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  1. First cruise on Disney and PhD in organic chemistry. Late night decision....
  2. Can’t really comment on your excursions except to say that Alaska Above & Beyond is great! We did the Canoe & Glacier Walk excursion a few years ago. So much fun that we’re doing again with family next year! Great guides, wonderful experience. Enjoy your planning!
  3. Contact the tour company directly. Some will provide gear, some have limited availability and some do not. That information is usually provided on their website, but I always call to get current/accurate info. For the most part, I’ve found that if it a specialized experience (glacier walks, kayaking, etc) there is some gear that is provided. For example one of our excursions next summer said that they provide rain gear. Hubby is 6’5”— the tour company does not have his size so we’ll pack rain gear. Not sure about the dog sledding on the glacier—it’s been almost ten years since we did it and I can’t remember!
  4. I’m very happy I got the lower price! I know it’s a business but maybe Princess lowered the cost because they canceled the cruise and they didn’t want to offer compensation for it? We were allowed to book at the same time as Elites. I know, I know but I’m a happy camper! We saved (on two cabins) about $3000!
  5. I understand where you are coming from completely! We also like to book with private vendors and DIY as opposed to ship tours. What I have done is rebook with tour companies that are only completely refundable. But, I did book an excursion with Princess—the train in Skagway. There is one person in our party who has never been to Alaska and really wants to ride the train. So I went ahead and booked that excursion for him.
  6. It’s odd that you haven’t received an email from Princess. I received an email from my TA as well as Princess.. I called to ask specifically about FCC—we had booked two cabins on the Sun. One cabin was 3/4 paid for and the other one had only a deposit. Princess said we will receive 125% only on the amount of money we had put down. An $800 deposit will get us $1000 FCC on one cabin, $4000 partial payment on the other cabin will get us $5000 in FCC. Don’t know if this helps but I would suggest you call Princess directly for an answer. I kept getting different answers until I requested to speak directly to a supervisor. I also asked her to email her response to me so I have it in writing.....
  7. Our Panama Canal Cruise (January 2021) and the Alaska Sun Cruise we’re both canceled. Both still show up on our cruise personalizer AND we have not received our FCCs. Four cruises canceled, FCC processed for only 2 of them.
  8. Nope, it is November 9th (have the paperwork). Princess told me it would take that long to process our FCC from the cancelled Sun trip. Of course, some folks already have their FCC processed from the Sun cancellations. Guess we’re one of the lucky ones! I did have to request this extension on the hold. A supervisor came on the phone and said she would extent the courtesy hold until November. I stayed on the phone with her until I received the email.
  9. We booked two cabins on the Crown Princess (from the Sun) for the July 3 cruise! Yay! It’s back on! The port times/dates were exactly the same so I’m not going to have to change any excursions or port shuttles! I was pleasantly surprised by the pricing. We had $150/person OBC on the Sun that didn’t transfer over but we saved over $2500 on the rebook! Princess put a courtesy hold until November 9th Was told in an email that the deposit/monies that were on the Sun booking could be used on the new booking. Surprise, surprise—not ready yet... Of course, we had paid for the Sun trip using FCC....
  10. I think it refers to a ballot measure. https://ballotpedia.org/California_Proposition_22,_App-Based_Drivers_as_Contractors_and_Labor_Policies_Initiative_(2020)
  11. The show is good for multi-generational groups. We did it with kids (10, 12) and grandparents. Hubby and I did not enjoy it but the kids/grandma really enjoyed the show. (We were on a Disney Cruise 😁). Little to saccharine for our taste. The last Alaskan Princess Cruise we were on had a lumberjack guest presenter. It was mainly an advertisement for the show but he gave an informative talk about the life of a lumberjack followed by an axe throwing demonstration. Hubby had an opportunity to throw an axe. That might be enough for you to get your ‘lumberjack’ experience. Have never done the Duck tour but know folks who did at Ketchikan. They enjoyed it and said their guide was fabulous.
  12. Just got notification from Princess that our July 2021 Alaskan cruise out of LA is cancelled (as are all Sun cruises 12/28/20 thru 8/14/21). Bummer! Offered us 100% value of cruise fare paid as a refundable FCC and a bonus non-refundable FCC equal to 25% of the cruise fare paid.
  13. We looked at the Vancouver cruises as well but logistically it was getting a little too complicated! Kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, significant others! Oh my! 😁 We all live in California (I live in the Bay Area) so it is much easier to use a local port. I do like the longer cruises but hubby and I are lucky in that we have two more Alaskan cruises in 2021 as well as a land tour! So a10-day cruise is fine.
  14. We are booked on the Sun out of LA in July as well. It is a family affair celebrating a graduation—youngest daughter is graduating from a SoCal university in June. We have a number of cabins booked so we really want to keep this cruise. Hoping that this itinerary gets a new ship (Crown?). We are waiting until notified by Princess. I’m confident that they will do something positive about this situation. That being said, I am looking into Plan B: ten day Alaskan cruise out of SF. Looks like we won’t all be able to have the same setup/room categories as on the Sun but it will work. TA is working with Princess to minimize the deposits. We have had four cancelled cruises this past year (tons of FCC) and currently have four more booked. I really don’t want to give Princess any more $$!
  15. Whether or not there isn’t a shoulder season anymore for Alaskan cruises, the companies do have cheaper fares in May/early June. We frequently save hundreds by sailing early in the season. And, sometimes ships aren’t full and we get free upgrades on board. We sailed out of SF last May on Princess. Was upgraded from an inside cabin to a balcony. Cruise wasn’t full.
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