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  1. Just wondering what the MUTS were on the Panama Canal cruise so we know what to forward to. Thanks!
  2. lidorose

    CPAP Machines

    Thank you. I do see the water now - wasn't really expecting to find it in the "dietary restrictions" category.
  3. lidorose

    CPAP Machines

    Where do you request the water/cord in the CP, please?
  4. lidorose

    Taxi tours from pier

    Are there taxi vendors waiting to take customers on island tours at the pier? Are there taxis available for groups? What would be the general cost? What would be the can't-miss locations (we aren't beach people)?
  5. Our ship is anchoring in Cristobal instead of Colon. I realize this is a shipping port, but wondered if there was anything at all to do there if someone decided to stay on board and then get off when we're anchored - at least a souvenir shop? Thanks.
  6. lidorose

    Excursion question from a first timer

    It's interesting that I am planning the exact same cruise. We have a group of 16, and with groups, you get a lot of OBC per cabin, so that factors into it. This is what I have decided: Falmouth - ship's excursion since I have read you don't really want to venture on your own outside the port area and our group is varied in age, so everyone will want to do something different. I would look into a private excursion if I didn't have OBC to use. Cartagena - I have booked a private excursion for our group since no ship's excursion sees everything we want to see. A private excursion does this for us. It's about the same price as a ship's excursion but we can customize it to do what we want. Panama Canal - we are all taking the tour with the ship that goes through the rest of the locks to the Pacific Ocean. There are no other options on this day except to go with the ship's excursions. Limon, Costa Rica - Nothing is nearby, so we are taking a private tour so we can see what we want to see: a cruise of the river, wildlife up close, banana plantation, a tour of Limon and more. This is also MUCH cheaper than a ship's tour and gives us a nice highlight of the area. Grand Cayman - taking a ship's excursion or doing it on our own since everyone in the group will want to choose something different and it's an easy port to do on your own
  7. lidorose

    Excursion question from a first timer

    When I plan, I look at many things. First, get familiar with the port and decide what you might be interested in doing or what you don't want to miss. Then know how long it will take you to get there. If you have a tender port and very little time there, I personally wouldn't do independent travel unless I gave myself a LOT of extra time. I probably would do a ship's tour or keep it simple, like just shop or do a hop-on/hop-off tour or find out if there are companies right at the pier who offer tours. If you have plenty of time then... Know your budget. If you have a lot of OBC, then by all means, use it for ship's excursions. If you don't have much, then research the cost of a private tour company vs. a ship's tour. For private tour companies, I read the reviews and start by contacting three or four and get an itinerary, quotes, payment information and cancellation policy. Then I move onto more quotes if the first group didn't meet my expectations. The private tour companies don't usually "work the circuit," but they might work the region. If organized tour options are too expensive, then look into independent travel. Or look into that first if you enjoy that. Some do. Know how comfortable you are with independent travel, as well as how easy it is to get to that means of travel from the ship. Sometimes it can be complicated, and I don't need the stress of wondering if I'm going to get to the ship on time. But always give yourself lots of time and have a back-up plan. I have done all of the above - every cruise is different, at least for me!
  8. lidorose

    Rome tour for 2?

    I may be a little late to the party, but our group of six used Rome AND Limo (not to be confused with RomeInLimo). It's also called Luke the Driver, or Luke Limosine on TripAdvisor. Honestly, I cannot say enough about Luca (Gianluca Strano) and the wonderful tour he gave us. It was my third trip to Rome and definitely the BEST. I cannot recommend him enough. Even on TripAdvisor, he hasn't gotten one review that is less than excellent. If I go back to Rome I wouldn't think of using anyone else.
  9. lidorose

    Florence excursion.

    Even after I read all of the recommendations for RomeInLimo, I did my own research and found Tuscan Sunshine Tours. We booked a driver with them to take us to Pisa and Florence and then also booked a guide (Giulia with Florence Guided) for a walking tour of Florence. They will customize your tour to include the museums or not... whatever you like and however long you like. We also asked to stop for gelato, and our driver took us to a great place right in Livnorno - best gelato of our entire trip! Highly recommend.
  10. Are the banana plantations open on Saturdays? I have read several reviews that say they are closed on Sunday, but I wasn't sure about Saturdays. Thank you.
  11. I have found some threads about other ships and the configuration of a balcony room with one upper berth, but nothing specifically for the Caribbean Princess. In a balcony room, is the one upper berth in the ceiling or does it pull down from the wall? I know for the quad rooms, the beds are in the ceiling, but wasn't sure about the room with just one upper berth. Thank you.
  12. We will be on a partial transit cruise next April on Caribbean Princess. I know many in our group will want to take the ferry excursion all the way through the rest of the Canal. Is that something we can wait to book when we're on board, or is it best to book ahead because it fills up quickly? We usually wait until we're on board so we can use our OBC, but I wasn't sure with this one since there are no other options other than ship's excursions (not docking). Thank you!
  13. I am hoping to take a couple small ice packs with me if the refrigerator in our balcony room on the Equinox has a mini freezer in it. If not, I'll leave them at home and ask the room steward to keep our ice bucket filled. Anyone know? Thanks!
  14. lidorose

    Taxi Stand at Barcelona Cruise Port

    Thank you very much. We were planning on taking a cab from the airport to our hotel as well, but if we each have one suitcase and one carry-on, do you think they'll put us into two taxis? If that is the case, private transfers will be a better option.