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  1. Our cabin was 7035; which was nicely updated. However, the shower is tiny and no bar in the shower like the solstice class has. Also, 7035 is right across from the staff door accesses for luggage, etc. the shops were a disappointment to me. Not much selection but this is JMO. I had gotten some great bargains on MK purses and Sunglasses on the Equinox. specialty restaurants were Tuscan grille, sushi and LPC that I saw but we did not dine at any.
  2. Pro’s - martini bar staff, dinner dining staff, rendezvous lounge staff and cabin attendant weather- Even 2 days per cruise in San Juan was great 9.5 out of 10 entertainment in the theatre was pretty good not so good luke warm beer - how hard is it to get a cold beer - not the only passengers that thought so music on pool deck - play to your audience please oceanview cafe. - usually a fan - not so much in this cruise ran out of Evian - sorry but if I am paying extra for the premium package I want evian prosecco - no that doesn’t mean duc del Valmer . Even on the classic package I should be able to get this at any bar. It didn’t happen. Pool bar tenders - grumpy at best. Sorry but I don’t go on vacation to bother people. Get another job. if we didn’t know any better, I would have been happier, but we do know better. Our last cruise on the Equinox in June of 2018 was amazing.
  3. Can someone remind me what the perk is per elite member ? thanks!
  4. We fly from Newark. Can I ask which airline gave you that great price and was it direct? Thanks!
  5. We will be on the summit on 11/30 and I would like to upgrade from the classic package Can just one person in the cabin upgrade? Best way to do so and charge per day? thanks so much.
  6. Does the shower have a door or dreaded curtain ?
  7. Granted the encore sailing wasn’t at capacity during our sailing. However, it was great not to have to choke on the smoke when walking through casino. It appeared they had a room enclosed with glass doors for smokers - great idea. Are there any other ncl ships that are the same set up? Thanks!
  8. Does anyone have any pictures of this cabin after upgrade? Thanks!
  9. Love the allure but not last week of oct in Europe. Oh well 😔
  10. We just got back from our first NCL cruise on the Encore.
  11. Thanks so much for the review! Safe travels home! When will you be cruising again? 😊
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