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  1. A DIY tour is a “do it yourself” tour. Travel independently. We are taking a cruise up to Seward from Vancouver, spending 4 days on our own (rented a car, made our own hotel reservations, etc) and then starting a Princess land tour for ten days in Fairbanks before cruising back to Vancouver. I’m a planner so I love the research! Hubby got me the Connoisseur tour as a 25th wedding anniversary gift as well as the 4 DIY days because he knows that no planning would drive me crazy!
  2. We booked a Connoisseur tour through Princess (10 day land tour after a 4 day DIY) and got the Tundra Wilderness Tour as part of the package. We were able to upgrade to the Katnisha (sp?) tour after we booked. I just called Princess and requested the upgraded tour. Have to pay the difference in price but it was pretty easy to do.
  3. I did this excursion on a cruise a couple of years ago. Glad I did—numerous folks told me it wasn’t long enough, too crowded, etc. But it was my first visit to Disney World (just spent two weeks there so I’m happy!), and though it was a long bus ride, I’m glad I did it! The ship had a couple of buses that went to the resort and dropped off people depending on which park they were visiting. I went to the Magic Kingdom which was the first pickup in the afternoon and then spent about an hour driving to the other parks. We spent about 7 hours total in the park which was enough time to have a nice meal (Cinderella’s Table) and ride a number of rides. I just wanted a taste of the park and that’s what I got. It was fun, hot and crowded, but it was the Magic Kingdom! Enjoy your planning!
  4. If you decide to use a TA, let him/her know about the allergies. Your boarding documents should reflect any allergies. Also, email the NCL special needs department directly to let them know. Once on board, speak to the Maitre D’. She/he will work with you to accommodate your needs. You might find dining at the MDR better for allergies. I do. I have celiac sprue so when I travel I always contact the ship directly (even though I use a TA). NCL is hit and miss on how they handle food allergies. You still need to be pretty vigilant. Good luck and happy planning!
  5. I hope not! I did the walk in May on the Grand Princess.
  6. Shhhhh! Yep, buy a coffee from White Water Snacks. It will get you in through the hotel’s entrance bypassing those front gate lines!
  7. I’m a big Disney fan (annual passholder) but I wouldn’t recommend DL on Thanksgiving weekend. It will be crowded, very crowded. Unbearably crowded. Did I mention that it will be crowded? I would follow the advice to stay in Santa Monica or Long Beach. Both places will give you a great SoCal vibe. If going to Disneyland is a must for you, I would suggest to stay off property. There are a number of super nice hotels within a mile of the parks. But keep in mind,it is a holiday weekend so prices are a little high even for the little dives. Right now, the Grand California has rooms but they are $764/ night during that weekend. Disneyland Hotel is $485/night. Not worth it. Enjoy your time in Southern California whatever you decide to do.
  8. I’ve brought this product on every cruise (in addition to having it in my downstairs guest bathroom!) and land tour. It works great! I also placed it in the bathroom on girls only cruises as well.... just saying! i found a knock off product at the Dollar Tree ($1!!!). Hubby used it on a recent trip and it worked well. Much, much cheaper than the name brand stuff!
  9. We did the HOHO in Victoria this past June. We’ve been to Victoria numerous times (both land vacations and cruise ship stops). We opted to take the bus with a couple we met on the cruise who had never been to Victoria. We caught it in front of the Empress Hotel and rode the entire loop just to see where it went. After getting off, we went to Chinatown, hit a couple of pubs for some drinks and walked back to the ship. We enjoyed the bus tour. It took us to a couple of places we had not visited. Sat on top—tad bit chilly even in June on a sunny day! The company had blankets for us which was a nice treat. The couple we went with loved it—it provided them with everything they wanted for their visit to Victoria. They felt like it gave them a comprehensive overview of the city. For us, it was nice but not something I would go on twice.
  10. Agree with the above posts about ISP and whale watching. My advice about Juneau is to rent a car at least on one of your visits. Juneau is easy to navigate and it is nice to get away from the cruise crowd and see something different.
  11. Our very first cruise 9 years ago we booked a balcony and an inside cabin to Alaska. Took our MIL. She stayed in the inside cabin across the hall from us with our oldest daughter. Our second cruise—booked an inside and balcony. MIL and kids in balcony, hubby and I in the inside! Guess which cruise I enjoyed more? 😁 We found that we rarely spent time in the balcony cabin—so much going on on the ship due to the different age groups. We tended to meet in centralized locations—buffet, pool deck, kids spent time in clubs—and truly just used cabins for sleep. Enjoy your cruise! Being able to cruise with family is special!
  12. Good choices as well. Where we go is usually based upon who we take. I have found that teens and tweens (and 8 year olds like the OP asked about) like the Cheesecake Factory better than other places.
  13. I take out-of-town folks to the Cheesecake Factory on Union Square for the view and experience on the patio. We only get drinks and appetizers (and save room for food elsewhere!) but you cannot beat the view! On a nice day, it is beautiful! I love it (and I grew up in the Bay Area). I have found it to be a nice break from sightseeing before going to dinner and a show.
  14. WE booked a refundable Panama Canal cruise in January 2021. I prefer to book early and watch for price drops. Plus, it’s fun to see the countdown go down!
  15. We like to cruise to Alaska in May—cheaper costs, less crowds. Weather has always been pretty good (always seems to rain in Ketchikan though). Seas never seemed rough? Sorry, have never been seasick so I usually don’t notice how rough the seas are on a cruise. We got a little bit of rockin and rollin this May when we cruised from SF. You do miss out on some aspects—too early for the salmon run, may or may not see bears, some parks/services still closed. We’re heading to Alaska twice next year—once in May and then in August just to see how different it is.
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