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  1. I agree... they don't understand the market. The scheduling also suggests they don't understand southern hemisphere seasons. Joining a cruise from Brisbane's new terminal will be workable if you're based in a state capital city or Canberra. There are non-stop flights and the new cruise terminal is very close to the airport. Of course Sydney will always be easier for Canberrans.
  2. Yes, I noticed that too. Further, the South Pacitic cruises from Sydney have less calls at ports requiring tendering, perhaps due to the arduous process of offloading and reloading 4,000 passengers from Quantum class ships. The tendering ports are the best IMHO. There are no Qld coastal cruises from Sydney either - they are all from Brisbane. Trying to save fuel?
  3. Have Ports NSW put the official cruise schedule back online? Any other source is likely to be out of date since the official schedule was taken offline a few months ago.
  4. I reckon they simply forgot to put these cruises in the brochure. These cruises sell very well and I can not imagine Royal would plan to forgo the revenue.
  5. All these calls are still in the calendars, in the name "Ovation of the Seas". I don't think we can expect a third Quantum class ship in Sydney, so I guess this plan is obsolete. Perhaps this came about when they decided to deploy Quantum of the Seas to Alaska. Can't check Sydney port calendar of course.
  6. Yes, that ship entered Australia on Oct 25, 2021, then called at Adelaide and Hobart before arriving in Sydney on Nov 2, 2021. No call in Melbourne at the time, suggesting that it's a Quantum class ship. There were various entries in Sydney with the last being on June 8, 2022. It then called at Brisbane on June 10, 2022 and Darwin on June 16, 2022. I'll have to check if those calls are still in the port calendars.
  7. Good finds. The fact that those bookings were made quite recently is a pretty good indicator. I still think that Serenade will be deployed to Melbourne and they will announce this separately as it is a new home port for the Royal brand. Serenade still appears in Honolulu port calendar on Oct 7, 2021 and the Celebrity Eclipse turnarounds are still in Melbourne's calendar (first entry on Nov 13, 2021). With those 2 entries you picked up in Sydney (apparently for charters), it all lines up. Of course the plan could have changed since these bookings were made.
  8. Is Serenade due for dry dock in this timeframe? If so, I assume the work would be done in Singapore. In this case, Aussie TA's wouldn't mention the repositioning via Asia in a release of Trans Pacific cruises.
  9. Yes... Quantum is listed in Hawaii ports calendar, calling at Honolulu on Oct 13, 2021. Ovation, Radiance and Serenade are also listed to call there in Sep and Oct 2021. Plans may have changed since these bookings were made of course.
  10. They will be granted entry. It's a matter of when, not if. I expect there will be quarantine, testing, controls and conditions. Cruise lines will have to foot the associated costs to be granted entry.
  11. I disagree. People are still coming into Australia from overseas. The key is that they are quarantined on arrival. Crew could just as easily be quarantined and tested on board the ship for 2 weeks. Australian government supervision can ensure that the testing happens. If any cases exist or emerge amongst crew, obviously cruises would not commence until it's all clear. This allows for domestic cruises. I'm assuming passengers would be subject to screening before boarding plus other controls on board as others have suggested.
  12. I hadn't seen these changes to Radiance bookings - thx. Shortened dry dock in Singapore for mandatory inspections only; no cosmetics or refurbishment? The new Brisbane terminal seems to be coming along nicely. If Royal see a good chance of running a full (or near full) 20/21 season in Australia, even with restrictions, I think they will bring Serenade. If it looks less likely, then I agree with you. I'm sure they'd be happy to pay for Australian health officials to be on board for the run across the Pacific to prove she is free of Wuhan flu before arriving in Australia. Currently floating around Caribbean, so it's through the PC and straight across the Pacific with no passengers and no calls in US jurisdiction. Demand will be way down and smaller ships will be more practical than larger ones plus there is lower perceived risk. She would not necessarily go to Melbourne - she could stand in for a larger ship in Sydney for example. Just guessing.... thoughts?
  13. Reading the conditions in this Order, I guess the cruise lines will be looking for home ports near the US that are outside the CDC's jurisdiction. Still need flights of course.
  14. Yes, and the Hobart entry shows Sydney as the next port, correspong with the Unnamed Vessel arriving in Sydney on Nov 2. It looks to me that those bookings are from a previous plan that has been abandoned, and replaced with Quantum. Do you think Royal still intends to use those Freo, Adelaide and Hobart bookings?
  15. This is consistent with the "Unnamed Vessel" booking in Sydney on Nov 2. Looks like the other bookings showing this ship arriving in Australia from the west are obsolete.
  16. Quantum of the Seas has appeared in the Honolulu port calendar arriving Oct 13, 2021 and departing on the 14th. She has not appeared in any of the other Hawaiian ports yet.
  17. A contingency plan in case Australia's ports are inaccessible or have onerous entry requirements, perhaps?
  18. I can't see Singapore missing out. Perhaps... Alaska and Singapore share Quantum. Sydney and China share Spectrum. China would have the shiny new Wonder.
  19. Ah yes, I overlooked the 2022 bookings in Ft Lauderdale.
  20. Thx for posting. Looks very likely that Serenade will home port in Melbourne. Couple of charters from Sydney first, upon arrival from Homolulu. The early itinerary for the Unnamed Vessel is still in place - entrering Australia from the west in Fremantle, then Adelaide and Hobart. These are held in the name of Ovation. Doesn't look like it's Quantum. Odyssey perhaps? NSW Ports seems to have taken the cruise schedule off their web site so I can't check the Sydney entries.
  21. Brisbane and Melbourne is where the growth will come from until the third terminal opens in Sydney, several years from now. Both have decent options for short domestic itneraries if Royal decides this is the best option. Speculation is that the 2021-22 Melbourne port bookings in the name of Celebrity Eclipse are placeholders for Serenade. Highly uncertain of course.
  22. Yes, they could shcedule some more shorter sailings, although it's 2 sea days to any foreign port. If Royal wants to add more shorter cruises, they would accomplish this with domestic sailings. I do agree that longer international sailings will be difficult to sell.
  23. Last time I checked, the Unnamed Vessel was entering Australian waters with a call at Fremantle followed by calls in Adelaide and Hobart before arriving in Sydney. Perhaps this arrangement pre-dated Quantum's Alaska deployment and is now obsolete.
  24. I magine contracts between cruise lines and port authorities would normally include force majeure clauses.
  25. I guess Wonder would commence operating from Australia (Brisbane) when Lelepa is up and running. AFAIK, they haven't said whether they are targeting early or late 2022. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/aus/en/faq/questions/what-is-perfect-day-at-lelepa This could easily be delayed as Royal will be conserving capital.
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