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  1. I had a 25 day TA from April 11 to May 6. My departure flight was booked through Alaska and return flight was Delta. All booked through EZair. Our cruise was cancelled by Princess and we elected Option 1 (150% FCC). The cruise is still listed in the Personalizer like nothing happened. Except today I looked at the flights on the Alaska and Delta websites and they have been cancelled. So something is going on in the background.
  2. Guess i've been lucky. 35 cruises, 28 on Princess. Don't think I have ever caught a cold on a cruise. My wife did have noro on one cruise. Whatever colds I have gotten I am pretty sure were caught flying to/from the cruise.
  3. I’m more likely to book with Princess now than ever. I think their experience over the past few months will enable them to make their ships cleaner and safer than ever. I’ve sailed Princess 28 times over the past 18 years, including cruises on the Diamond, Ruby, and Grand and never had any serious issues. I have three Princess cruises booked for this year and one next year and looking forward to all of them.
  4. My wife and I were walking on the American River bike trail this morning. A man came up to us and asked what was going on. After talking to him a bit it became obvious he was homeless and possibly had some mental health issues. We tried to explain why all the stores were closed, but he had trouble grasping it. I hadn’t thought how this might affect people with cognitive issues who are used to things being a certain way. Scary not seeing people out and about and everything closed. I really didn’t know how to help him. He grew frustrated with our attempts to answer his questions and went to somebody else.
  5. Also excited last week. Bought 100 shares of CUK at $11.92 and another 100 shares at $8.00, This morning bought 100 shares of NCLH at $8.80 to make me eligible for NCL shareholder credit.
  6. My wife asked me this morning why I was buying Carnival stock and not NCL stock. We have done 6 NCL cruises and have another one booked for next Spring and don't have their shareholder credit. So, Monday I am buying 100 shares of NCL stock. It doesn't have all the benefits of of Princess OBC, but enough to make it worthwhile.
  7. I have no reason to believe that Princess isn't processing refunds as fast as they can. I do wish there was a way they could find a way to prioritize refunds for those who have recently been impacted by loss of income.
  8. Not really. Here is part of online chat I had with a Princess rep on January 3: "How long does it take to refund EZair cancelled/modified booking between Final Payment and 45 day window?" "Refunds typically take less than one week to process. After the refund is processed, the credit takes 10 to 15 business days to appear on the passenger's credit card. However, if you're booked through a travel agent, you'll need to double check the refunds with them. "
  9. When it looked like my April 25 day TA on the Sky Princess might be cancelled I booked the return TA in August. Last week I emailed the form to transfer the booking to my travel agent. It was processed this morning. So, Princess is still working on other things while they struggle to process the refunds.
  10. Perhaps for some, but I think mine is complicated enough to take some time. I elected Option 1 when my April 11 Sky Princess 25 day TA was cancelled by Princess, which means I get a combination of mostly FCC and some refund. My booking included EZair flights, part of which was paid to my TA on final payment and part directly to Princess when I changed flights after final payment, Princess Visa Reward OBC, gift certificates OBC, taxes, transfers, and insurance with payments having been made from 3 different credit cards. In light of the hassles I have gone through in the past, particularly EZair refunds, I think they should take the time to get it right, so I don't have spend too much time challenging them.
  11. I am fine with up to 60 days. I chose option 1. Whatever refunds I get will just go back into my next cruises anyway. Princess has a lot on their plate. IMO it's best to be patient in order to insure accuracy. I'm certainly no going to get upset about refunds for a cruise when there are so many people out there dealing with real problems.
  12. Option 1. I have three cruises booked later this year that I can apply the FCCs to. I assume Princess provided that option because they need to hold on to as much cash as they can. Princess has provided a lot of good times and memories over the years. Hate to see them go bankrupt.
  13. Oh, I'm a long time Princess supporter. We have three cruises booked this year for 30 days total, which will put me at 31 Princess cruises ($50 loyalty Credit hopefully) and 2 Princess cruises next year. Again hopefully>
  14. I did take option 1 FCC on my cancelled 25 day April cruise on the Sky Princess. Should result in about $12000 in FCC to apply to my three late summer cruise on the Sky and Coral. Hopefully.
  15. Color me crazy, but I put a buy in at $8 (CUK). Took about 5 minutes to buy. I look at it as way to support Carnival as Princess has provided me a way to visit many places and have great memories. I want them to survive.
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