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  1. Is this list for the whole fleet? That would be disappointing selection! I had Lagunitas IPA and Anchor Steam on the Maasdam in August. The loss of Grolsch was bad enough. This list would be depressing.
  2. Good to hear! I hope to sail on the Volendam someday. Enjoy!
  3. Although I’ll never use interline, the OP’s story gives me even more distaste for things like Club Orange. Expanding the options in bookings can get nauseating (like airlines, where finally you get absolute cr*p if you don’t fork over more $) and make a odd, unpleasant situation that can’t really be anticipated. HAL and the OP both share the responsibility for the problem.
  4. It seems to me that HAL is at fault for (apparently) actively selling CO that included an cabin upgrade, then downgrading. And if it truly was a wrong, I cannot blame the OP for complaining, regardless of the code or custom of silence for interline travelers. As for the amount lost between the originally booked verandah and the OV, it sounds like the OP needs to “eat” that one (based on explanations of interline here), and publicly complaining of this part was wrong.
  5. I hope to cruise on the Coral Princess in January 2021. The wraparound promenade is really important to us, and because this would be our most expensive cruise to date, if part of the promenade was lost, as it was on the Island Princess, it would probably be a deal breaker. We need it for our long walks and for relaxing in the loungers. Does anyone have any good information as to whether there is a possibility of such a change on the Coral (by Jan. '21)?
  6. If you were told the facts then Cunard changed their practice sometime within the last two years. They definitely had daily Mass on QM2, while not on their other ships.
  7. You’re confused about orders and may be thinking about dioceses. Such posts are not informative, so maybe you’re sharing an opinion of some sort?
  8. I think there is daily Mass on the QM2.
  9. To each his own, but “no issues” doesn’t convey a great deal of enthusiasm regarding the promenade. For some people no doubt it’s fine, but the first thing I would recommend to a friend considering a TA on that ship would be to check YouTube for a video of a lap on its promenade.
  10. Always, and perhaps especially on a transatlantic, I enjoy walking on the promenade and enjoying the sight and sound of the ocean. Plus enjoying the same from a promenade lounge chair (even if I have a balcony cabin). Thus the first ship I’d strike from my list would be the new one (or its sister if it was on the list).
  11. Actually you asked a good question. The “BB Kings” bands on the ships are named after a deceased Blues musician (B.B. King) but these bands play different styles of music. I hope in the future that people simply answer your questions on cruise critic.🙂
  12. I’m no expert but are you confusing B.B. King with the company which provides the bands on some cruise ships, etc.?
  13. The Westerdam, 7 night Eastern Caribbean in 2012. Verandah gty, $549. It was just what I needed at the time, something soothing, and watching the water go by and listening to it was really just the right thing. Despite somewhat rocky seas, lol.
  14. It seems that it would be better if they charged less, or much much more. I don’t see viability in the growing trend of more animals on planes and cruises.
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