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  1. Lucky... B2B! Glad to hear you enjoyed and I may well hit you up as our trip gets closer!
  2. All excellent info -- thank you so much! Can't wait for this trip!
  3. Do you recall approximately what time you headed back to the cable car to return to the ship?
  4. We also have never before used Air2Sea (and I am the skeptical type who almost always just books directly through airlines), but we were able to find (imho) nice business class fares on flights to Italy when we took a look a few weeks ago. Much better than going via airlines. Will keep watching, of course, but I guess there's something to this group booking thing....
  5. @bayareacruiser6 -- Thank you for all that info, and nice photo!
  6. This is good to know -- thanks. Did you book with one of the airlines that Air2Sea was showing other flights for, or a wholly separate airline?
  7. Hope you had a great cruise! Do you mind saying whether you took advantage of any of those special tours and, if so, how were they? Also, how crowded was the concierge lounge during happy hour? And did you have priority tenders at any ports and, if so, were they particularly advantageous?
  8. And we'll be in 8096, prob a few weeks before you 🙂
  9. I've been to Italy five or six times (only once via a cruise) and never tire of it! So so much to experience and see and ... eat! If you're going all the way over there, I think you're going to want to hit at least some of the must-sees in that amazing country. That being said, we love that Rhapsody Croatia/Greece itinerary and are planning on it for next summer ourselves. If you really have the time/means to do Italy plus the cruise, I second (or third) the idea of starting your trip in Rome. Fly directly there (might even be less expensive than flight to Venice), spend 2 days seeing the main sights and start in on all that yummy pasta. Easy train ride to Florence, which is beautiful and easily walkable . . . with scrumptious gelato spots. Spend at least a night or two there if you can before heading to the wedding. The Tuscan countryside will be a perfect counterpart to the few busy days prior. If you eat meat, be sure to enjoy some Bistecca alla Florentine while you're amongst all those gorgeous vineyards. Then, as you're thinking, head on up to Venice via train and take in the wonder that is that incredible city. (Note: imho, food is not the highlight there, though we really loved our cicchetti food tour.) And then hop on Rhapsody to cruise the Adriatic! What an awesome combo trip that would be. This would give you a great little taste of some of the main cities in Italy and likely will whet your appetite for a return trip (sorry -- not meaning to plan out your future vacations for you 🙂). Maybe then you can go explore the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii, other parts of Tuscany, eg Siena, and (only if you must) that tower in Pisa). And, because you will already have seen the main sights in Rome and Florence, you can just wander and enjoy those places in a less-touristy and less-hectic manner. Alternatively, since you'll probably be hooked on Mediterranean cruises at that point, you could do your next one in and out of Barcelona, making your way all the way over to Rome, still being able to get in more Italy along the way but, again, not feeling like you've got to cram things into single-day port excursions. We personally have found that there have been several opportunities to visit Italy over the years (not all of them feasible) -- whether it's weddings or family trips or cruise stops or kids studying abroad -- and we hope to continue with those in the future, whereas Croatia/Montenegro/Greece (again, for us) are a little less mainstream and likely will not be done as often (though we are looking at our cruise as a precursor to more Croatia later). If you are able to swing the "Intro to Italy" plus the more "exotic" cruise, go for it! Looking forward to reading about what you decide.
  10. We were given an airline record locator number as soon as we booked with Air2Sea (before having made any real payment). With that, it was easy to find our reservation directly on Delta's website and choose seats/meals, etc.
  11. As mentioned above, here is a Recent thread re Rhapsody out of Venice. We had questions similar to yours and, after some due diligence, went ahead and booked our cruise! Very excited about it and have gleaned lots of helpful info re ship, ports, excursions, etc. by doing some searching on these boards.
  12. When searching for an outside TA to use for your cruise, I'd suggest interviewing them up front and asking if they've got experience with such reunion group reservations and, as others have said, nailing down what they can do for you. We recently went on a family reunion cruise, and the TA that many in the group used was entirely unhelpful with regard to group dining, etc. I handled that myself through phone calls directly with RC beforehand and then a couple of logistics conversations with very helpful MDR manager and Specialty Dining restaurants immediately upon boarding. Also, one of the most fun group activities we did was the Escape Room. That and an adult dinner at Wonderland. Oh and Silent Disco 🙂 (Not sure which ship you're thinking of going on, but these were on Anthem.)
  13. Bus might be cheaper, but the $7pp minibus/shuttle "assist" up and down that hill at Horseshoe Beach might be worth it to you. Someone over on the Bermuda forum said it has been referred to as "Heart Attack Hill." 😳
  14. Rhapsody also has a 2020 sailing with both Dubrovnik and Split. 8-nighter form Venice in June or July, I believe. Timing did not work for us, but wish we could hit both those Croatian ports. (Editing to say you were prob referring to Vision class, not ship, right? It's just that I had my eye on that itinerary for a bit!)
  15. Wondering same thing as I just booked same flight for next year.... Hoping ships are still sailing from Venice at that point!
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