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  1. How to adjust the air conditioning on a Fantasy Class cruise ship
  2. Catalina Island travel tips and things to do. Must watch video before visiting Catalina Island. Take a trip to Catalina Island with me and my friend as I give travel tips and tricks, travel advice, and travel hacks. We explore Avalon, rent a golf kart, relax on a beach, and eat at a restaurant.
  3. What's your favorite thing to do in Catalina?
  4. We did Carnival and loved it. Strongly recommend an Ocean View cabin...
  5. Roatan is the BEST place to do a private excursion - I strongly recommend Daniel Johnson's, you get to play with Monkeys among other things!
  6. I had a great beach day at Chankanaab I guess it depends on the video you watched and what they focused on, here's my take...
  7. The tender drops you off in the tourist area, if you exit to the right it's pretty close - I wouldn't stray too far though as there isn't much right outside the tourist area and it feels little run down
  8. I did an 8 day that began in Vancouver and ended in Seattle and it was lovely When it comes time to book I strongly recommend getting an Ocean View cabin...
  9. Here's a rundown of the options and what they cost - I recommend SuperShuttle or Primetime
  10. You'll want a balcony if sailing to Hawaii for all them sea days For Alaska I actually prefer Ocean View...
  11. Big carrot slices in my salad. Also yogurt, it's a good idea to have that wherever you travel to help adjust to any foreign bacteria you may encounter
  12. Migrants rescued from a sinking raft and transferred to the US Coast Guard
  13. How to get your laundry done for free (VIFP Perk)
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