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  1. This always got an automatic reply. Not so sure about nowadays: customerrelations@princesscruises.com Hello, Thank you for your email to the Princess Cruises Customer Relations Department. If your inquiry is regarding an upcoming sailing, please contact our Reservations Department by phone at 1-800-PRINCESS. We are committed to providing our guests with the highest level of service, and we appreciate the time you have taken to contact us. We are currently experiencing higher than normal volume. We ask for your patience as we respond to all correspondence from our guests in the order in which we receive it. Please be advised that we fully review and research all issues to ensure that we provide a complete and accurate response. We thank you again for your patience. A representative of our Customer Relations Department will contact you as soon as possible. If you need to contact us in the meantime, please be sure to reference your booking number.
  2. We were required to make final payment on December 15, 2019 for our April 15, 2020 25 day TA on the Sky Princess. We had taken advantage of the $200 off airfare sale so our paid EzAir fare was $398.12. A good deal. When the cruise was cancelled on March 12 we elected Option 1. We got the FCC. After a while I asked Princess about refund of the airfare. They said my TA agreed for it to be put in a holding account. My TA said she had no idea what they were talking about, but would tell them to refund it. I asked her again on June 22 and she said Princess had started processing it for refund on June 1. I tried Live Chat yesterday. He said it should have been refunded, but he was limited on what he could do and I should call Princess. I called Princess who also agreed it should have been refunded and she would ask that the request be escalated.
  3. This was on my Personalizer this morning. I have two other cancelled cruises that show similar. The FCC discount is from the April cancelled cruise. Scandinavia & Russia (from Copenhagen) – Sky Princess ® sets sail on Monday, August 24, 2020 Booking Balance: $288.00 Final payment due by Jun 25, 2020 or booking will be cancelled. Invoice & Balance Due Review your total, you may submit a payment below. View guest level invoice details FCC Discount -$4,712.00 Cruise Fare $4,712.00 Vacation Protection $78.00 Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses§ $410.00 Total Price $488.00 Payment Received $200.00 Balance Due Jun 25, 2020 $ 288.00
  4. We had an obstructed deluxe balcony booked on the 21 day Auckland to Seattle Regal Princess for $7200. A Mid Aft Balcony on this cruise is $16556.
  5. The Coral Princess has a 19 day R/T via the Panama Canal departing September 27 from Los Angeles. Not going to Fort Lauderdale. We were booked on that cruise for quite some time, but opted instead for the 30 day cruise on the Grand Princess from Los Angeles to Shanghai departing October 24.
  6. Of the 3,000,000 American cases of Corona Virus, I wonder how many were caught from someone wearing a mask.
  7. My April cruise was cancelled in March and stayed on the Personaliser until Sailing. Since I chose Option 1, I received 150% FCCs, which I applied to my August/September cruises. Since they were cancelled they are still on the Personaliser along with the FCC discount that was applied. My FCC Account status shows 0 Cruise Credits.
  8. Why shouldn’t they treat Club class better? They pay more.
  9. Plenty of rude people on just about every cruise. In fact, one is posting right now!
  10. We had a 25 day TA on the Sky cancelled last April that included the Baltic. We then booked an 11 day Baltic on the Sky for August followed by a 15 day TA that were also cancelled. We looked at 11 day Baltic cruises on the Sky for next April or August, but felt the price increases were too much. Our alternative is a 10 day Baltic cruise that we booked on the NCL Jade in August, 2021 for quite a bit less than includes the following itinerary - Stockholm, Kotka, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Klaipeda, Gdynia, Berlin,, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam.
  11. I order my wine in the Total Wine app. When its ready they send me a text and I go to the store. They bring the order out to the car. Last week I ordered a pizza from Round Table Pizza. No contact delivery drops it off at my front door. Whole Foods has someone passing out masks. We just have to do our best and not worry about the rest. I believe that when it is time to cruise that Princess will have enough safeguards in place that the risk will be minimal.
  12. Noticed Princess Website now lists July August Alaskan cruises on Coral Princess from Vancouver. Wishful thinking or website error? Pricing not available.
  13. I wonder why so many people who are done with cruising and will never cruise again keep reading and posting on these forums. Move on.
  14. I've started thinking this year's lemons might be lemonade in the long run. Princess has cancelled three of my cruises this year, which is giving me a ton of FCCs to apply to next year's cruises. I have a 30 day cruise booked on the Grand Princess from LA to Shanghai this October. Pretty sure that will be cancelled, so I put another $2800 on it yesterday to take advantage of the double deposit cancellation promo. I think next year's cruises will have a lot to offer. The ship's will be cleaner, less people aboard, and those who do make it onboard will have had stricter screening and more checking. It all looks good.
  15. I had applied a $1000 Gift Card in February to an April cruise that Princess cancelled in March. i took Option 1 and did get the FCCs before the gift card reposted. But they did repost. There is no gift card expiration date on the gift card or the bonus gift card. I have four cruises booked for next year. I think there is a higher probability they will sail than the one I have booked for October. I am trying to build up as high amount of FCCs to apply to those cruises as possible. So far, I have 150% FCC for the April cruise that was cancelled and 200% of the deposits I had put on the two August/September cruises that were cancelled. I turn 80 next year. Somewhat of a landmark year. I'm not going to wait until everything is back to what it was. I'm taking as much a risk now so I can do what I want as soon as I can while I can. I am putting myself in position to sail. If they don't........
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