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  1. Nope. Gratuities are not paid with OBC....you pay them, and other things, on your final statement at the end of the cruise.
  2. On the Duchess last August there was a 24 hour place called "Perks". It featured self-serve ice cream, popcorn, cookies, fruit, juices, coffee, tea, etc.
  3. Mighty Mississippi - Redwing, MN to New Orleans, LA - August 2-16, 2021 A whole bunch of photos in, on, and around the Duchess during the cruise. American Duchess (only) album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/frensicpic/albums/72157720052029195 Mighty Mississippi collection of albums from the entire cruise: https://www.flickr.com/photos/frensicpic/collections/72157720002887739/
  4. JJGOLD mentioned in the thread American queen Train wreck that the water level was too low in Memphis to make a port call there. I know it was pretty low in early August when we were there on the Duchess Mighty Mississippi cruise.
  5. On the Mighty Mississippi cruise in August, many of the docking areas were pretty much in town, several less so. Besides a river walk, many of the communities are walkable from where the boat is tied up. You would have to check maps to see what is accessible from the boat (walking, biking). Also, on the hop on, hop off tours you are free to wander from any of the stops. You can walk between stops if you want. Just remember to catch the last bus back! Don't know what "activities" you are looking for.
  6. If you forgo excursions, you can do whatever you want, go wherever you want - walk, etc. The Duchess, in early August, had walking sticks and bicycles available for use by passengers.
  7. Yes, DaveinCharlotte mentioned the Duchess.
  8. The Duchess just has the completely open "Sun Deck", Deck 4 with a few benches and "fold-up" canopies. I was on the Duchess beginning of August and it gets hot up there if no shade is provided. You also have the two (real) exhaust stacks to be aware of towards the aft part of the boat (different than the fake fold-down stacks). None of the other decks have an outside around the boat promenade.
  9. We were on the Duchess in early August and I don't recall either way if jeans were allowed or not in the dining room. I do know shorts were not allowed. Overall, pretty casual which I enjoyed.
  10. They will be in this forum: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/546-all-other-river-cruise-roll-calls/
  11. You are currently posting in the American Queen Steamboat Company (AQSC) board. This is where you should find answers. Dinner dress code (at least on the Duchess last month) is pretty casual - shorts about the only thing not allowed in the dining room. Pretty inclusive amenities including an open bar for standard drinks.
  12. Not really mentioned anywhere. When we were checking in on the American Duchess (2 week Mighty Mississippi) last month, I asked the Hotel Manager. He said just ask your cabin attendant for a laundry bag. Sure enough, upon asking, our room attendant provided a bag and laundry form. $20 per bag, back the next day. We did that a couple of times. We were prepared to do our own laundry in the bathroom and, as it turned out, didn't have too! Perhaps similar on the Queen.
  13. Hi there! A nice two weeks. No real complaints. 1) Between Red Wing and St Louis you will pass through 24 locks. Transiting them occurs any time, day or night. This is not a noisy process so it is unlikely you will notice unless you take a look outside. You may feel a "bump" now and then as the boat is up against one of the lock chamber walls during the process. 2) We saw a fair amount of wild life, especially birds. A lot of bald eagles (and nests), pelicans, egrets, etc. A lot of smaller water fowl as well. Didn't see much in the way of mammals. Pelicans would gather at the outflow of dams and float around in the churning water catching critters to eat! 3) As for tours, we "purchased" all (except one) of them online before the cruise. They are paid for via you onboard room account at the end of the cruise. The Winona Tour Boat turned out to be real informative as we toured the river near Winona. The guide was very knowledgeable about river wild life, how things work on the river and information about the houses along the banks. On that we saw bald eagles, pelicans and other miscellaneous birds. Turtles were out of the water on logs sunning themselves until we approached and scared them back into the water. This tour turned out to be a good introduction to the river and the information was useful for the rest of our cruise. The Grant in Galena tour was purchase on board the day before. We had a bunch of onboard credit available (even after the other tours) so we booked the tour to make use of that. We enjoyed the tour to both the Galena and Grant Museum and the visit to Grant's home. After that, we spent some time on "main street" in Galena. We found a shop called "Root Beer Revelry and Soda Store" that featured a selection of old time, not so common root beers and sodas. We sat on the sidewalk and each had a root beer float. 4) Dinner. I don't recall a lot of specifics but, the menu typically had at least five entrees to choose from in addition to appetizers and soups/salads. Some were "Southern" inspired but I don't recall a difference between the upper and lower river. There was always half a dozen "regular" items available if the daily entrees didn't suit you - lobster, steak, hamburger, etc. Hope this helps. Enjoy your upcoming cruise. We did! John
  14. We had a great time - two weeks on the river! https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=682087&et_cid=3449005&et_rid=102710024&et_referrer=Boards I hope some of this information is useful. I'll try to answer questions you may have. NOTE: Our cabin attendant's name is Kirsan, not Krysana as I typed in the review.
  15. Pretty much our story. Sailed the Snake/Columbia River on AQSC and had a great experience. Have another AQ cruise coming up and looking forward to it. I know its not a comparison but, I currently have no reason to look beyond AQSC and try ACL.
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