in the fall.
  11. We live in the Dallas area and have traveled from Galveston 5-6 times and always drive. We have met people from Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas and Mississippi that have also driven to Galveston. Galveston has about 10 privately owned parking lots plus 3 fairly large port parking lots (owned by the city) with a good guess that parking close to the port to be around 5-7K vehicles. Then there are the hotels that have deals that allow parking at their facility if you stay with them prior the cruise or after the cruise, sometimes for a fee and sometimes included in the hotel rate. Flying into Galveston has it's own special efforts as well as the only two airports are at least an hours drive to 2 hours drive away with limited auto rental facilities. Shuttle facilities and limos are available but for a fee that can be expensive. My point is, so why not drive? We always do but, this is just one persons opinion.
  12. I just received a drink package refund today, ****finally****, it took 22 days after cancellation. Thought it would never happen.
  13. We are also on this same cruise and are very nervous about the potential outcome of the cruise. We have made final payment on the airfare but only the deposit on the cruise. I wish I had a crystal ball to look into that gave me a better feeling. We also were planning to spend a week before the cruise in Rome and some time after in Lake Como/Venice. Wish I had a better feeling.
  14. The bed by the bathroom, being your choice, is nice but in the GS, you have a complete dressing area next to the bed with drawers, mirrors, shelves and such. My wife really enjoys this little area for getting ready. Agree with Marion_Mom about the tender ports and having priority departure and "free" room service. There is another perk we like...if you want to go to breakfast, you have access to Chops as a private dining room where you can order your breakfast rather than having to go to the buffet if you want. It is a much more quiet venue.
  15. No on both, in my experience. I was not allowed on the Symphony on the Abyss.
  16. The shows are IMHO, a bit better than other ships and as deliver42 says, book the shows early online as soon as you can. Once onboard, if the show is at 8pm, as an example, the line for the show starts forming for the reservations at around 7:30 or so. To get a better seat, you need to get there around the 7:30 timeframe. This is true for each of the shows, at least it was for us in September. You need to take the extra time into account for your dinner reservations as well. We also felt like everything on the Symphony was on the "inside" vs. availability of "outside decks. There are outside decks (pool deck) but it seems like more of the activities happen on the decks where everything is "inside". Again, just an opinion.
  17. Nadja Djurdjevic is leaving the Diamond Lounge on the Liberty on 1/20/2020 and does not return until March 2020. She did not know who her replacement was going to be.
  18. Freedom Class first because of size and things to do. Radiance Class second because of the aft and open seating for breakfast. Vision Class because it's a "baby" Freedom Class.
  19. I certainly stand corrected. It's been a while since I have flown into HOU, it's much easier to just drive from the DFW area than fly any more these days.
  20. IAH has the advantage of nearly all of the airlines as a choice rather than just Southwest at HOU.
  21. We have been to The Caymans several times. Sometimes we go on tours, sometimes we rent a car and go around to Rums Point for a relaxing day. When we rent a car, we have always rented from a local company called Andy's www.andys.ky. They are not located on the dock when you get off but have a courtesy car that can take you to their location on 7 mile beach for check-in. They have several choices of vehicles and are very easy to deal with. We were there in March and rented a 4 passenger Jeep that wound up being around $120 including the drivers permit for the day. As I recall there were less expensive alternatives available. I hope this information is helpful to you.
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