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  1. I doubt it is “desperation”. I think it was just a reasonable attempt, keeping in mind that there won’t be 100% security- there never has been. As for the crews, they could be quarantined for two weeks before the cruise. There won’t be guaranteed safety and there never was. The vulnerable populations may need to wait longer.
  2. Probably this November, Tampa-Cozumel. Otherwise the soonest will be this January, South America/Antarctica (Princess). Hopefully Buenos Aires will not suffer from the missteps of Brazil in handling Covid.
  3. Thanks. Although the BE that I had wasn’t very far forward, I can see how that is a factor. As for being higher up (and in this case just one deck), I guess that’s what people assume must be better, although I can’t imagine it actually being better (in fact a lot of people seem to want lower decks for less motion). Perhaps a reason I got this “upgrade” is because there is in fact almost no substantial advantage/improvement. 🙂
  4. Thank you all for your replies. I will try to search past threads regarding my concern that I’ll hear MUTS on my balcony. I am still confused regarding what makes the BC better than the BE. Almost like Princess designated these two categories at random.
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I will try to search past threads regarding my concern that I’ll hear MUTS on my balcony.
  6. Thanks for the info! I’m not sure we need a larger balcony. Did you hear MUTS from those balconies? Do you think it would be heard from a balcony on Aloha deck?
  7. I was assigned a cabin upgrade from BE on Baja deck (B308) to BC on Aloha (A604). Is there anything actually better? I’d say my BC appears a bit aft of midship, so I doubt the location is better (marginally so, at best, looking at the deck plans). In Aloha cabins is there more noise from Lido deck above? Noise from MUTS?
  8. When you say “worth it “, do you mean it was an upsell? If so, maybe the policy is different than with the free upgrades. If what you were given were free upgrades, then I wonder why they’d mislead us. To be clear, mine is not an “offer” - they simply notified me that they changed my cabin from the OV to a balcony cabin. I have 48 hours to decline.
  9. Thanks - I had already checked that page - good info there about covered vs uncovered balconies. I’m fine with the covered.
  10. Has anyone received an upgrade after declining the first upgrade they were given? A Princess rep advised me that I wouldn’t be eligible for any more upgrades on our next cruise if I reject this one.
  11. I just got upgraded from my carefully-selected oceanview to a balcony on Baja deck. I have 48 hours to decline. I guess the balcony at no extra charge is a no brainer for most people, but I picked out the ideal OV and would hate to end up in a cabin with issues such as noise, etc.. Any thoughts? This is for an Antarctica cruise next January.
  12. Is this list for the whole fleet? That would be disappointing selection! I had Lagunitas IPA and Anchor Steam on the Maasdam in August. The loss of Grolsch was bad enough. This list would be depressing.
  13. Good to hear! I hope to sail on the Volendam someday. Enjoy!
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