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  1. I spent some time at Seven Mile Beach after a tour to Hell - Hell was a letdown but 7 Mile Beach was great!
  2. I really enjoyed Seven Mile Beach
  3. The part of Honduras that the ships go to is actually quite safe
  4. The second you get outside the cruise terminal area you will be bombarded with the most aggressive, let's say, "unauthorized sellers" I've seen. I recommend booking an excursion for that port.
  5. For Juneau you can do the tram without booking through the cruise, it's walkable and lovely
  6. Carnival treats kids great at an affordable price - in fact with my son the hard part is prying him away from the camp! As for a good multi-age activity, in Juneau I recommend the tram, it's within walking distance of the port, you don't have to pre-book, it gives you lovely views, some historical context, and a ride.
  7. Skytrain might be faster than a cab - it's not impacted by traffic and you don't have the epic Vancouver taxi wait.
  8. The Amtrak train called the Pacific Cascades is lovely and affordable, business class upgrade is super cheap. The only possible issue is the trains don't run often but if it works with your schedule it's the most civilized option in my opinion
  9. A 10-year Carnival employee reached out to share their Top 4 sources of profit
  10. I like the Tram to Paradise point, it's within walking distance of the port
  11. For clothing I highly recommend you pack a full-zip fleece
  12. If you're sailing on Carnival the Hotel Maya is excellent but it can be a bit pricey - try to catch a sail. Failing that the Hilton Long Beach is great and has a shuttle to the port. The Hyatt Long Beach is also great with a nice walkable property. Also look into the free Passport shuttle to expand your options location-wise
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