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  1. Right there with you, unfortunately. Maybe when Murphy stops his “I’m Irish” parade he can get back to business and get us back to business.
  2. It looks yummy! If you can share the recipe, it would be greatly appreciated. I’m always looking for slow cooker recipes online. Thanks!
  3. My sincere condolences to you and your family. So very sorry to hear of your loss.
  4. Oh my gosh Sue. Thankfully, you didn’t hesitate in calling your dentist. My fiancé did and ended up with super pain and the side of his face blown up, black eye and all. Abscess had gone into sinuses and extraction was the most painful experience. When I picked him up he looked like had had 5 rounds with rocky.
  5. We were hoping to take our trip that we had to cancel in September to aruba in April/May this year. It is stressful enough to get testing done before flying to Aruba, now we have to test before returning to the US. That’s not my idea of vacation so will try and get a trip to FL or AZ in the works. We are not looking to do more than be in the sun by a pool with a cold beverage - low key.
  6. How is AC? Where are you staying? Wasn’t a big fan of Ac but heck would go there once we open up to get a feel of normalcy
  7. I applaud you Karena1. We were going to take our rescheduled trip to Aruba in the spring and now you have to test before traveling and before boarding a flight home to the USA. I cannot take the chance of a false positive so back to the drawing board on travel choices.
  8. We finally booked a cruise today 2/11/2022Anthem of the Seas. Hopefully, it will happen. Kept us within driving distance to port just in case pre travel rules make it a risk to fly to cruise port.
  9. We were supposed to be on the freedom now. Was looking forward to celebrating my b day in the sun, cruising on the newly amped freedom and the itinerary.
  10. Allure late Feb 2020 - feels like a lifetime ago. First time in years no cruises booked.
  11. I’m with ya on the disheartened feeling. Was so looking forward to aruba. Keeping my fingers crossed on the rules changing as the vaccines and hopefully cases going down. Travel industry will be sure to take another hit they dont need. Anyone have any recommendations for a resort in Florida and/or Arizona? We are not looking to go off property too much just enjoy sun, pools, beach, etc.
  12. Sucks as we were going to try traveling to aruba in April/may this year to make up for a cancelled sep trip. It’s stressful enough to find testing before leaving and then to have to do the same before you leave.....if they keep this in place I guess we will just try warmer states for a vacation.
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