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  1. As much as I would like to stop in coco cay next week, I’ll take the great weather in Labadee any day over the forecast I’m seeing. I would hope Rccl saying it’s weather related is true and not a ship issue.
  2. I don’t have a picture but it’s pretty decent. Similar to a beach towel you would find at bed bath or target. We get them now as we purchase the drink package so a bottle of wine isn’t needed.
  3. After reading this I no to do a better job of researching our insurance for cruises. Yes, I purchase on insuremytrip every cruise and try to get to The most medical and evacuation coverage. This time we got 25k and 500k evacuation but wondering how this would work and if it’s enough. We cruise a few times a year so wondering if we should use the insurance on our credit cards that paid for air and cruise and just purchase high end medical and evacuation coverage? appreciate your feedback.
  4. We got a great deal for he November 30th sailing on the summit. We had a previous cruise on her in November of 2015. JMO but I would level set before you book. If you are looking for amazing entertainment and a brand new ship experience then the summit is not for you. If you are more into the itinerary and small ship experience then the summit is for you. While we had a great time in November, I would not look to rebook the summit.
  5. Hi Robyn, Have to ask if you are booked in the Freedom out of PR anytime soon. Thinking of doing so for my 50th b day in Jan 2021. Haven’t been on the Freedom in years but love cruising out of PR that time of year.
  6. Oh wow! I just thought you seemed familiar. Was probably following your posts when we were wondering if we were going to be able to cruise. We ended up canceling and going to Aruba for the week. Using our FCC for the allure on 2/23 and can’t wait. Have a great rest of your cruise and thanks for posting along the way.
  7. Great review so far! Were you by chance cruising when the hurricane affected cruises over Labor Day? We were supposed to be on the allure 9/1 cruise
  8. Good for you! enough with the snippy comments. Merion mom is a wealth of knowledge and insight. Please be nice.
  9. Is the end of august a good time to visit Norway on a cruise? There’s a great celebrity cruise that stops in both flam and geiranger august 2021. thoughts! thanks!
  10. People need to stop being so judgmental. I travel a lot for business by myself and dine alone quite often during that travel. I couldn’t care less what people think but wonder why anyone would have a negative opinion on it to begin with. If I were single, a cruise would appeal to me as best way to travel solo.
  11. We always seem to find our bar; which seems to be the martini bar on celebrity. We tip a minimum of $100 for the week if service is just ok. If we find one specific bar tender to go out of his/her way, we will separate tips. Min $50 for the week. Always give cabin steward $20 min extra.
  12. yes, those must be the ones. Thought they had a balcony must have been looking at something else.
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