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  1. Just received an email that our 2/6/2022 cruise on the Freedom is now canceled and we can go on Explorer. Sorry but not even close to a win win. I was so happy to go back on freedom class especially after the updates. Where will the freedom be? thanks!
  2. We are hoping to take our trip to aruba. We were supposed to go in September but canceled due to the testing, insurance, etc needed to go through to get there. We did a lift and shift on our Freedom 1/2021 cruise to 2/2022. At his point, I just want to get away and shut down for a week. now wearing a mask for the entire time at the airport, flight and until we get to the hotel, well not so sure I’ll be onboard with that. However, quite sure that will be the rules of travel in 2021.
  3. I feel like our year has been ruined due to not being able cruise. It is our vacation of choice. Praying we get back to it ASAP
  4. I just received an email stating that the above post was political in nature? Are you kidding me? I went on this same cruise but not the same year as OP, waters were calm. What is political about my post? Please explain as I would like to know. cruisecritic you might want to police the people posting political and anti cruising posts. Thank you!
  5. Same here but different year. Cruise waters very very calm. One of our favorite cruises. Did you stay at the Marriott?
  6. I am so jealous. Are you staying at the Palazzo? Look at that blue sky. Have a wonderful time. How has your experience been there? Is is sad with no shows and nightlife?
  7. Very sad as the last time I checked this was a cruise board. If I had no intention of cruising again or negative virus comments related to cruising, not sure I would continue to use this board. If we do not keep hopeful about our next cruise or cruising coming back, what’s the point. For me, I am a realist, but I need a countdown to look forward to.
  8. Very sad to make the change but don’t think cruising will be up and running by then. Anyone else have to push their cruise out until 2022? Seems like a lifetime away. if things turnaround, we will do a last minute booking. I so miss cruise reviews, countdowns for cruises and roll call posts.
  9. Thank you! We are booked on the Frredom 1/10/2021 cruise which I do not think will happen. Would rather push out for later in the year.
  10. Is the lift and switch option for cruises booked for 2020 only? Thanks!
  11. NYC will not be back to normal by December. Not sure what you would be looking for but I would push that trip out a while.
  12. Thank you all for your feedback. We are looking at Sandals Antigua as we like the island and flight choices are good out of EWR. I am hoping we can get back to cruising in 2021 though 🤞
  13. Ok, don’t flame me as I’m seeing more comments about anything but cruising theses days here. Anyone a fan of Sandals resort’s? I ask because I have the Freedom booked in Jan 2021 for a 50th birthday celebration. Should we not be able to cruise, I would like to find a backup sooner than later. appreciate your feedback. thanks!
  14. Thanks so much for posting this review. I am lost without cruise reviews. on my cruise bucket list for sure.
  15. The next cruise bookings recognized my ta on the paperwork so I’m not sure what is correct. Haven’t used the next cruise bookings in years.
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