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  1. Brisbane and Melbourne is where the growth will come from until the third terminal opens in Sydney, several years from now. Both have decent options for short domestic itneraries if Royal decides this is the best option. Speculation is that the 2021-22 Melbourne port bookings in the name of Celebrity Eclipse are placeholders for Serenade. Highly uncertain of course.
  2. Yes, they could shcedule some more shorter sailings, although it's 2 sea days to any foreign port. If Royal wants to add more shorter cruises, they would accomplish this with domestic sailings. I do agree that longer international sailings will be difficult to sell.
  3. Last time I checked, the Unnamed Vessel was entering Australian waters with a call at Fremantle followed by calls in Adelaide and Hobart before arriving in Sydney. Perhaps this arrangement pre-dated Quantum's Alaska deployment and is now obsolete.
  4. I magine contracts between cruise lines and port authorities would normally include force majeure clauses.
  5. I guess Wonder would commence operating from Australia (Brisbane) when Lelepa is up and running. AFAIK, they haven't said whether they are targeting early or late 2022. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/aus/en/faq/questions/what-is-perfect-day-at-lelepa This could easily be delayed as Royal will be conserving capital.
  6. Under normal circumstances, these would be out this month or next.
  7. Could you please share your source of this information?
  8. There she goes. Quantum is heading towards the Philippines at 16 knots. Looks like a decision of some sort has been made.
  9. Quantum is now showing Manila as her next port. Assuming she heads East after departing from Singapore, it would apppear more likely that she is leaving Asia.
  10. Thanks for sharing. The fact that Royal has put these two Japan cruises on sale supports the theory of a 2021 Alaska season for Quantum. Not returning to China in 2021. Not surprising at all.
  11. Agreed. I do think the Celebrity bookings in Melbourne are for Serenade. Hopefully she does some cruises to South Australia from Melbourne or a short season in Adelaide (ie not cruising to NZ for the entire season). I believe a second Q-class ship will replace Serenade in Sydney. Quantum seems most likely, but it could be the one that sailed into Sydney last night, depending on Covid-19 and Wonder. I don't believe that Sydney would be reduced to only two home-ported ships. On a related topic... Any further thoughts on the identity of the Unnamed Vessel?
  12. Saw Spectrum at Circular Quay late last night, as we were driving over the Harbour Bridge after a concert. Thought it was Ovation at first, then realised it was her sister. Welcome to Sydney, Spectrum of the Seas! Hoping for cruises available to public after our emergency services heroes enjoy their thoroughly deserved time on board.
  13. Yes. Leaving the region as a clean ship means they should not be excluded from entering ports elsewhere. They can also point to their caution to give the cruising public some confidence.
  14. Royal will have already developed a plan B (and probably plan C as well). When they were cancelling one cruise at a time, they seemed to be in a wait-and-see mode. Now they have cancelled a bunch of cruises in one hit, I think they have activated plan B. I still think US West coast and then Alaska is most likely. I think the ship has a few more days to complete two weeks of self-imposed isolation.
  15. Spectrum is now also booked into Sydney OPT on March 13 for the full day.
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