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  1. The muster drill was much easier and more sanitary since you don't have to crowd into your boat area. You watch a safety drill in your cabin and sometime in the afternoon go to your boat area and a worker will check your room card to show you went there.
  2. The food in the Lido was fine. Before it was all kinds of steak and seafood with more variety. Plus they have to bring you any kind of drink....even water. You cannot get anything yourself. They come to clean your room only once in the morning. Before they would come to your room twice. In the evening they would bring tomorrow's schedule plus turn down the beds and do the towel animals. Seems like one can't post anything without someone trying to make you look small or stupid. The towel animals were cute and missed. The cruise was great thanks to HAL.
  3. Let's give a shout out well done to the HAL management people that helped get the ships cruising again. We were so happy last May when we found out we didn't have to cancel Alaska cruise again. But some nay sayers and experts said it wouldn't happen. Well it did....just got back off New Amsterdam to Alaska. It was very much a scaled down version of other HAL cruises we have been on. But to other first time cruisers they were happy and didn't know the difference. Sure did miss the towel animals. The mask requirements everywhere were a necessary evil but this couple in the 70s made it thru with no problems. So a big well done for the HAL team.
  4. If you test on a Wednesday before the cruise then Saturday would be the 4th day. We are scheduled for the rapid test on Thursday and are flying to Seattle next day Friday. That leaves no time for another test if there is a problem or a false test. Would we be safe to reschedule on Wednesday ? Very confusing. Any help appreciated.
  5. So now that the pre cruise test is required will they accept the DIY home test. If not what are the required approved type of test we are supposed to get. We are due for the August 28 sailing out of Seattle.
  6. We are on the August 28 sailing and got our boarding pass yesterday. I had been trying every day but the reply was not until July 20th. That's exactly when it came. You have to read and agree to safety and virus statements they will send you. All set now and anxious.
  7. I had a broken ankle bone and rented a scooter for our Panama cruise. Cost over $400 but enjoyed it. I cannot answer your question about it fitting thru the cabin door. I always left it in the lobby over night and the crew would take it and charge the battery overnight. Never had it in the room. Had no trouble with it around on the ship and the crew was very helpful. Once on a long off ship walk my wife climbed on and we both scooted away as others took our picture. Sorry I couldn't answer your question but you will enjoy the scooter.
  8. I need to book our complimentary meals on the Alaska cruise. Can someone tell me the formal days on the ship? I'm guessing it is Tuesday and Thursday. I don't want to book them on formal nights. Any help appreciated. Sailing on the August 28 and cannot wait.
  9. Last year on the cruise I cancelled I had bought into the Have it all deal and paid in full for the cruise. That offered free drinks...paid gratuities plus others. I later cancelled due to the virus. So when HAL told us they will cruise this summer they said all the perks will be just as they offered before. My new booking has over $500 cabin credit but no other perks. So I guess they figured that was the value of all they offered What ever.....I'm just glad to be going to Alaska this year.
  10. Flying in the night before a August 28 cruise and staying in a motel near Sea Tac airport. Thinking about using shuttle express over a taxi to get to the port. Getting too old to handle heavy luggage and have hernia also. Will also need transport from port to airport after cruise. Best ideas ???
  11. Same here....hope they fix it soon. Spent all day yesterday redeeming my eCredits from Delta to get our flights booked and now HAL won't let me log in.
  12. I think we should all give credit and thanks to the officials that made it happen. So to the officials at HAL....the CDC....and congress....well done and thank you. Retiredrich
  13. Back in Feb 17 I posted where I was trying to make up my mind to cancel my Alaska cruise or stick. Most of the replies were like 99% sure no cruises for 2021 summer. So to all of the nay sayers.....NA NA NA NA NA We are going to Alaska this August.
  14. We are booked for August 29th 2021 to Alaska so your post looks like great news. Been squirming for months hoping our cruise was not to be cancelled. Oh what a feeling and I don't even drive a Toyota. Hope you have an enjoyable cruise.
  15. My cruise has been all paid for and my lodging and transport been refunded from the first cancelled cruise. I'm going to keep hope up and trust HAL to bump me to another time if they cancel my 2021 cruise.
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