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  1. Thank you so much for posting your review. greatly appreciated, especially during these times.
  2. I am missing reading ya’lls cruise reviews. Highlight of my evenings Was to do so. Totally understand if our 5/31 oasis cruise gets cancelled but would like to know when we can cruise again. We are fortunate we got to cruise on the Rccl allure on 2/23 but unfortunately returned to a changed world.
  3. Cruising is our vacation of choice. With 50+ cruises taken, yeah we love them. jMO but we have a 5/31/2020 cruise booked and certainly understand if it gets canceled. However, once cruise lines are Up and running, we are back for sure. Rccl and celebrity have given us terrific experiences so we are happy to go back and resume those.
  4. Noreen, our precruise dinner go to is the outback. However, we go early and when we went on 2/22 we overheard staff talking about getting other jobs due to how slow it had been? I felt bad....it was very slow in comparison to other visits. have your tried staying at the Renaissance? That’s our Fll pre cruise go to hotel. I would also consider the Hilton marina down the street as it appears renovations were completed recently.
  5. Jim, glad you are both home safe and healthy. I agree better to be home than stuck at sea. I do have to ask if you have any cruises booked for later in the year?
  6. Noreen, So happy to see your review. Thankful that both of you are doing ok and not sick. We returned from the allure on 3/1 and I guess pretty lucky to get that cruise in considering what is going on now. Are you booked on the oasis for the summer/fall out of Bayonne? We are on the 5/31 cruise and will certainly reschedule should things not get better soon. Driving to the port will help without having to worry about flights and hotel. looking forward to the rest of your review.
  7. Thanks so much for posting and providing a source of joy for us during this trying time. Your website with reviews is absolutely amazing.
  8. Boring, no....worn? Well she is in need of some TLC. we were on the 2/23 cruise I say who cares about the slides and bionic bar. Must have a music hall and playmakers will make a difference. JMO...
  9. We were able to upgrade to an ocean view balcony vs a Central Park balcony for oasis 5/31. Keeping fingers crossed we can still go but certainly understand if Rccl decides to push out the dates on not operating.
  10. The uk is the gateway to the rest of Europe so wondering how long that will last until it’s included in the ban.
  11. I was just going to post that. Hopefully, you will have time to plan a connection via London to get home. 🤞
  12. That is terrific news! Making it an even more great cruise for you both.
  13. Jim, as you know, I absolutely love your reviews. thank you for doing so again! that fare on AA for first class is terrific. Would that be direct? I’m a united flyer for the last few years - fly out of Newark. However, moving forward would vertically entertain another airline for a deal similar to what you got. Good job! as always, I wish you both a terrific cruise!!
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