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  1. Thx for posting. The first of many iterations I'm sure!
  2. Perhaps for a port call, but it would be a poor experience. I can’t see any cruise lines using it for turnarounds.
  3. And I reckon it won’t be operating before about 2030. Sydney will be severely constrained for the best part of 10 years, initially by reduced ship capacity and then for the same reasons it was already constrained (one ship per day at OPT, impractical to turn around Oasis size ship). Brisbane will probably have two berths capable of handling Oasis size by then.
  4. Serenade’s 2021/22 season in Sydney is a bit short. She leaves Sydney on Feb 27, 2022 bound for Singapore, presumably to dry dock there. Last dry dock was in 2017. Presumably, she will go from there to Alaska via Japan.
  5. Hey springaussie, Navigator’s 2019 dry dock was done in Freeport I believe.
  6. I imagine they’re assuming reduced capacity on all ships deployed to Australia for the 2021/22 season. Instead of running Radiance at full capacity they can run Quantum at half capacity (or a bit more). Of more relevance is that Brisbane has built the infrastructure to handle Oasis class. To homeport an Oasis a few years from now, they need to grow the market aggressively. I also think that Royal is expressing their disappointment that NSW deferred Botany Bay.
  7. Yes, and whatever Royal is thinking now could easily change before the first cruise sails on the West coast (assuming it happens at all). And the ship could change for subsequent years.
  8. Voyager looks to be the most likely ship based on currently known deployments. As posted by others, there are port entries for Voyager suggesting a repositioning from Asia to the West coast via Australia in June 2021, so we may even see this ship on the West coast next year. It makes sense to do so... people will be reluctant (or unable) to fly internationally and more likely to holiday near home. For many US residents, cruising the West coast and/or Mexico would be a good option.
  9. Yes, I see the wording. I was responding to another post suggesting that Navigator might be going to the West coast. That seems unlikely. More likely Navigator goes to FLL as planned.
  10. Thx for the update. Freedom's first cruise from Miami departs Oct 31, 2021. I can't see them leaving a gap between Navigator's departure and Freedom's arrival, so Navigator isn't freed up until then. So the 2021 summer West coast deployment doesn't seem to be Navigator. Have I overlooked something?
  11. Thanks, I thought that might be the case. Will see what my TA can do.
  12. If they've been there for a while, they could be remnants of an earlier, now defunct, plan. They may not cleaned them up. My guesses... The 10 June 2022 could be repositioning Voyager to LA. A long way around for sure, but the TPs from Australia are very popular and yield good revenue for Royal. The March one might just have been a port call for an Ovation cruise from Sydney.
  13. Slightly O/T... I had a booking with $250 OBC on one of the cancelled Radiance cruises. Can I use that booking number to book a new cruise and retain that OBC? TIA
  14. It’s hard to imagine Sydney having only one ship. Serenade could also sail from Sydney.
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