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  1. Thanks for your reply Desdichado62, I appreciate your input and all the information you post on Stockholm. It is a great resource for visitors to Stockholm.
  2. Hi All, We arrive in Stockholm at Stadsgarden S167 on May 31st 2016 8am - 4pm, and were planning to visit the Vasa Museum first. However the opening time for Vasa on the 31st is 10am with the 8.30am opening times staring on 1st June. Just our bad luck!! I am thinking it may still be best to go direct to Vasa using either ferries mentioned in previous post and then visit Gamla Stan afterwards. As we will have a bit of time before the museum opens, does anyone know what we could also see that is close to the Museum, and still ensuring we are at the Vasa right on opening time. And also what is the best method of getting to Gamla Stan from the Vasa Museum. All input and suggestion would be most welcome. Thanks KazaKat
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