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  1. If transferring from a TA back to Princess, wouldn't any TA perks be lost? Such as the TA discount and group OBC. Also, wouldn't transfer be subject to current Princess pricing.
  2. I asked that question to what seemed a knowledgeable Princess rep and she said it would be by check.
  3. We had always preferred the Coral and Grand Class partly because of the Promenade Deck. But, since they removed chairs from balcony cabins the only cabins we book now are deluxe balconies, which are only on Royal class ships. I wonder if Princess planned it that way. We have sailed four times on the Royal, once on the Regal, and have two upcoming cruises on the Sky and one on the Royal.
  4. Thanks for this info. Very helpful. I'll check out HAL, but most likely stay with Princess, because of the perks. Phillips looks good, too. Plenty of time to plan.
  5. We plan to spend a few days in Vancouver, also. Debated doing this as a back to back, but it would have cost more with less OBC. Also, looked at 7 day coastal and 7 day Alaska. 14 day option seemed to work best.
  6. Anchorage (Whittier), Alaska
  7. The public toilets are just one part of a public ship. I would be more concerned about using a public elevator.
  8. I had three attempts rejected online yesterday and one rejected with a live agent. 2nd try worked. At least with the $1000 gift card. Haven’t seen the $50 bonus yet. How long does that take?
  9. We have sailed several times on the Star, Coral, Sapphire, and Royal. Since we haven't sailed an Alaskan cruise for several years I was looking this morning to see if there any itineraries for next year that we would like to try. I thought the 14 day round trip from Vancouver looked interesting in that it included two visits to Glacier Bay as well as a visit to Anchorage, College Fjord, Hubbard Glacier and along with two visits to Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan. All four ships have that itinerary, but we settled on Royal for a simple reason. We like a couch in the room and only the Royal offers a deluxe balcony category. Since they took the chair out of the balcony cabins, that compromise doesn't work any more. The only way to have a couch on the other ships would be to book a mini-suite for several thousand more. So, this morning we booked an obstructed view deluxe balcony on the Royal for 14 days round trip from Vancouver. Another plus is it is in the first week of May, so should be less families. Since Princess continues to build big ships with a deluxe balcony category, I wonder if that was a factor in their decision to remove the chair from the balcony cabins.
  10. Here is the transfer form. Reservation Transfer Request Form.pdf
  11. I tried twice and got emails from Princess saying they were unable to complete my order. I am thinking it might have been because I tried to make payment with my Princess credit card.
  12. You won't know until you try. We have an upcoming TA on the Sky Princess from Fort Lauderdale to Copenhagen. We'll be flying from Sacramento to LA on Southwest. Then EZair from LA to Fort Lauderdale. At the end of the cruise We'll be flying from Copenhagen to Seattle using EZair and then Seattle to Sacramento on United using points. In September, we will be flying to San Francisco on United using points and then to Copenhagen using EZair for another TA on the Sky Princess. At the end of the cruise on arrival in New York we will fly to Toronto using EZair and spend a few days at Niagara Falls. Then fly to Vancouver on United using points where we will board the Coral Princess for a four day coastal to LA. We will then fly home on Southwest. Hope this helps answer your question. Your departure airports don't have limitations, but your return options do, which you will see in the drop down menu.
  13. I think I would be upset if I were turned away after following the guidelines for packing in which Princess describes itself as smart casual.
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