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  1. The cough on the Ventura for the 35 day cruise was a very nasty virus, which caused many chest infections. Many people left the ship for the hospital.
  2. Thanks Andy - The insurance company have been fine, and have arranged everything, and everything is being paid for.
  3. As we await repatriation from the Azores- the insurance company have gone through all our declarations and medical records from our GP before they agreed to the claim. Even to the extent of 'losing' the final medical declaration. Luckily I had it on my laptop, and as soon as I sent it to them it was 'miraculously' found.
  4. I hope the repair has sorted out the sporadic loss of power that has happened at least twice to the ship. It was a bit unnerving when it happened halfway across the Atlantic.
  5. We use Avon Skin So Soft.
  6. The people who do not wash their hands do not necessarily get the virus - they spread it.
  7. Paul Stickler was my boss when I worked. I enjoyed his talks very much.
  8. It's more satisfying for some of us to scroll up rather than scroll down.
  9. I always take a tube of Colemans mustard with me.
  10. We are also on the January cruise - we have done it twice before. Ventura is well suited for the longer cruises. We have also found another demographic on this cruise, which is the newly retired.
  11. I just have a thing about people making up laws to suit their argument.
  12. It is not against the law to vape in restaurants.
  13. The people I have spoken to about not washing their hands seem to think that the risk is only to themselves, and do not feel that it will not affect them. They do not seem to realise that other people who have the same attitude can infect them. This major problem seems to be overlooked on the briefings.
  14. I am certain it is to fill up Oceana after the Gulf cruises were cancelled, and a new itinerary at short notice was put together.
  15. I have never understood the 20kg limit in Southampton. If you are allowed 23kgs on a fly cruise where someone still has to put a 23kg case onto a boat. Needless to say, in protest, I have always filled my cases to 23kgs when departing from Southampton, and been ready to argue about it, but, alas, they have always been loaded without a problem.
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