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  1. Coped from anothe thread here https://www.ncl.com/why-cruise-norwegian/book-with-confidence?cid=SM_NCL_PRO_BRA_FBK_LRN_WLP_WHYNCL_HEALTHSAFE060120_NA_NA
  2. https://cruiseradio.net/norwegian-cruise-line-reveals-details-about-return-to-cruising/
  3. Definitely sounds like you should try Celebrity and its still party of Royal Caribbean international. Also, look into Brilliance of the Seas and other Radiance class ships on Royal.
  4. Yes, as some has posted fly into fco (fiumincino airport). Please note the port is in Civitavecchia which is over an hour from Rome. You can take the train which is the cheapest option https://www.trenitalia.com/en.html or car service. We used Rome Cabs. https://www.romecabs.com/ Romelimo also gets good reviews. There is so much to see in Rome plus you will have jet lag. Plan to get to Rome at least 2 nights before your cruise. We spent 3 days in Rome before boarding our ship. We stayed at a lovely family run hotel called the Hotel Golden. https://www.hotelgoldenrome.com/
  5. I dont know Aceparty. It depends on what the Canadian government does.
  6. Yes, Alaska is opening up but Canada isn't allowing the cruise ships so far. According to the law, the foreign flagged ships have to stop in Canada.
  7. I do worry about an outbreak on a sailing but if the cruiselines wait for a vaccine to sail, they may go belly up. I think that whenever they start sailing, they have to have a plan for how to deal with the sick passengers. I think if they handle it correctly they will be ok.
  8. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-22/cruises-are-coming-back-here-s-what-they-ll-look-like-after-covid
  9. What is wrong with people that they get pleasure out of telling people that their trip won't happen?
  10. Exactly, Leisure traveler has an opinion but doesn't know for a fact.
  11. I am booked on Radiance from Seward to Vancouver next year. Booked that itinerary because it includes more port time and we are getting to Seward early and exploring. However, the airfare round trip from Seattle definitely would have been cheaper.
  12. Disagree about them moving ships. They are going to focus on Florida in the beginning and then Galveston. NY/NJ has been hardest hit by Corona and will not open soon. Baltimore cannot accommodate larger sailings. I don't see RC all of the sudden sailing out of Norfolk and Charleston.
  13. We haven't sailed yet but are planning to sail June 2021 out of Seward. It seems the first step is to determine which route you want to take. The one way sailings allow for pre or post land time in Alaska and more port time in Alaska. However, airfare to from Alaska seems more costly than flying round trip from Seattle. I have looked at kayak and that seems to be the case. So, once you have determined which sailing you are going to take, you can make plans. For our plans, we will be arriving in Alaska 3 nights early and spending time by the Kenai Fjords National Park. We will fly into Anchorage and take the Alaska railroad to Seward. In Seward, we will be taking a boat tour into Kenai National Park and taking a shuttle to the Exit Glacier before boarding our ship. Check out this video.
  14. Well, I had a non-refundable deposit with RCL for a 2020 cruise that was actually almost paid off, I decided to switch to a June 2021 sailing. Frankly, this gives me something to look forward to and plan. I am optimistic that things will be better by then. We may have a vaccine by then of if not at least much better treatment. In addition, there may be herd immunity.
  15. This is a bucket list trip. If it were me I would, send the info on the Odyssey October 2021 sailing to the group and see if they would be interested in lifting and shifting.
  16. Since you want to do a 7 day out of Seattle, if you want to stick with Royal, choose the Ovation of the Seas which has tons of things to do with kids including the seaplex, an indoor pool, etc and 270 with great views. If you want to do an itinerary that includes Glacier Bay, then check out Norwegian Bliss. You will find many more families on NCL than Princess.
  17. Don't understand. You don't need to pay for Air2Sea until final payment. I had booked refundable Air2Sea but hadn't paid for it yet because I cancelled before final payment.
  18. If we take the free NCL airfare, can we still fly into the cruise port 1-2 days early or do we not have a choice about it?
  19. RCL does have smaller ship's doing Alaska- Radiance and Serenade and they have better itineraries as well.
  20. The statement was that the person could get sick if they went on the cruise. I pointed out that they can get sick even if they didn't go on a cruise and I stand by that statement. The latest forecast $134,000 deaths from Coronavirus. Very few of those people have been/will be from cruise ships.
  21. You could also get sick. Cancelling your cruise does not ensure your safety.
  22. Yes, there will be cruising in 2021 with or without a vaccine. I am encouraged that there will be a vaccine. Even without a vaccine, there will be medication to treat the illness, the cruiselines will have come up with resolutions for isolating the sick, testing and tracing will be improved.
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