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  1. Honestly there's a fair bit to see and do just walking around
  2. They're mandated however historically during a shutdown they call in sick in substantially greater numbers so while they won't be shut down they are likely to be understaffed so a longer line at customs and delayed embarking/debarking are possible
  3. I guess libraries don't generate enough revenue, I remember the Breeze had a self service wine station in theirs that no one seemed to use but most seem to have no way of generating revenue short of being something folks like, I don't think anyone will choose not to book because of no library but I will miss them if they go
  4. Inaccurate? Yes Inexact? Yes Offensive? Please 🙄
  5. Don't see how it impacts my cruise. As long as they're adhering to regulations I don't need all the details
  6. I took Uber back in December after looking into other options. The best deal is to catch a free shuttle to a nearby hotel and then have a prescheduled pick up there
  7. Sorry, I thought the implication was obvious. I meant to say "I've never felt unsafe in Seattle so don't cancel your hotel stay in Seattle out of fear it is unsafe". I thought the second half was implied. My bad for not being more explicit It seems that your thesis is I said I don't feel unsafe and y'all think I should feel unsafe. I wish I could accommodate you but I remain unconvinced. I feel bad about the auto crime but I don't think that's enough to make me afraid and I'm sorry but I'd prefer my feelings not be up for conversion. I take precautions, I feel they are sufficient, but it was the OP asking for advice on how to feel, not me.
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