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  1. Border opens to fully vaccinated on November 8th 2021. Also some of the Alaska cruise itineraries for spring 2022 have included Canadian ports of Vancouver and Victoria
  2. I emailed my rep and asked if my upcoming cruise was eligible for a casino discount. She replied by email and refared in about one hour. 👍
  3. Spoke with Princess Rep. Princess not planning on allowing unvaccinated passengers before year end so we’d have to pay in full by September 30th, then hope kids can be vaccinated in time. We also have one adult with a mixed vaccine that so far is not recognized as fully vaccinated. we’ve decided as a family to cancel. We will wait until kids are fully vaccinated and we are confident we can all cruise. A huge disappointment. Hopefully in the new year things will look brighter.
  4. Update. We just received final payment reminder for September 30th for our family reunion cruise leaving December 29. Have two grandkids ages 2 and 7. Spoke with me PVP last week and she was looking to get clarification. Not sure why Princess has not automatically canceled the bookings with the cabins with kids. Other posters have mentioned that there cruises were canceled by Princess before final payment was due. Anyone else in the same boat? No pun intended
  5. we love club class dinning. Yes I agree that the one extra menu item doesn’t warrant the extra cost but for us the very personal service does. The dinning experience for us is so much more enjoyable. The service was beyond exceptional and the staff really try to make a person connection that makes you feel like your meeting friends ever night. The pace is more relaxed as the ratio of staff to passengers is greater. I feel empathy for the staff in the main dining rooms some night as they are run off there feet.
  6. We have a family reunion cruise on Dec 29 2021 to Mexico. It’s seem highly unlikely now that we will all be able to go. We are Canadians and have family members who have the mixed does (AZ and Moderna) kids under the age of 12 who are unvaccinated. We are thinking of pushing out the cruise date to February 2022 and hope that this gives us enough time to get “things” sorted out. Here’s my question. Do we make final payment before September 30th and then cancel so that we can receive a bonus in FCC to use towards the new sailing date? I’m not even sure Princess is offering a bonus FCC now if you cancel your sailing. There is a tiny chance we might be able to sail as it’s my understanding that Oct31st there is another update about kids sailing so in that case I’d like to keep my original booking! The February sailings are more expensive than my original booking and cabins less desirable so it’s a really bummer.
  7. We have 5 cabins booked for December 29th sailing to Mexico. The cabins with the kids who are under 12 and not able to be vaccinated have not been canceled yet by Princess. Final payment is not until September 30th. I’m curious as to why Princess has not yet notified those families that they can not sail? We are hoping that vaccine will be approved for younger children this fall and we can get them vaccinated just in time. Hopefully Princess is also thinking the same thing!
  8. Our youngest grandchild is only 2! From what I’ve read, the study is from age 6 months and up. All we can do is wait and see, but there will be a bunch of very sad families if we have to cancel/postpone
  9. We are also In the same situation. We have a family reunion cruise planned for December 29th. 2 grandchildren under the age of 12 who are not vaccinated yet. Phizer is doing trails now and should have results by September. We are hoping we can get them vaccinated just in time
  10. I only play the slots and keep my budget to $100-$200 per day. Most cruises I usually break even or a small net loss (less than $300). Princess gives me a casino rate of between 10-30% off the posted price depending on the cabin category, so my gambling usually pays off.
  11. Husband and I love club class so much that if it is unavailable (sold out) on a sailing, we will not book. We both love to cook and frequently talk recipes and ingredients with the servers who pass on our enthusiasm to maître D’and chef. They’ve encouraged us to ask for special requests and seemed genuinely delighted when we did! For us, it very much enhanced our enjoyment
  12. I much prefer club class. The service is exceptional. The staff go out of there way to please you. We have asked a few times for items not on the menu and we were gladly accommodated. I asked one night if Sea Bass would be on the menu in the next few days as it is my favourite fish. The head waiter spoke with the chef and it was added the next night as the special item! My husband and I really enjoy cooking and discuss recipes with the staff, this seems to prompt more interest from the head waiter and the chef who will come to our table frequently to discuss the menu. That’s is so enjoyable for us and worth every extra penny!
  13. I think your missing out. Have you done the kitchen tour and watched the bakers in action. We got to try bread rolls right out of the oven !
  14. They have separate credit cards. Do you think at the ship they could ask to have transferred?
  15. My daughter, husband and baby are going on a cruise soon. Each person was given $150 OBC. So in total they have $450. Can they combine the credits and use towards purchase of beverage package for husband? Is yes, how is this done?
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