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  1. I knew about early check in but also thought BA didn’t subscribe. I now see that BA will operate early check-in from 12 hours before. So 11.15am might work out good for us.
  2. When we disembark Celebrity Millennium in Singapore in February we don’t fly out until 23.15 that evening. So leaving the ship at 9.00, say, we’re going to have quite a few hours to kill. One thing we’ll need to do is to store our luggage somewhere. I’m looking at possibly going to the airport first to store luggage there, then coming back into the city to do the HOHO and have dinner somewhere, before returning to airport late evening. Or, I have seen a bagbnb scheme where listed outlets within the city will take luggage in for the day. How much is a taxi from the port to the airport? That would be a consideration. Any advice on this?
  3. I think you’ll be pushed to do a tour on 31st if you’re arriving at 12 noon.
  4. I’ve put this question on my roll call but had no response. So I’m reposting here. Does anyone know what Is the latest time we can turn up and embark on 15th Feb? Although we don’t sail until later on the 16th I guess they want youthrough by a certain time so they can shut the check-in desks. This out of Hong Kong in Feb 2020. The inclination is to leave our hotel and get to the ship early on the 15th and come back off on the 16th to complete our HK sightseeing. But possibly thinking that we could finish HK on the 15th and embark say 17.00 or 18.00hrs. Any advice?
  5. To anyone who's been on these Junk boat tours - how much do they charge for a beer or glass of wine on board? In my brother's case this would be the deciding factor in whether to partake or not!!!!!!
  6. Do you recall how much you paid for this dabear?
  7. Thanks to everyone who responded with info and advice. It’s all been most helpful. phil
  8. Great advice Mark_T, I’ve spent the last 2 days reading your roll call and got some good info. Not long for you now!!
  9. Thanks for your experience, but I specifically want a one day boat tour. Also Millennium doesn’t tender these days it docks at Tuan Chau, but I’m unsure just how much is around here.
  10. Yes, good point jelayne, I’ll try that thanks.
  11. I am already part of the roll call for my sailing but that tends to be made up of others, like me, who have never been to Halong Bay. This post was put here to target those who’ve already been there and have first hand ‘done that’ experience.
  12. We’ll have 2 days at Halong Bay, Vietnam, in February on Millie. On the first day we are looking to do a (same day) boat trip. Can we get such trips from where the ship moors? If not, where do they go from? Would we need to book this beforehand, or are there plenty of people touting for such trips? Can anyone suggest any operators?
  13. Do you know, I don’t quite see why people get so excited about this. “Free” perk or whatever you want to call it, you don’t get anything for free!! The cost will have been factored into the cruise fare. At least with this addition they are being more transparent.
  14. Cellar Masters occupies a great area on the ships but I get the feeling that it’s too specialised (as a wine bar obviously) and under utilised as a result. Whenever I look in there’s never many in there. Would it be better used if fitted out as some other theme. Dare I say it, but would we be better served with an area decked out with a British Pub sort of thing. Like a bar to sit at and further seating around? What do others think?
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