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  1. Wow - Does being condescending to others give you pleasure? Perhaps it's time for another cruise................... I honestly thought Princess had a "Captain's table," but was mistaken - (Another post) But at least my post created the opportunity to hear some great stories from fellow community members.
  2. Amazing how people jump to conclusions, assuming I'll be yelling and throwing a tantrum. Those tactics hardly ever work, and leads to the embarrassment of the perpetrator and those around him /her. Nobody wants to help a jerk....... For me, "Hell to pay" means being a strong negotiator, but always polite and respectful.
  3. I don't see how Princess can invalidate a card they willing sold with no expiration date. If they wanted to create and sell new cards with expiration dates that's fine as the purchaser was made aware at that time. I will be using my card shortly..........they'll be hell to pay if it's refused.
  4. Thanks for the replies, we've done the Chef's table twice and it was enjoyable. I had thought Princess did a Captain's Table, but I'm probably confused with Royal Caribbean where I had seen a beautifully arranged table in the middle of the dining room with Officers and guests attending a few years ago.
  5. For those that have experienced this rare treat, what prompted your selection? My wife and I started cruising on Princess early on, and she's been on over 25 cruises while being just 42. Last week was our 20th wedding Anniversary and we'll be going on another cruise shortly to celebrate. (Full suite) Any advice on how we could improve our chances?
  6. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful suggestions.
  7. As the Coral Princess does not have a Vines wine venue, is there a bar within the main atrium that tries to satisfy that niche with an expanded wine list available by the glass? It's really one of our favorite venues and will be missed on an upcoming cruise.
  8. That's a great idea - I did just as you suggested. After some research, I was able to verify if we do not use the Southwest flight, my points will simply go back into my Rapid Rewards account with no penalty.
  9. My wife and I will be returning from a 4 day coastal on Sunday, September 29th arriving at San Pedro, CA. The flights back home are scheduled in a very frustrating manner, with one flight leaving from the very close-by and quick Long Beach airport at 9:04 AM. And a well-priced Southwest flight from LAX leaving at 9:25 AM. and an inexpensive 10:10 AM flight also from LAX. The flights get expensive any later than the 10:10 flight. We are both Elite, and can carry our own bags off the ship, so would anyone try and make one of the flights above? (I'm also TSA-Pre, but my wife isn't)
  10. We're booked next year on the smaller Pacific Princess and realize her entertainment options are limited. One of our favorite nighttime activities is going to Crooners and listening to the piano singer. Does the Pacific Princess host this type of venue at least several nights during a typical cruise?
  11. A couple of years ago we were on a cruise and the Cruise Director always ended his announcements by saying "Cheerio" Does anyone recall his name and what ships he's been on? Thanks
  12. It's definitely the lack of upbeat, modern music that disappoints us most with Princess. We've spoken to bands that have performed on many cruise ships and they tell us that Princess gives them a very specific song list that is very dated and conservative. Whereas lines like Carnival tell them to "Play whatever you'd like". Warm weather cruises should be more active and fun by their very nature, and this is where Princess fails in our opinion. How many passengers still remember the 50's and 60's songs they constantly play poolside? I guarantee fewer and fewer every year - it's a decreasing population. So for us we look to Carnival and RCL for warm weather cruises and Princess for cooler weather like Alaska and the British Isles.
  13. I must say the food in Planks was fantastic, and we spend many years living in Texas. Great value and service for the small $12 upcharge. Princess also did a nice job remodeling the area along with the buffet. The poolside Salty Dog was also a nice surprise, but we had mixed feeling on issuing everyone a pager after ordering - even if you wanted just an order of fries. And whoever came up with the $8 upcharge "Ernesto Burger" I question. Although good, it takes over 30 minutes to make. What????? (Of course you also receive a beer for the $8, so really it costs only about $3 net.
  14. I fail to see how any of this promotes the idea that we are "Entitled"....we didn't demand that tomatoes were waiting for us at the table, just appreciated the gesture when it happened in the past. I also acknowledged the pawn request was clearly a special request which would have been appreciated, but we still had a fantastic meal that met the expectations of its description. Do you feel any request a person makes while on-board should be considered displaying an entitled attitude? If someone prefers Tabasco with their eggs and it's not on the table, does it show entitlement to ask for some?
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