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  1. This was all great information. I know I will have that dental kit on my next cruise. Thank all of you for replying. Retiredrich
  2. We were on a 14 Eurodam Panama cruise a few months ago. I got on the elevator and one of the ship's officers in great pain was there also. He had his hand up on his cheek and said he has a very bad tooth ache. I've always wondered what became of him. I don't think any ship has an on board dentist. Probably a doctor that can prescribe pain killers. But what a bad place to get a tooth ache.
  3. Thanks for the info. Sounds like just what we need
  4. We are planning a 7 day Alaska from Seattle. We always fly in the day before....can't risk late flight. So need a good motel maybe close to the airport and better even with shuttle to cruise terminal. Any advice will be helpful.
  5. Great info from all of you and thanks. I think I will do a wait and see for a while. I know I will still be in a cast by then but I should be able to walk around good. Then there's that steep walk up the entrance to the ship !!!!
  6. We are going on the Eurodam Nov 16 from San Diego. And here I sit with a fractured ankle waiting for the swelling to go down so I can get a cast put on. I have seen on other cruises people in wheel chairs get to go before the crowd. I know I will still have a cast on then. So is there any special thing I must do or some one to call? I looked around on the HAL site and didn't spot anything. Thanks for any info
  7. We are looking into the Eurodam from San Diego to Fort Lauderdale. We have driven to Fort Lauderdale to start a cruise several times. But never flown in and needing a ride home to Kentucky. So how hard is it to get a taxi from the port to the airport? I know in San Diego the taxis are lined up. But I don't remember them being there in Fort Lauderdale as we left a cruise. Last month we took the Eurodam to Hawaii. Now we want to get back on her again.
  8. I'm not going to pay good money for a cruise and come on the forum with nothing but complaints. The cruise was great. The crew was great. When problems arose they handled it. I just have some comments that may be helpful. Before the cruise we looked into the text and phone plans offered. My wife called AT & T and came out with a $50 plan that gives no limit texting and 50 minutes phone at sea. This was apart from HAL plans. The plan would have been great if it had just worked. All the texts we sent would not work if the person sent to had an ipad. Only one of our daughters got the tests and had to relay our info to all the others. Also before the cruise I saw on this forum that the Arizona Memorial was once again open. My wife lost 2 of her uncles on the Arizona so I signed up for the Pearl Harbor/Mighty Mo excursion. Only to find out the memorial was not open. The park has a fine memorial to those in the Pearl Harbor attack. But for the Arizona Memorial you are jammed into a small boat and taken close to it but not on it. I did so want to pay tribute to my wife's uncles by walking on that platform above the sunk ship and taking the picture of their names on the plaque. If you are a licensed ham radio operator you can contact the station on the Battleship Missouri KH6BB web site as I did. They gave me permission to operate their radio club station and talk to my friends in Kentucky. We worked out a sked and they were waiting for me. Best part of the whole trip for me. That was our 50th state we have visited. Bucket list complete. Richard Mc Kinney WB4VFN
  9. I have seen too many stories of airline delays causing people to miss a cruise. We are flying in friday for the Eurodam cruise to Hawaii. Wondering best time to arrive at the port in the morning.
  10. Lots of great information. Thank you for responding
  11. I see there is a shuttle form the pier to the airport. We are taking the April 13th cruise to Hawaii and would like to take the shuttle after the cruise to the airport. Problem is my wife has had knee surgery and cannot stand steps. So is the shuttle a big bus with steps to go on or some kind of ramp. We can walk along fine but if there are big steps we might just have to call uber for that trip. Also if we do want to take the bus do you have to reserve a spot ?
  12. I had seen many posts in the past where people were having problems getting their E DOCS . I was afraid of having to go through all that. We are doing the 16 day Hawaii cruise from San Diego on April 13th. Today I got e mail notice from Holland America that my DOCS are ready. To my surprise it was very easy and I completed them in no time. So now just have to wait. Think I will start packing !!!! RetiredRich
  13. Great info and thanks to every one for it.
  14. We always drove to the terminal on other cruises. But in April we will be flying to San Diego. I always carry in my pocket a bottle of Metformin and Nitroglycern. When I go through airport security is that ok or should it be packed away. Also we both have weekly drug containers for our daily doses. Should they be in carry on or in the main luggage? Can't wait for the 16 day cruise to Hawaii. It will be our 50th state we have visited. We cruised to Alaska and drove to all the others. We booked this cruise to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.
  15. Of the many cruises we have been on only one was rough. Normally you cannot even tell you are moving. But on a cruise into New England we got into a nor eastern with 12 foot seas. Most everybody including the crew got sick and some of the stops we were supposed to make were bypassed. One does not bounce as you say but it is sure hard to walk. And as the ship hits into the swells it sounded like it ran into a brick wall. I have found eating ginger is a great help if you are prone to getting sea sick or motion sick. So don't let it stop you if you are concerned about rough seas. It don't happen that much. You can pick your cruise when storms are out of season. Good Luck.
  16. Great info appreciated. I think the luggage direct thing is the best way to go.
  17. If we book the $19.00 post cruise shuttle to the San Diego airport do we put our luggage in the hall the night before. Will they handle the luggage from ship to the airport. We will probably have two large suitcases other than our carry on. We are trying to keep luggage to a minimum but on the 16 day cruise to Hawaii that will be hard to do. Also we booked our return flight from SAN to leave at noon. I'm hoping that will be enough time as those that are flying usually leave ship at 8 or 9. We have been on many cruises but always drove to the terminals. This is our first time flying and a bit apprehensive. Any advice appreciated.
  18. What great and valuable information. Thanks for all the replies. SAMBAMAMA we are flying in a day early for that cruise on April 13th. Most likely pick will be Delta First Class.
  19. Thanks for the info. Just what I needed. I will surely check out seatguru. But I think it will be first class for this big butt !!!
  20. We have always driven from Kentucky to the cruise ports on the cruises we have taken. But we booked the Hawaii cruise from San Diego and will have to fly. That is too far for me to drive. Looking to book our flights and can't decide if first class is worth the bucks. I'm a big man 280 pounds and don't want to sit in a seat my butt won't fit in. Are the seats in comfort plus big enough for me or will first class seats be bigger and more comfortable?
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