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  1. It's a justified fear. I will never EVER take an upgrade because our experience was a DOWNGRADE! Worse decision we ever made! We went from Deck 10 to Aloha deck right under MUTS! When we book a cruise our travel agent already knows not to call us unless Princess wants to upgrade us from a balcony to the Owner's Suite. HA! On our last cruise our TA did call us with a "deal." For $900 more we can upgrade to a mini-suite. We would gain an additional TV, a sofa, and a bathtub! We don't own a TV or a bathtub in our home. We don't need a sofa in our cabin. Another reason why we wouldn't pay extra to book a mini suite. Be careful when upgrading, once onboard you're screwed.
  2. B2B to me means been there done that. I'd get off the ship and on to another ship going somewhere else. We got off the Caribbean Princess on a New England cruise. Spent the night in Ft. Lauderdale then got on the Royal for a different itinerary and experience. On our recent Hawaiian cruise, there were people who stayed on the ship for another trip back to Hawaii. We couldn't do anything like that without going bonkers.
  3. Nah, they'll do it again because they escaped the penalty the first time. People like that are inconsiderate. They should have been fined $10,000 - then let's see if they do it again.
  4. Princess reps can be found wandering around the terminals holding a "Princess" sign. Some can be found down in the baggage claim area. The reps can also help you with your luggage. We always met up with a Princess rep down in the baggage claim area on the day the ship leaves. LAX is not that difficult to navigate. Just follow the signs to baggage claim. Look where you picked up your baggage, and when you return to the airport, go to where you picked up your luggage and a Princess rep should be there. We took Super Shuttle to our hotel in San Pedro, then the hotel took us to the ship. A Princess shuttle didn't work for us in that instance. We hear that Super Shuttle will be out of business on 12/31, so Princess is our choice.
  5. We just made the arrangement showing that we would get the Princess transfer at the airport. Princess doesn't care when you arrive, just be at the airport on the day the ship leaves. We will get back to the airport (it's in walking distance), around 9:00 am or so. It works out for us as we're flying into Seattle. IMHO, it's not the easiest place to get around in and the Princess shuttle works for us. So, just make your way back to LAX (hotel shuttle, cab, Uber) on the day (morning) the ship leaves. There's always a Princess rep holding a sign that says "Princess Cruises." Just go to that person, give them your name, and they will escort you to the bus. Easy! BTW, LAX has changed their pickups. It was one big mess when we were there on 12/4. Take the traffic into consideration for getting back to the airport to get to the ship.
  6. I've looked at other cruise lines for cruises such as Celebrity and RCL. I look for destinations/amenities/price and I haven't found one that suits me. I don't want to give up the Princess perks, and the sales Princess has is hard to beat. There's certain Princess ships I wouldn't cruise on again, but for the most part we'll stick with Princess.
  7. Princess doesn't have to offer elites plus anything, Princess knows you'll stay loyal. To start over with a new cruise line takes more time and money that I am willing to spend. I don't cruise for the perks for elites. I think Princess can do more for the past guest Captain's party than just a jar of stale peanuts and watered down drinks. $500,000+ spent and that's all the thanks we get? /just saying
  8. I know that, but we're only suppose to get one per cruise, and he gave me 3 extra ones and they weren't complete. Maybe he didn't know what to do with them and just left them for us. Dunno, not complaining. Easy enough to add to them and give away as gifts. I call it recycling.
  9. I used the lamp USB port all the time on the Star and it worked fine. I charged my tablet at night. Didn't need my phone, but the charger did an adequate job of charging. Also charged my Fitbit on the USB port and it seemed to charge it fast. How fast is fast?
  10. Also, once you get to the airport (or before), sign up for notifications from your airline JIC your flight is cancelled or changed. This was a valuable asset for us as our flights and gates were changed a few times, and they showed up on my tablet and phone.
  11. Our recent Hawaiian cruise on the Star Princess still had the bar soap and the tubed hand lotion. I asked our steward if he knew about the elimination of those items and he said he hadn't heard anything about it. He gave us lots of tubes of lotion and bar soap. I give them out to friends and family. I guess it's cheap advertising for Princess. He also gave me 3 extra Spa bags with the lip balm, etc., Some items were missing in them, but I was able to replace the missing items. They make great stocking stuffers. I like the lip balm.
  12. Well isn't that just ducky. Then do the Princess transfer would be my way to go unless you're coming in a day early. You can stay at a hotel near the airport and take the hotel shuttle back to the airport to catch the Princess transfer. We are doing this for our Alaska cruise. I just feel safer going that route.
  13. You can take a Princess transfer or Super Shuttle. We opted for Super Shuttle because we came in a day early. We took the Princess shuttle back to LAX. I'd never get into an Uber, and a taxi is very expensive. LAX is a nuightmare for taxis/Uber, etc. We came back from a Hawaii cruise on 12/4 and the traffic was horrible. Driver said the Uber cars were each going to get tickets for being in areas they're not suppose to be in. Super Shuttle was easy access for pickup. Took us 20 minutes to get to San Pedro.
  14. I just called our TA to see what kind of deal we could get to change, and it came out to $210 per person to change. We sprang for the deal. Sounds a lot better than the $800 when I did the mock booking. I'm happy. Even though I'm not a big drinker, DH likes his martinis and other drinks so it's worth it to him. I usually order a diet Sprite so it's all good.
  15. I have a cruise booked for Alaska in May. I did a fake booking on the same cruise using the new sale offer. We already get free wifi and OBC on the original booking. If I switched over to the new sale offer, I would have to pay $850 more. I don't drink, so the beverage package wouldn't be worth it to me. I might book another cruise for later in 2020 using the offer.
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