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  1. Good find. Hard to imagine that this will be for Oasis class. There are almost no ports it could go to. Looks like Royal is tossing up whether to replace Serenade with another ship, since she isn't listed during this time. It's a first that the bookings for this Unnamed vessel run through to June. Royal's season in Sydney has always finished when the weather cools off in April.
  2. I wnoder if the trade skirmish between US and China has prompted Royal to re-consider the deployment in China.
  3. Thx for the update. If the new terminal isn't ready for any part of 20/21, Bris Ports has blown any trust they might have had with the cruise lines. The next word will be that the project is over budget. Perhaps Royal was smart by making only a small commitment, unlike Carnival, who are all in. Wonder if Carnival can sue for damages under the contract.
  4. Aussies do love big ships, but there is a lack of ports for an Oasis class ship to call at from an Australian home port. What would the itineraries be? Eventually there should be a Perfect Day island off Australia, what else could dock an Oasis? I thînk it's more likely that Royal's capacity in Brisbane will increase progressively rather than dramatically. IMHO, Royal has got it right by deploying both Radiance and Serenade to Australia, simply because so many South Pacific ports are tendered. Having said that, Royal's capacity in Sydney can only be increased with the use larger ships due to the OPT port capacity constraint.
  5. No surprise, but good to hear. Does anyone have details of updates to be done during Radiance' drydock? New restaurants? Stateroom updates? Assuming Radiance returns to Alaska after the 2020-21 season, she could take a more northerly route than the ships crossing the Pacific from Sydney. This would be shorter than going via NZ. Samoa and Tonga are both on the way from Brisbane to Hawaii for example. Serenade homeporting in Sydney is almost a certainty now.
  6. Good find, thx for sharing. Royal seems to have left it very late to make the port bookings in Aus and NZ, unless they have already been made but aren't visible on the public websites.
  7. Here is an article dated Jan 16, 2019 in which Bayley reveals a little more information about the forthcoming "Perfect Day" islands, notably that there will be one "off the coast of Australia" and another separate island somewhere in Asia. The article also states that he "hinted" that Spectrum 2 will sail from Barcelona. http://www.travelweekly.co.uk/articles/321371/royal-caribbean-to-open-five-private-islands
  8. Pretty long odds on that one, but we can hope. 😀 What do you make of the Sydney port calendar? In the latter part of the season, the name Ovation appears much more reguarly than is needed for one ship, but the name Radiance does not appear at all. Do you think all the entries are for Serenade or is there more to it? eg Quantum replacing Serenade for the last part of the season? Or there was a plan that changed?
  9. Good find, thanks for posting. This adds weight to the theory that she will sail across the North Pacific from Vancouver, down the coast of east Asia, dry dock in Asia (Singapore? ) and then head to Brisbane for the southern summer (h/t springaussie). Radiance still appears in the Darwin port calendar on Nov 9, 2020. Entries in the name of Vision of the Seas still appear in the Brisbane port calendar from Nov 16, 2020 through to April 2021.
  10. The theory is that Radiance will sail from Vancouver to Asia for dry dock and then to Brisbane. Celebrity Eclipse is taking this route from Alaska to Melbourne. Of course the entry in Darwin’s port calendar could be for another ship.
  11. A port entry for Nov 9, 2020 in the name of Radiance recently appeared in the Darwin port calendar (hat tip to springaussie). https://portinfo.darwinport.com.au/webx/# This entry, and the entry in the name of Vision in the Brisbane port calendar the correct number of sailing days later, led to speculation that Radiance will be home ported in Brisbane at the new terminal. This theory is further supported by subsequent deployment announcements that prevent Vision sailing from Brisbane.
  12. This confirms that the Vision entries in Brisbane port calendar are for another ship. My guess is Radiance.
  13. Brilliance from Tampa has not been released. Assuming she is continuing the 5/5/4 pattern, I would have thought this would be included in this Short Caribbean release. She is still in the Grand Cayman port calendar.
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