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  1. disneyochem

    Skagway Train

    Hubby did it and thought it was worth the extra cost. He’s a big train fan so doesn’t mind paying more for a unique experience. It was also the only excursion that had the steam engine so it was a must for him. But, it is one and done for him. I (though I do enjoy train travel) opted for the sled dog visit, Carcross visit and lunch, and train ride to Skagway. Even with lunch, my experience was still cheaper...and included puppies!
  2. June 3 17-day Alaskan Cruise/tour cancelled in April by Princess. Nothing yet (we’re taking FCC 125%) but our travel agent spoke to Princess yesterday. Was told the final compensation and to be looking for it (and the refund of taxes, etc) by early next week. We’ll see! We saw our refund/FCC for our May 8 cancelled cruise within two weeks of cancelling.
  3. I received an email ten days ago that my future cruise credit (for a land/cruise tour June 3) had been processed and I could access it via the cruise personalizer. Nope, wasn’t there. Waited a week before calling Princess. Was told that the email was ‘premature.’ She had a list of cruises that had been processed. She looked up my voyage and didn’t see it. We just got our May 8 refund posted to our credit card on June 8.
  4. We had an Alaskan cruise booked (Sun out of LA, July 2021) before this craziness hit. Just last week, I noticed in our cruise personalizer that we each got $150 OBC. Was a nice surprise since this wasn’t a rebooking! It’s a college graduation cruise for my youngest so had it booked early. We had our Land/cruise tour cancelled —have rebooked for next July and received $150 OBC/person for that cruise. I called Princess to book. They allowed me to book with just a $200 deposit. Waiting for future cruise credit to finalize. Told rep that I was not going to give Princess any more of my money. She had to get approval to waive the higher deposit.
  5. We had a mixed response from vendors—some refunded promptly while a couple didn’t. One company we were using for a post-cruise transfer to Anchorage begged us not to get a refund. Claimed our $360 would bankrupt them, cause Alaskans to lose jobs and their family to lose their home. While I’m sympathetic to their financial plight, the tenor and tone of the email bothered me. My cancellation request was within their company ‘s refund policy. I should have received my money. I only prepaid because I could get all of my money back within a two week cancellation period. I waited a few days before responding. We have two cruises scheduled for next summer. I just got a “never expire” voucher and a 20% off coupon to use then. May or may not, though. We’ll see.
  6. We thought about booking a September Alaskan cruise after our May one was cancelled. Glad we didn’t though received many calls/offers from Princess! Scheduled for a Panama Canal cruise in January out of Ft Lauderdale. Beginning to think it may not going....
  7. Just waiting for all of our FCC to be available to use on our booked cruises. Our cancelled June Alaskan Cruise Tour (~$11,000) hasn’t been posted to our cruise personalizer; the May 2020 Ruby cruise has been posted. In both cases, we choose to take the FCC. I don’t consider Princess’ actions to be fair or not. I have a business contract with Princess; I expect them to fulfill their end of the contract. I’m not stressing about how long it’s taking. My previous transactions with Princess has been good (which is why we’re still sailing with them). I do believe they will honor the contract. Sooner would be better though!
  8. Scientists at Stanford University also suspect that the virus was present in California in late November leading to a “herd immunity “ that has contributed to the flattening of the curve. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-04-11/bay-area-coronavirus-deaths-signs-of-earlier-spread-california I contacted the people at Stanford about our experience. May or may not be given the antibody test to support their findings. Have to see if they need our data. So, I think as more and more epidemiology studies are conducted we will fin out that many of us had Covid-19.
  9. I was told by a NCL rep to wait at least 10 days before it will show up as an on line credit in your account. It has been 7 days for me.....
  10. I tried to use funds from a cancelled May 2020 cruise for a July 2021 cruise on Friday. My travel agent went back and forth with Princess (3 different times) to try and put that money on my future cruise. No such luck—Princess said that though they could see the cancellation, I still needed to put a refundable deposit down. My TA negotiated a $200 deposit as opposed to paying $400 for me. I told Princess they had enough of my money.
  11. Put a refundable deposit on an Alaska cruise in July 2021. Waiting for Princess to cancel our June 2020 Alaskan cruise so we’ll be able to apply those funds to next year. We also have a Panama Canal cruise in January 2021 and a family Alaska cruise in June 2021. So, yes, we’ll cruise again!
  12. Agreed. But it is unlikely there will be cruises departing to Alaska from SF or LA before July 1. We had a month-long Alaskan adventure planned for this summer starting in June to celebrate our 25th anniversary. As much as it hurt, I cancelled and rescheduled for next year. We still may cruise this year to Alaska if the ports/pandemic situation gets better and just pay then. We’ll see.
  13. Funny you should post this question. Hubby and I were just talking about something similar. We were on the Grand Princess Dec 28-Jan 14. He came down with a fever and dry cough. Two days later, I caught something similar. Self quarantined ourselves for a couple of days. Hubby felt so bad missed Maui! We both had had our flu shots and are in pretty good shape (late 50’s). Took about two weeks after our cruise before we felt better. At the time, we just marked it down to ‘cruise crud.’
  14. Peace of mind for us—our cruise tour starts on June 3. We have about 20 days before we have to make a decision. And, a lot can change in three weeks....
  15. Darn it! Cruise in May was to get us up to Platinum for our Alaskan cruise! C’est la vie. Definitely will be cruising with Princess. Still have 4 cruises booked!
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