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  1. So glad that the medication has (kind of) kicked in, and you are able to get on today's excursion. I'm thinking that a (new) bucket list trip is the Rocky Mountaineer, followed by the cruise/land trip from HAL. That's going to have to wait for about 5 years so that I can save up some $$$$$$.
  2. I'm enjoying your report! It's bringing me back ♪♫♪ North to Alaska ♪♫♪.
  3. Could you please add us to the list? October 7, 20 day Best of the Mediterranean on the Nieuw Statendam. Celebrating our 35th anniversary, and our 4th HAL cruise. Thanks!
  4. We've always had a mix of people at the table. One time, we were at a table for 6, but one couple asked to be moved to the earlier seating, so it was 4 of us for the duration of the cruise. The other two were British (senior mom and daughter), and it wasn't until the last night when we discovered that their last name was the same as my Grandma's maiden name. Of course, since the father wasn't there, we couldn't match any information, but it made us smile to think that here in the Caribbean was a connection from the past.
  5. Thank you for that information! We're doing a 20 day Mediterranean cruise in the fall, with a 5 day pre-trip stay in Rome. Knowing that we can send out laundry on embarkation day is great news!
  6. Thank you for the review. We'll be on the Nieuw Statendam in October for the Best of the Med. We are looking forward to our longest cruise ever.
  7. .......Two different outlooks. Two different experiences.
  8. How about the Nieuw Statendam throughout October? TIA
  9. I fell in love with Curacao, too. 🙂
  10. I finally caught up with this thread. We love the K'dam and you are doing an awesome job of relaying facts and thoughts. Thank you. We did the evening tour in Curacao a couple of years ago....it was near/on St. Nicholas Day, so St. Nick and company joined us. It was very enjoyable!
  11. Following along as I look forward to our anniversary trip on the Nieuw Statendam in the fall.
  12. Smooth sailing, Father. Hubby and I will be on her in October. Maybe you'd like to do the Mediterranean with us. 🙂
  13. Oh, my goodness! That second week seemed to fly by. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Happy birthday to your mom! 🎂 This post came at the best time for me! I was just talking with DH about our dining plans for October. We didn't choose our favourite-late dining-but instead went with As You WIsh Dining. We had that on NCL last month + some upcharge restaurants. I'm glad to see that you are enjoying it!
  15. Thank you. For some reason, I did not think that day passes were available. This is good to know for those ports where we don't plan on a long tour.
  16. Is it possible to buy a day at the Thermal Suite? Or even two? We're on a 20 day Mediterranean, and I know that the cost for the entire trip would be astronomical. 😞
  17. Thank you for sharing your experiences! Is there a Happy Hour in Billboard Onboard in the afternoon? With snacks? We enjoyed resting there on the Koningsdam, so were wondering.
  18. Woah! Dangerous knowledge for me to have. I LOVE eggs Benedict, and knowing that I could get them with room service. . . .
  19. This is the first time that I will be booking Flight Ease. Is it possible to arrange a date a few days before the cruise? We're doing a Mediterranean in the fall and want to have a few days in Rome (get over the jet lag) before the cruise. Thanks for your experience.
  20. The water from the tap is perfectly fine (reverse osmosis), and is the same water that you will find all over the ship. I will pour a glass and add ice from the water bucket each day. Enjoy your trip!
  21. That bag is amazing! I have gotten many, many items in it, including a couple of pairs of jeans-mine and husband's-and we are not tiny by any stretch of the imagination!. The other thing to remember is that if it isn't quite closed with the tie, it's good to go. I don't mean it should be open, but if a little bit of that last item is seen, it will be okay. I always finish with a pair of my capris, or a top. Yes, you do have to roll, but it is worth it! I've only ever done by the bag, but I guess I'll check out the cost of by the cruise next time. It would definitely save on packing!
  22. Thanks from Ontario! We're on the Nieuw Statendam in October. I shall take your comments about getting to Rome more that a couple of days early to heart. For some reason, that piece has me anxious....choosing the hotel and getting around Rome. But, I can hardly wait!
  23. Thank you. I always plan for Internet. This helps a lot. (We are on a Mediterranean cruise in October.
  24. I'm along for the ride, too. Looking forward to your updates, and the blog, too, Tim. Thank you for sharing your experiences with those of us stuck in the Great White North
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