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  1. At the rendering the lower glass front looks much bigger then at the real pic. With all the new stylisch Interieur I hope they don’t forget a good district brewhouse or sports bar. Hope they do something similar like at the away+ class. The seaside has a sports bar with glass front/ winter garden too.
  2. The shipyard should have a webcam. At Meyer Werft it is nice to see every week a new webcampic. we should start a petition 😄
  3. https://cruiseradio.net/norwegian-cruise-exec-on-return-to-sailing-new-ship-more/ that is the Link about what Sommer said: Despite delays at the yard, he said they expect the unnamed vessel – the first in their new Leonardo line — to be delivered essentially on time in 2022. the first name will not be Leonardo. here are some names what NCL has saved ( that means not that they use one of them / someone posted them in a german board at spring this year ) Norwegian Aura ( not sure if this name is up to date,) Norwegian Aqua", "Norwegian Bella", "Norwegian Luna", "Norwegian Ombra", "Norwegian Prima", "Norwegian Ultima", "Norwegian Vela" and "Norwegian Viva" If they want to Name a ship Prima that would be the first ship. But i don´t like Prima. Names Sounds italien, maby more Italien Style for NCL? Aura, Bella, Luna, Prima are Names Aida has at the moment for Ships of them.
  4. Until 2022 is a long time.... for every new ship they sells rooms when in building or before. My Aida nova cruise was canceled because of building delay without COVID-19. Can happen. in the last interview Sommer sayd Leonardo will come in time. And if there is some month later then planned at first who cares. I’m excited about the Leonardo class. Even more fun to talk about the ship then everyday about COVID-19. and if ncl not going bankrupt the ship will come.
  5. Yes. A other dry was planned for May 2021 after the ta. A bigger one. There was some rumor if she becomes a race track?
  6. https://www.imaholding.com/order-book/ building numbers for the next Leonardo hull ships.
  7. Escape is going into dry dock in October at Brest. That was the plan before corona.
  8. And what is coming here. Ncl should give every month some small news.
  9. Yes. With Star Trek theme nights 😄 but for me looks this like tables. ( or haven restaurant ?)Only Lounges at the end. wonder where the spa will be? If there is Buffett and Observation Lounge at the front. Maybe that area before The infinity pool ( behind glass) Could be The spa or with outdoor area to make more money.
  10. The old pics in the old tread are sadly deleted. the area at the bottom aft what was disscused as haven maybe could also being outdoor Restaurants. But we will see
  11. At project miles they write in the brochure that 90% of the rooms have balcony. Hope that there are some single studios with balcony at Leonardo.
  12. I think In 2022 is coming a sister to seashore. Msc ordered ships like others buys socks.
  13. Nice. How old is this? The mega block looks to me like virgin, MSC ( evo seaside or how they name the class) or the Leonardo.
  14. Finciateri builds so many ships ( msc, Princess, Virgin getting big ships same year or before Leonardo) Hard to say, we need a expert for that ship yard.
  15. If ncl is reading here and they need a good advice for a musical I would love to see &Juliet at the Leonardo ship. I love the soundtrack.
  16. This is from the msc ships or? So you can find something maybe at the msc Homepage about The rooms.
  17. Welcome back Doug, it feels now like the good old days....
  18. Will be interesting if the ship will do the summer season in the med? And then go in fall to Miami? And if they do so where they name the ship? If they do so, I would like do book one of the first cruises in the med. it is great to have something to talk about again. Hope ncl give us some news the next weeks/ months so this will stay alive
  19. Yes. And they build this ship class little higher, I think, then other. i think Leonardo class will have More rooms with balcony then the other ncl ships. deck space is the question what ncl is doing. Encore could have without laser tag, race track, the biggest vibe at sea enough deck space. But Ncl cut it down.
  20. The water slides don’t need much space. if you look at msc seaside or the scarlet lady you can see whah is possible with this type of ship. We will see how ncl use it.
  21. Someone posted a link here, in a other thread, from cruiseradio or something with Harry Sommer. He said there That the Leonardo will have a new inside design and new entertainment concept. We will see....
  22. Yes, a new everything thread. Thank you. Harry Sommer Said at a Interview the inside look will be total different to the other ncl ships. The company from what the rendering is design Cruise ships and for ncl encore the restaurant onda for example. with the big outside areas the question will be what is it included and what to pay extra or haven only.? And my hope is no race track or something like that.
  23. @FreestyleNovice did you find the deck plans 😀😀 miss the good old days with everything and Live threads, hope they are coming back soon damn corona
  24. maybe, maybe not? who knows https://www.cgarchitect.com/images/26b49519
  25. what does the part with the Leonardo ships mean? nothing is known exactly? https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/fincantieri-swings-first-half-loss-has-no-order-cancellations
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