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  1. Yes, they end up back at Fira. I did Opa, the Greek Celebration excursion and enjoyed.
  2. No, it wasnt comfortable or long enough for our son who is 5 foot 9..
  3. Can u reserve in advance, on the ship or is it just first come?
  4. I know Hooked offers a surf and turf option for dinner? Do they offer any non-seafood options for lunch?
  5. The Star of the Seas is slated to do 7 day itineraries.
  6. E-Class is great. Loved the Apex. We also are looking forward to our 7 day cruise on the Symphony which is a terrific.
  7. When we took our first Med cruise back in 2015, our teen son was with us. In that case, we picked a ship with lots of bells and whistles. When we sailed in Europe again in 2022,it was just hubby and me. We picked an older ship and that worked for us.
  8. Yes, NCL dropped Six, Footloose, Priscilla, Burn the Floor, and others but not all entertainment. Royal hasnt dropped any big shows other than Mamma Mia on short sailings that I am aware.
  9. Yes, this explanation makes more sense. Royal is creating their own shows for their new ships rather than paying licensing fees. If the quality is there, then that is fine. However, for the most part, so far they have not dropped the current Broadway style shows on already existing ships unlike NCL.
  10. My friend wants to do a round-trip cruise from Seattle that includes Glacier Bay. She has cruised both NCL and Royal and preferred NCL. She has heard that Princess and HAL are good for Alaska but ruled out HAL. She is torn. She likes the NCL experience in general but this is probably her only time to cruise to Alaska.
  11. On my confirmation and in the app, it shows us sailing first to CoCo Cay and then Nassau the next day. It shows us arriving at Nassau in the morning. However, on the website it shows the reverse itinerary and only arriving to Nassau in the afternoon. How do I know which one is correct? This is for the Symphony out of NJ in the fall.
  12. Check out Resurrection Art Coffee House. Tasty food and a nice environment. https://www.resurrectart.com/
  13. I am fine with in house production shows as long as they are good. NCL is dropping shows and replacing them with game shows.
  14. Yes, we actually prefer the Rooftop Garden Grill over Fine Cut in part due to the more peaceful location of the Rooftop Garden Grill. As far as the Main Dining Rooms, Cosmopolitan definitely had the best service. Normandie's service was also.excellent. Service in Tuscan was a little slower. Didn't care for our waiter in Cyprus.
  15. Yes, the street Curling and music ɓingo were both really fun.
  16. Sorry to hear about your experience. Try Celebrity, Princess, or Oceania.
  17. Try the Jade. She is a renovated classic ship without the bells and whistles. I would recommend getting at least couple nights specialty dining.
  18. NCL chose to do their cost cutting on entertainment. To me that wasn't a good choice. The quality of their previous entertainment was something that set them apart.
  19. If you reserve 2 staterooms are they automatically linked?
  20. I am in 2 book clubs and read some of his prior novels. I gathered from his previous writings that he is generally pessimistic about most things in life.
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