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  1. We watched State of Origin yesterday ourselves here in GB Florida. The time change makes us NOT look at any news of the match but it is worth the wait. Game 3 was a great game. NRL has kept us semi-sane over here as NHL has finished. Will be set for the restart of NRL! Cheers Steve & Vicky
  2. That too would be different also, I see what you are doing.. 😉. Beauty for me is my home is currently also my work. I am loving the commute so far!
  3. No, understood. If you ever get there though it is worth a try....
  4. Not "Cruisable" but, Pensacola Beach Florida, Flounders Chowder House, order one (1) piece of Key Lime Pie.... Cheers
  5. Better than another month of zero forward momentum..
  6. 7B = 7 Bravo not 78, 7Billion....ATD
  7. Well let's get it started folks! Step-by-step, eyes wide open, but always forward! Cheers
  8. Not necessarily that small, but we are a world of around 7B people..
  9. One of our favorite things is sneaking down throughout the day and checking out the menu by the dining room doors!
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