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  1. What happens if the total FCC one may amass is more than the outstanding balance on a future cruise already booked? Can it be taken and shown as OBC? Or do you lose anything over and above the balance amount?
  2. I can see where this is going!! 😂😂😂
  3. Put me down as third reserve!!
  4. You can get all the Mighty Ships programs on You Tube, too.
  5. Yes, you’re right, I’m wrong. But either way, people are going to find it difficult to claim by 8th April!! Although technically they haven’t said which year!!
  6. Who noticed the new message on the website for updating the cancellation in sailings to 31st July was dated Tuesday 20th May? I had to double check due to the lockdown, but was relieved to see that 20th May was a Wednesday (in the UK At least)!! Also, noted that those who wanted to take the 125% FCC option had until 8th April to stake a claim!! it’s not good, is it!! 🙄
  7. Thanks to the instruction on here I managed to look up the SE Asia cruise on Solstice in Feb 2022 and out of Hong Kong. The other day I was seeing Aqua as £4,518 With 2 perks (for 2 people). With the promotion it was down to £4,086, a saving of £432 which is worth having!! Just need to check I can use the 50% FCC I’ve got from this years cancelled Millie SE Asia Cruise. I’m aware they won’t allow combining with 125% FCC but 50% may be different.
  8. I had an email today promoting the new Members Only Captains Club promotion giving “loyalty discounts” on “nearly all cruises”. Is this just a UK promotion or worldwide? And what sort of discount are they offering? When I’m browsing on the website and pricing up cruises it’s not acknowledging my Captains Club status and showing any discount?
  9. That looks like it’s going into one of those containers. Probably full of drugs!!
  10. Reflection in the Caribbean 2016. Jamaica, St Martin & St Maarten
  11. Hawaii Big Island, Solstice 4th May 2018. My wife and sister-in-law, all smiles at the Kīlauea caldera. Little did we know that some 2 hours later, while down the bottom of Chain of Craters Road we’d be hit with a 6.9 magnitude earthquake and told to evacuate the national park!! A couple of days later the caldera also started to collapse. The other photo shows the developing activity over the hill at Fissure 8 in the Leilani Estates. Later that day we set sail for Vancouver, leaving behind an eruption that finally claimed some 700 homes!!
  12. Sunset Bar & Grill, Maho Beach, St Maarten - Reflection 2016
  13. Reflection trying to look inconspicuous in San Juan, Puerto Rico!!
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